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fluffy9999's NY Vibe...

     Hey, fluffy here! OK, it is a BEAUTIFUL DAY HERE IN UPSTATE NY AROUND SCHENECTADY, NY and fluff is going to go out for a walk today! A good day to visit the UNION ST area of Schenectady and Central Park which are scenic!  OK, last night fluff HIT BOTH PICK 3 AND 4 IN VIRGINIA WITH A BOXED HIT 671 AND SAME FOR 7890! fluff hopes THE GOOD PEOPLE OF VIRGINIA TOOK THESE PICKS TO DA BANK! Usual DAYS SYSTEM PLAYS MUST PLAYS ARE 1924 and 2280, and the pick 3 357,628,441,316 and some 22's action pick 3 and/or 222 for sunday! GOOD TIME to get your tickets for tues 777 and wed 222! power play 8988 for sun for NY, str and boxed, esp str, and 111 in play for sat, sun and monday! 11 pair favorites are 116,711,118! 2280 must play for the weekend and 5588 always good! Sat night NY must play is the LOTTO pick 6, and buy a ticket for the POWERBALL TOO! It could be your TICKET TO RIDE! For the box pick players, 347 and 459 might be good for the next couple of plays or days! Today is a good day to get outside and ENJOY! fluff always has ALL FOLKS IN  MIND FOR HIS PICKS, US, UK, Canada, Europe,etc! fluffy9999's Picks KNOW NO GEOGRAPHIC BOUNDARIES! Also, for new DAYS SYSTEM PLAYERS, please review TABLE FOR NOV 24 BLOG AND READ FLUFF'S OLD BLOGS!

    Best wishes to ALL FOLKS UNITED STATES AND ABROAD from fluffy9999!

Entry #380


     Hey, fluff here!  OK, for folks new to the DAYS SYSTEM, WE PLAY SPECIFIC NUMBERS FOR THE DAY! Wed is 222, and 22X, 128,000,628,257. For thurs, it is all 628,257 and we cut in on the plays for fri, which are 047,007,441,443,416,431,000,555 like that. THESE PLAYS ARE FOR ALL STATES! fluff did not get to put his ALL STATES PLAYS IN FOR A FEW DAYS because he busy again. Picks are up for NY up to sat. Good play for NY is of course 9999 every day and 2888 AND 1984,1985 worth a play also! Add-up numbers are always in favor, like 431,671,189 and recently 448 hit in NY! 224 a good play tonight ALL STATES! fluff is ALWAYS THINKING OF ALL THE FOLKS OUT THERE ACROSS THE US AND ABROAD WHO FOLLOW THE DAYS SYSTEM AND KNOWS SOME FOLKS OUT THERE WILL BE MAKING BANK ON HIS PICKS! Keep posted on fluff's predictions for ALL STATES AND NY AND KEEP UP ON HIS BLOGS! If you are a new reader, take the time to read up on old blogs, especially nov 24 DAYS SYSTEM TABLE! That will give you an idea of HOW WE PLAY THE DAYS SYSTEM! BASICALLY THE NUMBER ON THE DAY! Of course, fluff ALWAYS SAYS ON OR AROUND THE DAY, as you like it! REMEMBER, DO NOT PLAY ALL THE NUMBERS LISTED IF YOU CAN'T BUT PLAY MUST-PLAYS LIKE 222 TONIGHT AND 628,257 FOR THURS! 1230 must play for fri NY!

     Best wishes to ALL, from fluffy9999,YOUR MAGIC LOTTERY BUNNY!

Entry #379

fluffy9999 Speaks Out...

     Hey, fluff here!  OK, fluff is always working on upgrades, and is working to make his Systems even more effective! The DAYS SYSTEM IS EXTREMELY EFFECTIVE, BUT IT DOES TAKE PATIENCE! We will be working on indicators for NY so that we can tell you when a good time is to bump up our DAYS SYTEM PLAYS! Spend a little, make a lot! Some folks play all these numbers, but why? Expenses go up and profitably goes down! Patience is the key! A skilled fighter will wait many rounds to figure out his opponent, but when the time comes the strike goes out and the opponent falls! Same thing with the lottery. Be patient and wait. Your lottery plays are basically an Income Statement. Revenues are the winnings and expenses are the tickets. Your profit is revenue minuses expenses. Don't believe what most people tell you. They may be fooling themselves into thinking something that is not accurate. Must plays for friday and the weekend are listed, and ALWAYS REVIEW FLUFF'S LAST DOZEN BLOGS OR SO, AND GO TO NOV 24 LAST YEAR FOR THE DAYS SYSTEM CHARTS! REMEMBER TO ALWAYS PLAY A TICKET OR TWO ON THE BIG LOTTERIES WITH YOUR FAVORITE NUMBER SETS! Don't be swayed to change these numbers! Always put your favorite set in play for the big lotteries!

     Best wished to all from fluffy9999!

Entry #378

fluffy9999's Lottery Tips...

     Hey, fluff here!  OK, now, fluff took his eye off the trend, and when 455 NY came out, next in play should have been 459, which came out quickly after! Why?Because you can play derivatives like 450,451,452 etc but the reason 459  is always good is that it is an add up number! 4 and 5 equal 9, and now that 366 came out NY, we are going for 369, at least box, combo, or straight, whatever you like! fluff thinks this makes good sense, and keep aware of fluff's picks for NY and ALL STATES PLAYS! Must play for NY and All States is 222 wed, 628 and 257 thurs, and 000 for fri and sat, along with 047 and 007, 441! 9999 Keep in PLAY NY and we will collect this one! 8988 good straight for NY, esp on sunday! fluff is recommending playing your favorite numbers for the NY LOTTO AND POWERBALL ON WED as the POWERBALL JACPOT IS GETTING LARGE! Half odd, half even like that and see what happens!

     Best wishes to ALL from fluffy9999!

Entry #377

fluffy9999's Picks for NY and More!!

     Hey, fluff here! OK, fluff is liking 77 front pair pick 3 NY, everyday both mid and evening, and 9999 in play every day NY! ALWAYS PLAY 777 FOR TUES ALL STATES, 222 WED ALL STATES AND 000 FRI AND SAT ALL STATES! FOLKS, the DAYS SYSTEM FLUFFY DESIGNED IS THE QUICKEST, EASIEST SYSTEM TO FOLLOW AND THE MOST PRODUCTIVE SYSTEM THAT IS LOW-COST AND EASY TO OPERATE! But, you do have to play the picks and have some patience! 4567 came out sat, and that number is part of the Days System that fluff has mentioned previously! Stay on pick 3 77 front pair and 9999 every day for NY LOTTERY! fluff is having one his his BEST MONTHS EVER HERE ON LOTTERY POST, AND WANTS TO THANK YOU ALL FOR READING HIS BLOGS! fluff is APPROACHING A QUARTER OF A MILLION HITS ON HIS BLOG AND YOU FOLKS MADE IT ALL HAPPEN!

     Best of wishes to all from fluffy9999!

Entry #376

fluffy9999's NY Vibe,

     Hey, fluff here!  OK, fluff did see 717 come out in NY, and the 711 followed! fluff does like 727, now that 227 came out on sunday in NY! fluff is going to suggest to play 222 and the 22 front and back pairs for sunday, and the sweet spot still being wednesday, although you may want to put 222 in for sunday also!  Tuesday in NY and All States is 777 and all 77 numbers, 320, 1920,6371 like that! fluff is doing pretty good in his performance this month, with Atlantic Canada looking really good and Arkansas also!

    Best of luck to all from fluffy9999!

Entry #375

fluffy9999's DAYS SYSTEM HITS 257 STR NY!!

     Hey, fluff here!  OK, yes we play two numbers on thurs, 628 and 257 like that, and the 257 HIT STR NY thursday! Yeah, these numbers apply to NY especially! fluff likes 4444 NY for the next week, and 2222 and regular DAYS SYSTEM plays 2280-5588-1027-in play for the weekend. 9999 in constant play NY for a payday soon fluff hopes, and SATURDAY NIGHT SPECIALS 357,038,128,316,222,618 for the weekend! 2288 also, as well as NY str 8988 for sat and sun! fluff is talkin to a lot of nice folks around the Schenectady area, and people are calling him fluff! fluff is also know as El-Fluffo, and the Maharishi-MahashiFluffy! fluff has a lot of names you know!

    Best wishes to ALL ALWAYS from fluffy9999, YOUR UPSTATE MAGIC LOTTERY BUNNY!

Entry #374

fluffy9999 HITS BOTH PICK 3 & 4 LOUISIANA!!

    Hey, fluff here!  OK, yeah the fluff-dog did it this time, picking BOTH THE PICK 3 AND PICK 4 FOR WEDNESDAY IN LOUISIANA! Best wishes to ALL OF THE FOLKS IN LOUISIANA WHO TOOK HOME SOME BUCKS!  Both were boxed hits, but hey, both pick 3 and 4 in one day is OK! fluff did hit evening pick 4 and the midday pick 3 box in NY a couple of weeks ago on consecutive days! ALSO, FLUFF DID HIS LOTTERY HOUSEKEEPING AND CASHED IN A FORTY DOLLAR TICKET WITH A BONUS 8 DOLLARS AND A SCRATCH OFF FOR A TOTAL OF A GRANT, OR 50 dollars! So, if you play 9999 for NY all the time, make an envelope for 9999 and put all your plays in there so you know where you are! RUN YOUR LOTTERY GAME LIKE A BUSINESS AND IT WILL MAKE SOME BUCKS FOR YOU! MUST PLAY FOR NY IS DAYS SYSTEM PLAY OF 628, REGULAR DAYS SYSTEM PLAYS(SEE NOV 24 BLOG) and keep in play 5588 and 808!

    Best of wishes and a great FORTH OF JULY TO ALL from fluffy9999!

Entry #373

fluffy9999's MUST PLAY NY PICK...

     Hey, fluff here!  OK, well fluff did see 800 in the pattern and did not play it, and it hit NY, so WE ARE GOING ALL IN FOR 808 IN NY! Ok, the way to play this is 50 cent combo, or whatever you like, midday and evening! The BEST SPOT IS SATURDAY, but fluff has seen 808 hit NY on another day like during the week, recalling from memory. So, please do not give up on this one, and if you want to bet light, and then heavier on sat and sun, the try that! Sometimes this type of situation can take a week, so do not drop this one! Hopefully, WE CAN TAKE THIS TO THE BANK! fluff also has 9999 in play EVERYDAY NY, AND HIS PICKS ARE UP FOR ALL STATES! Today, 1975 hit in NY, and this one did hit a week or so NY also! A LOT OF NUMBERS ARE SOLD OUT EVERY DAY IN NY, MORE THAT FLUFF HAS SEEN SINCE 2001! So play a week early in NY to get your picks in, especially EXOTICS AND DATE NUMBERS! Remember to check angles, and the add-up numbers have hit NY in a STORM LATELY! 189,235 and more have come out in the last week! These add-up numbers will be coming to your state soon! 

    Best of luck always from fluffy9999, YOUR MAGIC LOTTERY BUNNY!

Entry #372

fluffy9999's Still on the TOP 50 of 4 Charts...

     Hey, fluff here! Yes, fluff took a look and he still is on the TOP 50 here on Lottery Post for the Pick 4 last 30 days Hit Ratio, the pick 5 rt side, pick 6, and Other games All States! Last time fluff looked, he was currently OVER 100 % in Twelve States In the Yellow here on Lottery Post, meaning prize ratio is over 100%! Hey, fluff thinks that is pretty good out of 196 k people on here! Ok, so fluff's Picks are up, and lately, this monday fluff hit 374 boxed monday midday NY, and it did hit again on thursday NY! Well, that means is is likely it will show again soon! fluff certainly hopes that his picks have brought YOU ALL SOME GOOD LUCK!

     Keep up to date on fluff's predictions, and of course BEST OF LUCK TO ALL from fluffy9999!

Entry #371

fluffy9999's All States & NY Lottery Update!

     Hey, fluff here!  OK, now for tonight All States, fluff is liking 5588,6371,777,320,1027,and 1970! Now, these number dates, especially 1967,1968,1970,1972 like that show up a lot, so bear this in mind! For all you Pick 3 players, fluff likes 321 and 876, especially 321 NY! 777 and 222 MUST PLAY FOR TODAY AND TOMORROW, and make sure you have pick 3 000 and 444 for fri and sat! fluff's schedule is crazy, so he will try to stay on-track for regular updates!

     Have a safe summer, and BEST WISHES FOR HEALTH AND HAPPINESS FOR ALL, FROM fluffy9999!

Entry #370



     Once again, NY state lottery is really frothy, and some numbers have to be played a week out to get them. This is a little ridiculous and it seems to me the masses are chasing these numbers for no good reason. REMEMBER, YOU ARE THROWING YOUR MONEY OUT THERE AND HOPING IT IS GOING TO COME BACK! So be careful when you play.Life changing money does not come from pick 3 numbers, so why spend a lot? Make sure you have your hand in the big lotteries, especially around the DAY YOU WHERE BORN, LIKE THE 16TH FOR INSTANCE! THIS IS MULTI-GENERATIONAL WEALTH THAT COULD HELP YOUR FAMILY AND OTHERS OUT FOR A LONG TIME! So, make sure you play! And once again, always be THANKFUL TO ALL PEOPLE FOR ALL THE JOBS THAT THEY DO! Everyone working helps our country keep running, so always be appreciative to ALL!

    Thanks so much for lending an ear. Best of wishes from fluffy9999!

Entry #369

fluffy9999's Mega Millions Vibe for Tonight...

     Hey, fluff here!  OK, for the Mega Drawing tonight, fluff likes the number 1 for the MEGA BALL, and for the rest make sure to play 2 odd /  3 even like that! YOUR FAVORITE NUMBERS SHOULD BE ONE OF YOUR PLAYS AND fluff would say NOT TO BUY MORE THAN A COUPLE OF TICKETS! Oh you could make a wheel up with the LOTTERY WHEELS SECTION HERE ON LOTTERY POST AND PLAY SOME OF THOSE ALSO! Once again, the NY LOTTERY IS GETTING FROTHY BIG TIME! A lot of folks are chasing a long list of numbers that include quads and triples, very popular numbers, and like that! OK, fluff has another BONUS NUMBER for YOU TONIGHT, AN ABONDONED HOME NUMBER! Our abandoned home numbers include 1027 , 2323 and THE NEW ONE IS 2409! fluff was walking last night, and he does walk a lot day and into and past midnight sometimes, and he noticed another older abondoned home on a main street near his home, the 2409! You just wonder what went on to lead up to that home being empty, but this is going on  A LOT IN EVERY PART OF THE COUNTRY DUE TO FOLKS GETTING OLDER AND EVENTUALLY LEAVING THEIR HOME FOR ONE REASON OR ANOTHER. fluff can tell when a home is not lived in, you know he can tell because there is no evergy there! The windows look strange, an old boat in the driveway, and no white paper in the window. Well, when there is a white paper in the window, you pretty much know the deal. It is sad, to think that all those wonderful homes gave shelter and brought happines to folks for the 50's, 60's,70's and right up to the present! fluff thinks sometimes some nice folks may have lived there, maybe someone he would have gotten along good with and become friends with. This sentimental stuff can be tricky, and fluff prays that the past, present and future to be reconciled to each other, and that they take their rightful place in our minds. Yes, we have to treasure yesterday and keep out loved ones in out heart, but we cannot carry it to the point where it is not healthy and it becomed a burden. fluff is currently living in the home he grew up in, and lives alone at present. His grounds are like a garden, with some lawn, nice trees and shrubs and flowering plants and very tall mature trees over 70 feet high! fluff lives in a small forest to some degree, with stands of trees, shrubs and all that. That is what is inside his head, and it is a good and beautiful place. fluff hopes maybe this helped some of you out who are in a similar situation and all are welcome to email if you want to give your feedback!

     As far as the numbers, keep an eye on fluff's picks and STAY ON THE DAYS SYSTEM! 222 must play for wed, 628 and 257 thurs and fri, and 000 and all the other numbers mentioned in previous blogs for fri, sat and sunday!

     Best wishes from THE BUNNY, fluffy9999!

Entry #368

fluffy9999 Rackin Up NY pick 4 BACK TO BACK HITS!!

     Hey, fluff here!  OK, if you were playing fluff's predictions for wed even and thurs for NY, YOU WOULD HAVE HIT 1968 box NY last night, and 1027 boxed thurs midday pick 4 NY!!! Folks, how is that for hits? BACK TO BACK HITS PICK 4 NY!!! YOUR WELCOME! OH YES, THERE WILL BE MORE HITS! fluff likes 007,047,441,000,444,555 str boxed, your choice! 1230,2280,5588, and repeat 791 and 217 for NY! fluff is racking em up NY AND NATIONWIDE, YEAH FLUFF IS FURRY AND NATIONWIDE! Let us keep the good stuff going!

    Best wishes for health and prosperity from fluffy9999!

Entry #367

fluffy9999's NY Lottery Update...

     Hey, fluff here!  OK, of course fluff hopes all enjoyed and had a safe holiday weekend! OK, on sunday evening, midnight or so, fluff tried to get 8888 for NY pic 4 for fri, and it was sold out!  folks, the list of numbers SOLD OUT is really long, and if you ask your lottery retailer he or she can print the list out for you! If you want certain numbers like quads and triples, and other popular numbers, then you need to PLAY 3 OR MORE DAYS AHEAD! Now with 791 coming out on wed, and 808 following, that was a given for fluff as these are among his favorite POOL NUMBERS, but 808 is a sat number, or sunday as is 719 with fluffy9999's DAYS SYSTEM! They are also angles of each other! So, it seem BOTH MOVED TO A NEW DAY, but fluff would still say to play them for the weekend 808 and 791 ALONG WITH MUST PLAY 2280,5588,1924 LIKE THAT! AS ALWAYS, DO NOT GO CRAZY CHASING NUMBERS! fluff talked to one man who was playing take 5 ny for 20 years and only hit a few times, same numbers. Well, why wouldn't you play for the big money, like NY LOTTO or pick 10? Take 5 jackpots are small in NY, and 25k before taxes is not a lot for a dollar investment or more every day! If you hit a pick 4 number HARD, 20 dollars straight is  100K! Only play heavy once in a while and in that special spot, NOT DRAGGING NUMBERS AROUND FOREVER! fluff does still like 712-711 NY and MUST PLAY 628 for thursday! Check fluff's nov 24 DAYS SYSTEM TABLE FOR PLAYS, watch his PREDICTIONS POSTS AND STAY UP TO DATE WITH HIS BLOGS!

     Best wishes for health and happines and GOOD LUCK TO ALL FROM fluffy9999!

Entry #366