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POLL - Will You Buy $2 Lottery Tickets?

Topic closed. 72 replies. Last post 6 years ago by rdgrnr.

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Will You Buy $2 Lottery Tickets?

Yes [ 56 ]  [49.56%]
No [ 26 ]  [23.01%]
Only if Jackpot hits certain level. [ 22 ]  [19.47%]
Undecided [ 3 ]  [2.65%]
Other - Explain [ 6 ]  [5.31%]
Total Valid Votes [ 113 ]  
Discarded Votes [ 2 ]  
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April 28, 2009
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Posted: August 5, 2011, 11:51 am - IP Logged

Two dollar online games are here and more are coming, like Powerball next year.

Do you now or will you play them when they come?

Explain, if you'd like.







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    January 23, 2009
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    Posted: August 5, 2011, 12:03 pm - IP Logged

    I sometimes purchase "Decades of Dollars" ($250k for 30 years or 4million cash). It costs $2, and the odds are of course way better than Powerball. I rarely purchase Powerball now & will definetly not when it costs $2 next year. I also like the "Fantasy 5" game here in Georgia.

    I don't NEED to win millions dollars, though of course that would be nice!

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      October 28, 2009
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      Posted: August 5, 2011, 12:06 pm - IP Logged

      I already pay 2 for my games because of the powerball, I might be willing to pay 3, if I felt some good mojo.

      Merry Christmas  Noel

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        February 20, 2006
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        Posted: August 5, 2011, 12:06 pm - IP Logged

        I vary rarely buy tickets for PB or MM as things stand now. 

         Every so often I would toss a dollar away and purchase a quick pick.  What's a dollar once a month or so?  I lose more than that what with all the holes in my pockets.

        When the cost is two dollars I will be having second thoughts.  Two dollars buys coffee at Waffle House.

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          February 14, 2006
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          Posted: August 5, 2011, 12:26 pm - IP Logged

          I already pay 2 for my games because of the powerball, I might be willing to pay 3, if I felt some good mojo.

          For those of us that use the powerplay option there will be no difference in the price because matching 5 numbers now pays $1 million and will pay the same when the ticket price is raised. Buying $10 worth of tickets doesn't really change the odds much over buying $5 and in January we'll have 5 less tickets to throw into the trash for the same money.

          If MM remains at $1 tickets the players will decide and we'll quickly see what they prefer by the volume of play.

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            June 28, 2005
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            Posted: August 5, 2011, 1:10 pm - IP Logged

            I don't want to Pay $2 for something I've been getting for $1!

            If I still Play: The Only Choice is Pay $2!

            A mind once stretched by a new idea never returns to its original dimensions!

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              July 30, 2011
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              Posted: August 5, 2011, 3:47 pm - IP Logged

              Yes I would pay 2$, I already do, as I play with the megaplier (MM) or powerplay (PB).  Will I then pay an EXTRA buck for megaplier/powerplay once the base entry ticket is 2$?  nope.  I will stick with my 2$ ticket.  I am fascinated to see what will happen to the trends with PB once the changes are in place.  Pots start out bigger, but not big enough to really capture the imagination of those whose hearts skip a beat over a 2$ entry fee.  Once the pots are triple digit-millions, I guess that they 2$ versus 1$ wont matter as much.

              Not too terribly surprising that one of the 'big two' has switched up their format, now that most states sell both of them, they appear very similar (until you look at the details), and now they will be easily distinguishable again.  So, smaller pots, MM will be the winner, and larger pots PB will be the winner (in terms of numbers of players)  -- yes?  is that the way most see it?

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                March 25, 2011
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                Posted: August 5, 2011, 3:56 pm - IP Logged

                Two dollar online games are here and more are coming, like Powerball next year.

                Do you now or will you play them when they come?

                Explain, if you'd like.

                Hi Ridge,

                When I play the big games, then I play for $2. There's too much to lose, imho, without taking the Powerplay or Megaplier. The chances of winning are remote, but I still think it's possible or I wouldn't be playing. So I want to be covered if I am blessed with some kind of win, even if it isn't the jackpot. 

                In Todd's article yesterday about Powerball it says; "Even though there were no jackpot winners, 13 lucky tickets matched the first five numbers for a $200,000 second-place prize: 1 from Arkansas, 2 from Connecticut, 1 from Florida, 1 from Illinois, 1 from Kansas, 1 from Massachusetts, 1 from Minnesota, 1 from New York, 1 from North Carolina, and 3 from Ohio." That tells me that none of these folks had the Powerplay. If they had, they would have won a million dollars. Not spending the additional dollar, in theory, cost those folks $800,000.

                On a smaller scale, when I've matched the Megaball, or Powerball, $12 bucks is still better than winning $2, imho.  So I would sooner not play at all, than take the chance of playing and winning less of a prize because I played $1 instead of $2. For Megamillions, the percentage of the 4X multiplier showing is the greatest. All the multipliers are not created equal in that game. So a $10,000 win on a $1 bet, could be 4X that if the 4 multiplier is drawn on a $2 bet.  That's a $30,000 loss because I didn't spend another $1. Even if 2X multiplier comes out, it's still double the prize.

                There are many equally good reasons why folks don't spend the additional dollar. I'm just speaking about myself and how I feel about it. For me, not playing to maximize my prize is a gamble in and of itself. I'd be very upset that if for another $1 I could have won another $800,000 and didn't play it.

                All the best,

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                  October 18, 2010
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                  Posted: August 5, 2011, 3:56 pm - IP Logged



                  It really depends on how they change the game.  If for example, all the higher prizes get a boost of at least 2x the prize now, with the powerplay helping out even more, the probably, because I usually just buy one line, for 2 bucks now...


                  I'll wait and see how it is.  I usually don't play Powerball much anyway, so chances are I'll still play, but that's assuming it's a better buy than it is now.  If I do the odds, and find them to be a worse return on the dollar than Powerball, I probably won't play it anymore.  I'll just play state games, and the occasional mega.

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                    Posted: August 5, 2011, 4:32 pm - IP Logged

                    It'll be intersesting to see what happens when the price goes to $2.00

                    Personally, I'm willing to pay 2 bucks because that's what I do now with PB's Power Play.  To me, it's crazy not to buy The Power Play, but I'm definitely in the minority because only 20 percent of all PB tickets sold have The Power Play included.  That makes me wonder if people just arent willing to part with that extra dollar, or if they dont know/understand what the Power Play is.  Most likely, it's a combination of both of those.

                    Due to the fact that PB has more than 195 million possible cominations of six numbers, when the JP is low, they usually dont sell enough combo's to produce a JP winner.  Of course, when the JP gets large, and lotto fever kicks in, then more combo's of six are sold, thus the probability of the JP being won increases. That's known as "coverage".  A bigger share of the possible 195 million 6 number combo's is sold or "covered" which usually leads to a JP winner.  That's why I wait for larger JP's when I play PB.  For instance, tomorrow nite's JP is 180 million, so I'll play, and I'll buyThe Power Play.

                    Maybe I shouldnt be so greedy.  The odd's are the same whether or not the JP is large or small. Maybe I should play when the JP is low, and skip playing when it's high.... I dunno...

                    About playing the lottery --  You will lose more than you win. Until you hit a jackpot.  Then everything changes!

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                      Posted: August 5, 2011, 5:02 pm - IP Logged

                      tiggs chose "other explain"..tiggs might? but might wait till pumpi get's the .25 cent and .50 cent ticket's law past..

                                                                                Pure luck

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                        Posted: August 5, 2011, 6:37 pm - IP Logged

                        Right now I play the extra buck for the Powerplay and Megaplier on PB and MM.

                        Every time they show the drawing and mention someone won $10,000 or $100,000 you have just got to know that person is kicking themself in the butt for not playing another $1.

                        When those options make it a $3 ticket, I'll probably just play rhose games once a week.

                        Those who run the lotteries love it when players look for consistency in something that's designed not to have any.


                        There is one and only one 'proven' system, and that is to book the action. No matter the game, let the players pick their own losers.

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                          Posted: August 5, 2011, 6:41 pm - IP Logged

                          No -, $2 is pushing it. I have to pass. $2 can buy a soda.

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                            Posted: August 5, 2011, 7:39 pm - IP Logged

                            Shuurrr I will...

                            Every - Other - Draw...


                            Every - Other - Week...

                            Which ever comes first.

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                            Any gain or loss is your responsibility.
                            Use at your own risk.

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                              Posted: August 5, 2011, 9:44 pm - IP Logged

                              i'll wait to see how it shakes out,rarely play PB,when i first heard of megaplier, i did,t like it,once i learned details i changed my mind .

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