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fluffy9999 THANKS YOU ALL...

     Hey, fluff here!  Yes, fluff would like to THANK EVERYONE for reading his blogs and sharing his thoughts! fluff is getting CLOSE TO THE 300K MARK and will soon go over that number! THE BEST PART OF WRITING ON HERE IS SHARING WITH EVERYONE AND BRINGING A LITTLE BIT OF CHEER INTO THEIR DAY AND HELPING THEM WIN SOME DOUGH! Please continue to keep up to date on fluff's Predictions and Blog Predictions! Now, fluff did hit 2345 BOX IN NY THE OTHER DAY AND HOPES A LOT OF FOLKS OUT THERE WERE ON THAT NUMBER! Remember, if one consecutive comes out, there is likely to be another following it! So, in theory,  you could have played the other nine since they pay 100 dollars on fifty cents and collected the 4567 that came out next!

     Best wishes for ALL from fluffy9999, Cubby, Tanner and the B-Crew!

Entry #470

fluffy9999's FAST OUT of the GATE!!

     Hey, fluff here!  OK, if you are new to fluff's BLOG, then fluff suggests you read back 20 or so blogs to get the feel of the DAYS SYSTEM, AS WE PLAY THE NUMBER ON THE DAY! There is a NEW DAYS SYSTEM PLAY CHART back 20 blogs or so, and also NOV 24, 2018 PLAY TABLE TO HELP YOU OUT!  RIGHT NOW, FLUF is LIKING THE REGULAR DAYS SYSTEM PLAYS 222 AND 777, ALONG WITH OTHER SIDE OF DOUBLE PLAY 767 for NY and ALL STATES! 667 came out in NY, so 767 is looking good, and is a FAVORITE FOR TUES, ONE OF FLUFFS MUST PLAY FOR TUESDAY! Also in favor are 1954 and 1956 for the next week or so! fluff hit 5588 midday in Georgia on sat, a DAYS SYSTEM PLAY, AND ALSO 1973 in PA and 357 in Quebec, all boxed hits! Well, if they had any amount of coin on the 5588 in Georgia, even 50 cents, you walked away with FOUR FRANKLINS! Not bad for a small bet! So, fluff started the month GREAT, AND HIS NUMBERS ARE LOOKING GOOD! So, DOES FLUFF STOP PLAYING? NOT A CHANCE! OUR MISSION STATEMENT IS TO MAKE WINNING PREDICTIONS THAT PUTS DOUGH INTO POCKETS! THAT IS IT! For ALL FOLKS FROM EVERYWHERE TO MAKE A PROFIT ON THE LOTTERY! So, keep UP TO DATE OF FLUFF'S BLOGS AND PREDICTIOS AND  LET THE GOOD TIMES ROLL! YEAH!

     BEST OF WISHES AND BEST OF LUCK TO ALL from fluffy9999, Cubby, Tanner, and the B-Crew!

Entry #469

fluffy9999's NY Lottery Vibe...

    Hey, fluff here!  OK, hope everyone is doing well! So, the other day fluff looked at the NY numbers and said 586 box may come out again. And it did! Then he looked back and said to keep the other side of 445 in play, as 455 as comes in near friday, and it did! So, STAY ON 443,440,767 as they are the other side of a number that already came out! These are good numbers for NY, and 586 also! fluff likes 1024,1027,1924,1031, FOR ALL STATES AND ALSO 4441 AND 4443 FOR SATURDAY NIGHT, ALONG WITH fluffy9999's SATURDAY NIGHT SPECIALS, WHICH ARE 1924,357,4567,2280,316,128,618,166,117,118,222 like that, and also 257,628,223,623 like that! REMEMBER, DO NOT PLAY THEM ALL, JUST A FEW, AND STAY ENGAGED WITH SMALL BETS ON THE BIG LOTTERY GAMES! KEEP UP TO DATE OF fluffy9999's Lottery Blog Predictions and his Predictions! And a SPECIAL HELLO TO ALL THE GREAT FOLKS FLUFF HAS SPOKEN WITH LOCALLY AND WHO SEEK TO ENHANCE THEIR LOTTERY PERFORMANCE BY BEING OPEN-MINDED AND READING HIS BLOGS!

    BEST WISHES TO ALL, from fluffy9999, Cubby, Tanner and the B-Crew!

Entry #468

flufffy9999's HITS 1976 PEG 4 NOCHE,SI!!

     Hey, fluff here!  OK, well fluff did score a DIRECT HIT ON 1976 Pega 4 Noche last night in PUERTO RICO! fluff is hoping A LOT OF NICE FOLKS OUT THERE IN SUNNY PUERTO FILLED THEIR POCKETS ON THIS ONE! Let fluff know if you scored on this one! So, fluffy9999 is at the TOP OF THE PICK 4 IN PUERTO RICO and WILL BE DELIVERING MORE HITS SOON! fluff is ALSO CLAIMING 4444 ON FRIDAY NY  as a score as he did say TO PLAY THE ANGLES IF THEY AMOUNT TO A BIG NUMBER! This APPLIED TO 4554 WHEN IT HIT ON TUES, SO 4444 AND 5555 DID GO INTO PLAY, AS WELL AS 444 AND 555 AS 445 CAME OUT IN THE PICK 3 NY, and this RESULTED IN A HIT FOR 4444 ON FRI! fluff likes friday for all these numbers for pick 3 and pick 4 for NY! So, once again you see that FLUFF'S ANGLE SYSTEM IS THE WAY TO GO! IT WORKS, AND YOU SHOULD SIT DOWN and work the numbers every day, and come back to this several times later, and come up with your plays! If it looks like a double-double or a triple or quad is in there, it is worth a play. REMEMBER, IT MAY TAKE A WHILE, BUT HAVE PATIENCE.IT MAY TAKE A YEAR OR MORE IN SOME CASES, LIKE WITH 0202 WED EVEN NY, but when you CONNECT STRAIGHT ON THE DAY WITH A STURDY WAGER, YOU ARE LOOKING AT A BIG PAYDAY, 6 FIGURES IN SOME CASES WITH PICK 4! fluff is liking 808 and 999 for ALL STATES, SO KEEP UP TO DATE OF FLUFF'S PREDICTIONS AND BLOG PREDICTIONS!

     BEST WISHES TO ALL FROM fluffy9999, Cubby, Tanner and the B-Crew!

Entry #467

fluffy9999's NY Lottery Vibe...

     Hey, fluff here!  OK, well fluff has been hitting some here and there, so KEEP THE DAYS SYSTEM PICKS IN PLAY!  Picks are up for wed, and you know 222 and the 22 pairs and any 22 numbers are good for NY and All States! Tues evening in NY the 1024 was sold out, so fluff will have to research this. fluff likes 1024 and 1027 in his number pool. So keep up to date on fluff's PREDICTIONS, AND MAKE SURE MUST PLAYS LIKE 1924 ARE IN PLAY THROUGH SAT! 618 is a sat number and is almost hit on sat!  REMEMBER TO CHECK THE NUMBERS That COME OUT IN YOUR STATES AND TO ROLL THE NUMBERS ONE UP AND ONE DOWN, AND IF YOU SEE A BIG MONEY NUMBER IN THERE OR YOUR FAVORITES, THEN STAY ON IT AT LEAST A FEW DAYS AND YOU WILL SEE YOU CAN PICK AND HIT NUMBERS!   Remember, to sit down and do this for a while, and then come back to it a few hours later and check again. You need to do this and you will see things will become clearer! Fluff is teaching you to pick your own numbers and IT CAN BE DONE!

    BEST WISHES TO ALL FROM fluffy9999, Cubby, Tanner and the B-Crew!

Entry #466

fluffy9999's NY Lottery Vibe...

     Hey, fluff here!  OK, well fluff is hoping all is well with EVERYONE OUT THERE and the NICE FOLKS ACROSS THE POND! Right now, fluff is liking 628 and 222 through friday, and he did do a wing-it play for 3338 and 4448 if he has the numbers right! So, 4455 came in in the box monday night NY, and fluff did not have that one. This has been a horrible day for fluff for personal reasons, just too much aggrivation to put it bluntly. Stay the course with the Days System and do not keep throwing money at the game! fluff has 9999 NY in play for the week and will renew!

    Well, back to current events. As far as politics, their is too much tension in the whole situation. Things are going wrong in a lot of cities and for political reasons and because it is an election year, everyone is playing political football. Our leaders need to step up and do the Right and Responsible thing and say enough is enough, on both sides. You know, eventually what is going to happen. The protests during the Vietnam War were strong, and you know what happened eventually. Kent State. That did not end well for a bunch of people. Peace has to be restored and peace of mind for everyone. Make your ancestors proud of you by doing the right thing, and look back at their lives with respect and admiration. The glass is half full, not half empty. Yes, there are a lot of things that could be better and everyone has some reason to be angry. But, we have to let go of it and work on understanding each other. Someone once told fluff in a relationship, if you are having a hard time, then try harder. If that does not work, try harder. And then if that does not work, try even harder. It is going to take a lot of work, but we will be moving our human civilization forward in a social sense. It is embarassing how slow we are going when you look at it. Different  groups of people have to learn to understand each other. I think it is just as hard for one group as it is for the other. But, reasonable people can see it. Younger persons full of anger and hostility think violence is an answer. It isn't, and it never will be, and nobody wins. In a violent conflict, nobody wins. Both are damaged and suffer. So, if you know of someone who is going in the wrong direction, steer them towards God, as He is THE ANSWER. People need to get together with the churches and bring the Good News to all and the healing will come. Sometimes looking back causes too much pain. fluff has talked many times about carrying that mental baggage and boy does it get heavy! So, pray for healing and it will come!

     Best Wishes to All, from fluffy9999, Cubby, Tanner and the B-Crew!

Entry #465

fluffy9999's Days System Hits 128 sat midday NY!!

     Hey, fluff here!  OK, well how is everyone? fluff hopes all are doing well. Yes, fluff did mention 128 in his past blogs as a saturday play, and this came in sat
 NY midday straight! WEll, there are a lot of numbers and fluff may not mention them in his predictions or his last blog, but 808 and 357 are must plays for sat, as well as 128-618-118-711-116-111 like that! fluff has not mentioned the pick 3 11 numbers in a while, but they are a play especially for sat! fluff has to do more posting of which DAYS SYSTEM NUMBERS HAVE BEEN OUT A LONG TIME SO FOLKS KNOW WHEN TO BUMP UP THE BET! 254 keeps showing up and is a Days System play for mon to wed, and sat for NY and All States! Please keep up to date of fluffs Predictions and blogs and review the last ten blogs or so! fluff is hoping this month will be great! For month system players, for september play 9911-9922-9933 etc and consider 9999 also!

     Fluff very much considers himself a philosopher and LOVES TO SHARE HIS THOUGHT WITH YOU, AND HOPES THEY BRING SOME COMFORT TO ALL!Back to our health. We all need to exercise and if you need to check with your doctor, then by all means do so! fluff does not believe if you are over 40, you need to do high intensity exercise. Walking is great especially during the warm summer months, some stretching and calisthenics or whatever fits your body and style. Health comes first, but some folks think money comes first. Today, fluff was speaking to a relative and he said he was talking to someone and he said well, the money will be there. Well, how about the health, will that be there? Take care of your health, and as fluff suggests either become your own clinical nutritionist or go to one, or some combination of both. Our mental health is important, and the way we think and what we thinks affects our health as Carolyn Myss writes. Feelings of anger, guilt or anxiety, lonliness can affect our health and that is why having a Religious Faith can help you. Life can get us down, but you have to play it like a salesman. Don't say I can't do this, say I can do that! If you want to find someone to date then learn to play the daygame. It is about the same as selling something. You have to put yourself in a better light so that others can see what you are. Never sell yourself short. If you are looking for a girlfriend then go where you may see some women and then find some stuff out about her. You can be funny and say something like" if I asked you out would you be interested? Or if you are a woman seeking a man you can say "you know, if you asked me out I may find sometime to get together with you!" Always put yourself is a good light and view the cup as half full, and not half empty. Military folks have a determination,motivation and the mindset for winning. You really have to believe you can win and do everything to make it happen. When you are a salesman, you have to believe people want to buy and they want to buy from you! Having the right tools and skills can help also. Start anything by taking small steps. Like if you want to start dating, it might be a good idea to clean out the passenger side of your car so someone can sit there!

     Best Wishes To All and LET THE GOOD TIMES ROLL from fluffy9999, Cubby, Tanner and the B-Crew!

Entry #464


     Hey, fluff here!  OK, well fluff did say to play 254 over and over from mon to wed, and repeated mon to wed in a recent blog! fluff did have 254 in his All State  Predictions to cover 254 for NY and it showed wed midday NY as 524! Also, for your listening pleasure, 357 was mentioned in fluff's 8/28 blog at the end of the first paragraph that 254-441 and 357 RUN TOGETHER IN A STRING AND THESE ALL DESERVE A PLAY IF YOU SEE ONE OF THEM! This 357 following 254 and 441 has not happend for a few years, but fluff called it because he has seen it before in NY, and when you have not seen it for a LONG WHILE, WELL IT MIGHT BE TIME TO put it into PLAY! So, there you have it, FLUFF BAGGED BOTH NY numbers with the DAYS SYSTEM! Tomorrow is 628, and 257 and 461! Please go back a few blogs or so and REVIEW THE NEW DAYS SYSTEM PLAY TABLE for MORE INFO! Thursday is a good day to start fri and sat must play numbers of441,461 and 000 like that!

     Well, fluff feels bad for decent folks, especially folks with children having to deal with the school issue. fluff believes everyone should have tranquility and peace of mind and this should be a human right all of us has. Now, fluff knows everyone does not have a botanical garden and an estate to live on, but it is all a perspective. There are folks with millions and even billions of dollars and they have no tranquility and peace of mind. Honesty and truth are a good way to live and then we do not have to live with a lot of baggage in our heads. Our religious faith gives us the tools to weather any storm and help us in our daily life. Live a decent life and be a good steward of your assets, and rewards will be yours. Once again, fluff BELIEVES THE BIGGEST PROBLEM EVERYONE HAS IS THEIR LEVEL OF HEALTH. If you are getting overweight, then you need to change the amount of calories and nutrition levels. Health problems are coming to those who toxify their bodies, so do the best you can to live clean and make better food choices. Read the label and stop eating stuff that is not food. FOOD IS FOOD. A banana is fruit, and broccoli is a vegetable. STUFF THAT IS FULL OF CHEMICALS IS NOT FOOD. BE CAUTIOUS ABOUT PRODUCTS THAT SAY SUGAR-FREE. DO YOUR RESEARCH. YOU CAN LIVE A BETTER LIFE IF YOU TAKE ONE VITAMIN. Why? Because folks that take vitamins cut out or do not start bad habits, walk and exercise regularly if it is safe to do so, eat better and seek to have good mental health. If you are having a lot of trouble, go home and read the Good Book and ask GOD for his help. It worked for fluff. All the material stuff in the world cannot make happiness. Yeah, if fluff had a new Super-Duty 455 Trans-Am with 1000 hp, it would get you some attention and start a conversation but you are still you. A person with money, especially a lot of money, never truly knows who loves them. Well, maybe some do not care. Be a wholesome person and a person of character, and you will prevail.  If you have been put down in the job market, make up a good resume, skills first and work on adding or strengthening some skills. Adding a second language is a great idea, and Spanish is fun to learn and popular! Brushing up on a spreadsheet program or database can help you land a better job these days! So get busy and get out there and if you seek you shall find!

     Best wishes to ALL from fluffy9999, Cubby, Tanner, and the B-Crew!

Entry #463

fluffy9999's NY Lottery Vibe...

     Hey, fluff here! fluff is hoping ALL IS WELL WITH EVERYONE OUT THERE!  So, for tonight, stick to the DAYS SYSTEM WITH MUST PLAY 1924,2280,5588,4567,357 like that! fluff IS ADDING SOME PLAYS TO THE DAYS SYSTEM! For the weekend play 2288,3366 AND FOR SUNDAY 222,223, AND OF COURSE 623! fluff has 4567 heavy for tonight and to tomorrow! Trend and angles make 2288 seem like a good bet, and do not forget DAYS SYSTEM RELIGIOUS PLAY FOR SUNDAY WHICH ARE 777 AND 316, AND 2531! DO NOT GET OVERWHELMED WITH ALL OF THIS! Pick out a number or two and roll with it! 2288 could be a good play and possible big return with a 50 cent bet paying 400 Dollars! THAT'S WHAT FLUFF IS TALKING ABOUT! And you will want to put your favorite number set in for the BIG LOTTERIES IN YOUR STATE, FOR A DOLLAR OR TWO! Remember, THE OCCASIONAL PLAYER CAN BE THE MOST PROFITABLE! fluff talked to a woman who won 55k on the Take-5, and paid off her mortgage with it! She said she only plays occasionally! So there you have it! PLEASE KEEP UP TO DATE ON FLUFFY9999'S BLOGS AND PREDICTIONS!

     Now, more on the virus front. Another issue with all of this is that there are folks out there who have a loved one dying in the hospital from any number of reasons, and they are prevented from seeing them. This means your loved one has to pass alone. THIS IS A BAD IDEA FOR THE LAW TO GET INVOLVED WITH THIS ISSUE. fluff believes this is a violation of both parties rights, a HUMAN AND CIVIL RIGHT VIOLATION! WHEN THE HECK DID ANYONE EVER TELL A PERSON THEY COULD NOT SIT WITH A RELATIVE WHEN THEY WERE GETTING CLOSE TO PASSING BECAUSE OF THE FLU? Well, once again, 97% of the folks who get the virus recover. Where is all the press and statistics on the seasonal flu? Haven't heard a thing about this. On the law enforcement issue, fluff has said for a long time that police need to have more tools that are non-lethal to subdue a person they are dealing with. There is no reason that with all the technology out there that new non-lethal weaponry can't be provided to the police so we can have more positive outcomes. Yeah it will be some work, but it will be worth it. Shooting someone is always a last resort, and should not be chosen because it is the quickest and simplest answer at the time. Taking someone's life is serious, about as serious as it gets, and there is no going backward after it happens. Hopefully, all of these folks out there who get paid a lot of money will do what fluff suggests and peace will prevail. Better days will be ahead!

    BEST WISHES TO ALL from fluffy9999, Cubby, Tanner and the B-Crew!

Entry #462


     Hey, fluff here!  OK, so fluffy9999's DAYS SYSTEM did pick up 1978 on wed, as this prediction for DAYS SYSTEM PLAY was on the old blog DAYS SYSTEM PLAY CHART FROM NOV 24,2018! 257 hit boxed NY yesterday and this was mentioned as a DAYS SYSTEM PLAY FOR THURS, AND should always be played along with 628 on thurs, and fri also if you can! NOW, 254 IS A DAYS SYSTEM NUMBER FOR MON TO WED, HOWEVER FLUFF HAS SEEN IT COME IN ON FRI AND SAT MIDDAY as mentioned somewhere is fluff's previous blogs! So, we can ALMOST CLAIM THIS AS A DAYS SYSTEM PLAY TO MAKE IT 3 NY DAYS SYSTEM HITS IN A ROW! RIGHT NOW, 441 should be in play and 357 also as these can run in a string together, especially for NY! So, as always, KEEP UP TO DATE ON FLUFFY9999'S DAYS SYSTEM PICKS, MUST PLAY NUMBERS, AND PREDICTIONS!

     Right now, fluffy9999 is on ALL MAJOR CHARTS ON THE TOP 50 AT LEAST ONCE, that is ALL STATES ALL GAMES, ALL STATES PICK 3,4,5,6 AND OTHER GAMES! fluff is having a great month and HOPES EVERYONE OUT THERE IS ALSO!

    Best wishes to all from fluffy9999, Cubby, Tanner and the B-Crew!

Entry #461

fluffy9999 Days System Picks up 1978 box NY wed...

     Hey, fluff here!  OK, well, fluff did not have 1978 in play for a while, but the DAY to PLAY IS WEDNESDAY! In fact, this is ON THE OLDER DAYS SYSTEM PLAY TABLE FOR NOV 24, 2018 for wednesday! fluff has a reason to put this one back into play, but you know when they have not shown in a long time it is a good idea to put these DAYS SYSTEM PICKS BACK INTO PLAY! So, is you were inclined to play the combo bet and pay the money, you would have had a pick 4 str hit for $2500! Remember that strategy! Also, tuesday Days System PICKS ARE 1010-1920-6371 and we are putting 3467 back in and adding 1843 also for tuesday and this is for ALL STATES! NOW, for pick 3 straights middle of the week are 047,241 like that! Today, 628 IS A MUST PLAY AND ALSO GOOD ARE 257,369 AND FOR THE EVENING YOU CAN ADD FRI AND SAT NUMBERS 441,461,000 LIKE THAT! For NY state, 047 is looking good for a couple of days or more, and 000 midday is good also! REMEMBER, TO NEVER PLAY MORE THAN A FEW NUMBERS! fluff saw a man play 84 dollars worth of numbers for one night, and what number do you think came out? Well, if you apply the stupid rule, you would have played the last number and that is the one that came out! fluff is having a good month and hit wed MUST PLAY 777 in Pennsylvania and 227 in Connecticut! fluff is liking 3412-4312 for a str hit NY to be played once in a while, when you see a number that looks close. fluff is going to give you a day to play this one on and put  it into the Days System! Maybe it will turn into a str hit like 0202 wed did!

   Please keep up to date on fluff's predictions and REVIEW THE NEW DAYS SYSTEM PLAY TABLE a few blogs back and also the older DAYS SYSTEM PLAY TABLE on nov 24, 2018!

   Best Wishes to ALL from fluffy9999, Cubby, Tanner and the B-Crew!

Entry #460

Fluffy9999's Days System Hits 2 Pick 4 Numbers Straight In Two Days!

     Hey, fluffy9999 here!  OK, OH YEAH! Yup, on sat 8980 came in midday in Oregon and for sunday 2280 in Illinois! Well, what can fluff say! fluff KNOWS folks out there, the good folks in those states collected some HEAVY DOUGH ON THESE TWO PICKS! Actually, 2280 was sold out in NY in the evening around 6pm or so and it very well may be due to fluffy9999's DAYS SYSTEM PICK! Hey, LET THE FLUFF DOG KNOW IF YOU GOT SOME DOUGH ON THESE! Well, two picks in two days so what else can you ask for? MORE HITS OF COURSE, AND YES, THERE WILL BE HITS! Now, 320 came out again yesterday box in NY, and fluff is hoping for 320 str, his personal pick! Actually, 2280 and 5588 are good picks on or around tuesday! And Must play 777 for tues and 222 for tues and wed of course for ALL STATES! Now, the MUST PLAY DAY FOR 2280 IS SUNDAY, AND THAT IS JUST WHERE IT CAME OUT! Well, once again, fluff hopes this saved the DAY FOR SOME NICE FOLKS OUT THERE, AND REMEMBER YOUR ANIMAL DONATIONS AND HELP FOLKS THAT ARE DOWN ON THEIR LUCK! So if you are new to the DAYS SYSTEM YOU CAN CHECK OUT THE NEW DAYS SYSTEM PLAY TABLE A COUPLE OF BLOGS BACK AND ALSO NOV 24,2018 BLOG FOR THE OLDER DAYS SYSTEM PLAY TABLE!

     So, it looks like up herein Upstate NY some folks are enjoying the summer by doing their outside activities, going to church, and all! fluff is glad to see it as this is what our Country is all about! Yes, fluff is sort of in the city, but plenty of wild animals are only a couple of miles away, and so is a lot of woods!  There is a lot of railroad tracks in this surrounding area, and there is a lot of woods around the buildings in a sort of cloaked manner! If you want to go a few miles west towards Amsterdam you are going into rural country, and nice country and people! Yes, room to breathe and think! So, things are changing in the business world and of course the employment field, but everyone will do what they have to do! And some will be starting their own businesses online and otherwise. fluff is a fan of the old time stores and has been in them since the 60's! fluff still likes the way women looked in the 70's and 80's and likes the great train sets like AMERICAN FLYER and AURORA RACE CAR SETS! At this time fluff will be setting his up soon as we get into fall. You can have a friend over and you can race the cars on the track. fluff used to like slot cars on the big track but they are gone at least for now! Who knows what old time hobby will make a comeback and have mass appeal!

    BEST WISHES TO ALL and Let The Good Times Roll from fluffy9999, Cubby, Tanner and the B-Crew!

Entry #459

fluffy9999'S All States Pick 254 hits 4x!

     Hey, fluff here!  OK, well fluff did a good job with DAYS SYSTEM PLAY OF 254 ON WED hitting Pega 3 Dia midday in Puerto Rico 2x straight, and 2x box in Connecticut, with ALL BEING MIDDAY HITS! Well, fluff hopes his blog readers cashed in on THIS ONE BIG TIME! Well, fluff gave you the number and the day! What else could anyone ask for as far as the pick 3 is concerned? FLUFF DOES PRETTY GOOD FOR A BUNNY WHOSE PAWS ARE TOO BIG TO USE A COMPUTER! So, once again it is not that important what fluff's numbers are, BUT HOW MUCH MONEY FOLKS ARE RAKING IN OUT THERE FOLLOWING HIS SUGGESTIONS! So, fluff still like Days System 628 and like 369 and 372 also for NY! fluff's NUMBERS INSPIRED BY his ANIMAL GUIDES  are 586-580-560 and 680! ALSO IN NY, fluff like the idea of playing the 00's pick 3 RACK, that is 100-200-300-400-500-600-700-800-900 for this evening and next if nothing comes out midday tomorrow for NY! If you are in the mood, a ticket or so for the BIG LOTTERIES IN YOUR STATE MAY BE IN ORDER!

     Well, fluff heard today home sales are soaring and retail sales are booming!  It is hard to stop the American consumers from buying as after a crisis there is a pent up demand and folks are bored so they want to but some more items to make life a little more interesting! Now, on the HEALTH FRONT, fluff hopes EVERYONE IS GETTING SOME MORE EXERCISE, MORE VITAMINS AND SUPPLEMENTS AND TAKING REALLY GOOD CARE OF THEMSELVES! OUR HEALTH IS THE MOST IMPORTANT, AND EVERYONE CAN MAKE IMPROVEMENTS! The economy is coming in ROARING BACK although business have to make changes and be aware of what can happen in the future, and prepare for problems that may arise! True, some small businesses have been damaged badly by the shutdown and new rules for conducting business, and fluff's heart goes out to them and hopes they can continue forward. THE SPIRIT OF AMERICA IS ABOUT THE BILL OF RIGHT, OUR HISTORY, FREE MARKETS, OUR FREEDOM AND OUR LIFESTYLE BEING BASED ON SOLID PRINCIPLES AND OUR FAITH IN GOD,COUNTRY AND EACH OTHER!

     Very BEST OF WISHES TO ALL from fluffy9999, Cubby, Tanner,and the B-Crew!

Entry #458

fluffy9999's Other Side Double technique HITS 288 NY!

     Hey, fluff here!  OK, if you had stayed on the other side of 228 NY evening, you would have gone eight plays and picked up the 288 in the evening also! Fluff hopes some folks out there collected on it. fluff has to update his frequency system, but at this time thinks 3467 may work and 222 and 888 for NY! 3467 we will put in for the DAYS SYSTEM FOR TUES, AND DO NOT FORGET 1843 FOR TUES ALSO FOR THE DAYS SYSTEM! For monday 254 for All States and the 6371,1920,5588,2280 up to tuesday or so!

     Fluff likes good stuff that is inexpensive and has massive benefits! fluff recommends green tea and honey as an addition to your diet regime. Green Tea is amazing for all the beneficial properties that is has! Always keep researching your supplements and add a new one to your stack! Basic vitamins like C are overlooked and can do great things for you! Fruits and vegetables are great because they do not have all those additives and unhealthy oils you don't need! Keep improving your eating regime, and as a bachelor fluff keeps a lot of oatmeal around and adds bananas, strawberries, and blueberries to make a delishous dish for a meal, appetizer or a dessert!

    As always, keep up to date on fluffy9999's Predictions and Blogs Posts!

    Best wishes to ALL and LET THE GOOD TIMES ROLL from fluffy9999, Cubby. Tanner and the B-Crew!

Entry #457

fluffy9999's Sat Night Specials...

     Hey, fluff here!  OK, hey, hope everyone out there all over the globe is doing well!  Tonight we are on fluffy9999's DAYS SYSTEM with 1924,4441,357,628,316,777,2280,5588,5888 llike that! MUST PLAY IS 791,5588,5888,2280,628,461! ALSO, TAKE A LOOK  AND BUY A TICKET OR TWO FOR THE POWERBALL AND NY LOTTO! fluff thinks the Powerball jackpot is big so you want to be in on this one! It is nice out and fluff is going out to walk and spend the rest of the day outside, and up here in NY the weather will cool down sunday to low 80's for a while and be cool at night! We got that burst of rain from the coastal storm and that was about it! fluff has been watering his place since!

     Well, the virus thing is getting old. Life will go on but the workforce has changed and so has our shopping habits! fluff needs online as he cannot find the stuff he needs locally! Never would have though to go there but was forced by conditions, so we ADAPT! fluff is an OUT OF THE BOX THINKER, AND HE ALWAYS LEAVES THE DOOR OPEN TO NEW IDEAS AND POSSIBILITIES SO HE IS NOT LEFT OUT IN THE RAIN! fluff is cutting back on his food intake and changing it and trying to make it better, and always improving his stack of supplements! Sure, it is fun to eat and load up , but where will it lead to? BRUCE LEE SAID 'DO NOT FALL IN LOVE WITH THE SENSUAL PLEASURE OF EATING!" He was so right about so much and his philosophy was so awesome! He also said" ABSORB WHAT IS USEFUL AND REJECT WHAT IS USELESS" ! We can apply this to our lottery games and techniques and our lives in general. FLUFF DEVELOPS SYSTEMS FOR EVERYTHING, OR A WAY OF DOING THINGS AND THE BOTTOM LINE IS THAT IS HAS TO WORK AT CRUNCHTIME AND PRODUCE RESULTS, REALLY GOOD RESULTS! So, pay some mind to your lottery housekeeping as you have some WINNING TICKETS AND DON'T EVEN KNOW IT! KEEP UP TO DATE ON FLUFF'S BLOG SUGGESTIONS AND HIS PREDICTIONS BY CHECKING THEM DAILY!


     BLESSINGS TO ALL and LET THE GOOD TIMES ROLL from fluffy9999, Cubby, Tanner and the B-Crew!

Entry #456