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What if you could pick the correct p/3# each time?

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August 29, 2005
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Posted: June 15, 2008, 9:36 pm - IP Logged

Let's put the example of Georgia...Georgia revenue from lottery is like 1.5 billion for the year...And remember that 1.5 billion is only 50% of the money of players...

Well if they save what they make in 2 years, place that money in the bank, and the interest at 5% can generate/power a free Pick3, a free Pick4, a free lotto, and a free Powerball...And it will have the same amount of winners as the actual charging lottery...Is the state going to lose that 3 billion? NOPE IS NOT, is just going to be used by a big powerful bank...So they will never lose those 3 billion.....And is the state using those 3 billion? NOPE is not is using the INTEREST ON THOSE 3 billion....

The interest in one of the bank is right now 4.1% but i am sure if you had 1 BILLION it can be 5%.....

Remember when i said that it will take 120 billion to replace all the state lotteries of the U.S, including powerball, lotto, pick4 and pick3?Well the entire lottery revenue of the U.S is how much? Is about 40 billion EACH YEAR...So wait 3 year and 40 billions x 3 years equaled: 120 billion...Those 120 billion is placed in the bank AND THE INTEREST ON THOSE 120 BILLION DOLLARS AT 5% will replaced the actual lotteries, just the same away we did with the example of the Georgia State lottery...

What the U.S can do? as a "disque"(supposedly a) civilized society is have free lotteries and charge for Powerball style lotteries that pay huge amount of people, have plenty of them, and let them pay as a starting jackpot 100 million dollars...Not have 1 have several in each state...And let them pay 100 million, 200 million, 300 million, 400 million, starting jackpot and let the grow if no one wins it...But don't play it twice a week but instead once a week and if the tickets have to cost 2 dollars or 3 dollars so be it...For example if a Starting jackpot is 100 million but it cost 3 dollars then is 300 million, if a starting jackpot is 200 million but it cost 3 dollars then the starting jackpot is going to be 600 million...Not only that but they can create LOTTOS like Powerball that cost 25 cents and pay 1/4th the prize of Powerball Starting Jackpot in each state, which would be 3 million dollars...And this way create plenty of millionaires...I want the State lottery to create the most millionaires....I want them to replace the pick3, pick4, with free pick3 and free pick4, and replace the Pick5 with millionaires Powerball size lottos...That will be better...

Look people i am not trying to put the U.S down, but i honestly don't see a difference between a third world developing countries and an industrialized countries, the only difference is the majority of people that live in each country accordingly , which in industrialized countries tend to be white people and developing countries tend to be spanish or arabs, and the language they speak that's the only difference...I don't see a difference....You may ramble and say that they are but i know better....In both types of countries women are treated the same way, so again i don't see a difference...And the funniest thing of all is that i live in Panama i don't live in Colombia, Argentina, Brazil, Saudi Arabia, vietnam...LOL...

So if Japan, England, U.S, France, Canada etc want to show off that they live in an INDUSTRIALIZED COUNTRY, which i don't know what it means so if they want to show that they better have free lotteries, they better empower women and don't sell liquor and lotteries on Sunday and dedicate the Sunday as a Day of Rest and the day of the family...To prove that they, the industrialized nations are a better more civilized society than the developing third world countries...All the industrialized nation have to worry about is their population not letting it grow...

so do i have a notion of how lotteries work...i have a notion better than most people...

This is the best i can come up with....i am giving you an idea where you can take it a step further...

Why do i favor free pick3 and free pick4? so that they can work like a shelter, EMERGENCY ATM and HAB1(movie Red Planet) for females, minorities, disabled people, etc...Because in industrialized nations they pitch these group against the rest of the population like they were the same AND THEY ARE NOT i don't care how many time a female may tell me she is equal to the rest of the population i know better she is not, one group is carrying a heavier bagage...

and there will be plenty of millionaires created every week in every State in the U.S...

Now tell me if this will not make the industrialized nations better more civilized than the developing, third world countries...

There is no FITNESS-NUTRITION-EXERCISE channel in NO industrialized nation, i am talking a channel all day long that teaches people about calories, what they should eat, what are the best exercises, etc, etc,

college Education is not free or nearly free....College education cost a lot of money....Most of the money from the lottery will continue to go to education and not to college education...when clearly you teach a teenager in 11th grade if he remembers anything from 2nd grade, see what he tells you....what are you telling me?I am not saying cut of funding to elementary school i am not saying that, they will continue to get funding from the federal government, all i am saying is take the money from the lottery and sponsor college and graduate school scholarships COMPLETELY.....And if you was smart you will know that not everyone who graduates from college will get a job, COMMON SENSE...But at least this will make everyone educated...This is better than the idea they are trying to drill on kids that money is better than education...

Tell me what does that say about an industrialized nation when all you need to get a college scholarship is have a 2.7 GPA, what does that say about an industrialized nation, it says wonders it says that your country is a dream land.

Again all these things you call them pillars of industrialization of advancement, and yet, they don't exist in industrialized nations...

There is no channel where 24/7 shows particular sports, there is not a beisball channel, a soccer channel, a softwball channel, a basketball channel, etc, etc, etc...So what are you telling me?

and you call yourself industrialized nation, then you want to say that you are better than a developing third world country?

Panama is one of the poorest nations in Latin America and they got quisnoz, subway, burgerking, they were even thinking in building a Walmart here....They got everything you all guys got the only difference is that they are call something else in a different language...What are you telling me...

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    Posted: June 15, 2008, 9:57 pm - IP Logged

    I do pretty good already  i look threw

    my view finder and bam !!! (MIND)

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      June 22, 2005
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      Posted: June 15, 2008, 10:48 pm - IP Logged

      Pac, I thought you already had Super Human Feet.   So it should be a shoe-in for you.  Then every woman would fall head over heels for you and...

                     Oh, you said "Super Human Feat."   ... never mind.  Jester

      How did you know?

      I do have big feet you know...Wink

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        Posted: June 15, 2008, 10:58 pm - IP Logged

        I would play at different stores 50 - tickets a day and travel around collecting, hoping not to be noticed.

        In the movie Casino there's a scene where a couple of men are cheating the house playing BlackJack.  Robert De Niro is narrating and remarks that these 2 guys had a pretty good thing going and would have probably gotten away with it had they not been so greedy. 

        I don't know why, but I just thought of that when I read your post. 

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          Posted: June 16, 2008, 12:14 am - IP Logged


          "...There is no FITNESS-NUTRITION-EXERCISE channel in NO industrializednation, i am talking a channel all day long that teaches people aboutcalories, what they should eat, what are the best exercises, etc, etc,"

          Pumpi, in the U.S. there is a cable channel called FitTV that shows all this all the time.

          Those who run the lotteries love it when players look for consistency in something that's designed not to have any.


          There is one and only one 'proven' system, and that is to book the action. No matter the game, let the players pick their own losers.