Florida lottery retailer sells two jackpot-winning Fantasy 5 tickets in back-to-back drawings

Jun 24, 2024, 1:12 pm (4 comments)

Florida Lottery

Unlikely occurrence in popular Florida draw game

By Kate Northrop

HOLLYWOOD, Fla. — Over the weekend, two jackpot-winning Fantasy 5 tickets were sold at the same Florida Lottery retailer for two back-to-back drawings.

One retailer in Hollywood, Florida sold two Fantasy 5 jackpot-winning tickets in a row, with both consecutive drawings taking place just less than a day apart.

A Florida Lottery Fantasy 5 jackpot winners and retailer report detailed this unlikely occurrence.

On Fri., June 21, one lucky lottery player hit the Fantasy 5 jackpot with a ticket purchased at the Publix grocery store on 9359 Sheridan Street in Hollywood. Less than a day later, that same retailer sold yet another jackpot-winning ticket for the next successive drawing in the same game.

The first jackpot-winning ticket, valid for the evening drawing on Friday, split a $62,406.56 jackpot with one other winner in Miami. Both lottery winners won using their own pre-selected numbers, which were 2, 15, 22, 24, and 25.

The same Publix sold the second ticket for the drawing that took place in the following Fantasy 5 midday drawing on Sat., June 22 and won $58,877.37. That ticket was a Quick Pick and matched all five numbers: 12, 21, 24, 32, and 36.

The Fantasy 5 top prize is won by matching all five numbers drawn in any order. The odds of matching all five drawn numbers are 1 in 376,992. Fantasy 5 is a pari-mutuel game in which the top prize rolls down to be shared among players who win the second- or third-tier prize if there is no top prize winner.

Fantasy 5 drawings take place twice a day, once at 1:05 pm Eastern Time and again at 11:15 pm Eastern Time.

All winning numbers, prizes, and odds can be found on Lottery Post's Florida Lottery Results page right after each drawing.

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Something about Publix in Florida!!

rcbbuckeye's avatarrcbbuckeye

Waiting for the "rigged" crowd to jump out of the woodwork.


Way off subject here. 


Someone in Kentucky  hit for $10 million with Double Play last night's Powerball drawing!

JustJim's avatarJustJim

Guess I've been getting my tix at the wrong Publix. 🤔

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