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Hope, Optimism or Stupidity?

Topic closed. 31 replies. Last post 9 years ago by Lotterologist.

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Posted: November 22, 2007, 6:59 pm - IP Logged

tea  in  my  system  it   makes  no  difference  how  many  times  a  number  was  drawn ;

example  use  this  and  do  by  hand:

05-22-27-36-37  ;    0-09=(05).......10-19=..000--..   20-29=(22 ;27)....30-39=(36+37)....

do  this  until  you  get  07  games 7x5=35 numbers  drawn  I  use  08  since  NY  goes  to  39 ;

then  only  use  numbers  which  have  not  fallen  and  the  last  number  which  has  not  fallen  since  the  start  of  your  count which  feel  only  once;

it  may  or  may  not  work  for  you ......the  list  you  provided  wont  help  with  this  system  since  you  want  to  see  what  have  not  fallen   and  try  to  predict  the  pattern  used  by   tenn.

in  this  last  draw  they   elimenated  all  numbers  from  10 thru  19 ..so  as  a  betting  man  I  would  play  any  missing  number  from  10 thruu  19  in  my   list and  if  all  have  been  used  I  then  would  pick  the  last  number  or  depending  on  how  you  see  it  on  the  list  the  seventh  number  down ;

after  I  draw  my  list  up  it  may  look  like  this  ;

0-9=01-06-09  ....10-19= 11-13-19 ;  20-29= 21-26:  30-39 = 31-34-38

then  I  would  calculate  a  formula to  play  ; using  only  these-numbers ;Lep


That is interesting..

I do(did) better using the 221 system I listed in pick 5 in Tn.. however, since TN is %%X#$% I don't go there any more....

I am watching FL... GA... to name a few since chances of buying tickets are available.

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    Posted: November 22, 2007, 9:53 pm - IP Logged

    Tonight when I was in Publix, I slowly walked by the lottery terminal.  There was nobody else at the counter and the customer service clerk asked if she could help me.  I said "I'll come back. I was thinking about buying a couple of Fantasy 5 tickets" to which she replied "I never buy them."  I don't remember the rest.

    Anyway, I bought a couple of frozen entrees (50% off on Boston Market - imagine the markup for these dinners!)  and went home.  After I ate my turkey in cranberry sauce and sweet potato pie (46 grams of sugar but really yummy) I thought "I shouldn't let the negative attitude of someone else affect me" and went to 7-11 down the block.  I bought 4 tickets - (2) Fantasy 5 and (2) MegaMoney.   Unless getting 3 numbers on 3 separate tickets (and different games!) counts, I didn't win a thing.  Congrats to the one winner of $1.3M in MegaMoney and the two Fantasy 5 winners who each will get $121K.   Bye-bye to $4 bucks.  My only consolation is that while I was leaving the store, one man came up to the counter and said "2 cartons of Marlboro Lights" and someone else was getting a 12 pack of beer.

    So was my last minute "I have as good a shot at winning as anyone else. Why not?" a moment of hope and high spirited optimism, or was it an unrealistic dream of getting out of working the next 30 years that sparked a moment of temporary insanity?

    If you don't play you can't win! 

    Good Luck! Thumbs Up