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Lotto tickets only good one time around

Jan 15, 2004, 12:28 pm

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Iowa LotteryIowa Lottery: Lotto tickets only good one time around

An apparent gold mine found in the convenience store trash was too good to be true.

Police said Michael John Dornbrock, 45, of 2306 W. Fourth St., Cedar Falls, found a batch of winning scratch-off lottery tickets in the garbage of a Jefferson Street store.

The tickets -- 16 in all -- had already been redeemed for cash and then thrown out, according to the police report.

But Dornbrock dug them out and took them to the Hy-Vee grocery store on University Avenue where he tried to turn them in for cash Jan. 2.

Iowa Lottery Commission officials determined the tickets had been previously redeemed, and Waterloo police arrested Dornbrock for lottery fraud Tuesday.

Waterloo Cedar Falls Courier

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3 comments. Last comment 16 years ago by mayan27.
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four4me's avatar - gate1
United States
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June 18, 2003
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Posted: January 15, 2004, 1:53 pm - IP Logged

Gosh he should have know that finding 16 winning scratch offs was some sort of fluke. I thought the retailer is supposed to turn the cashed winning scratch offs into the lottery. There's got to be more to this story. If he found them in the trash and tried to cash them in the agent usually says that they have been paid already. And that's the end of the story. This guy must have demanded that they be paid again in order to try and collect. If that's the case then he deserved to be arrested.

    JAP69's avatar - DiscoBallGlowing
    South Carolina
    United States
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    November 4, 2001
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    Posted: January 15, 2004, 4:23 pm - IP Logged


    I have seen articles on lottery related stories where people have found winning scratchers in the trash and cashed them in. Some players do not fully read or understand the winning combinations on a ticket and throw them away.
    I pull second chance drawing scratchers out of the trash that are losers and send them in to the lottery for the second chance drawing at $100,000.00 top prize plus a chance at lower tier prizes. These tickets go for $10.00 each and it cost me only the postage for them. They want to throw them away I will send them in.

    Numbers are where you find them.

    [0*1*2*3*4] [5*6*7*8*9]


      mayan27's avatar - Lottery-009.jpg
      United States
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      October 2, 2003
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      Posted: January 15, 2004, 6:25 pm - IP Logged


          What a sad way to try hard luck.