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fluffy9999's Lottery Vibe...

     Hey, fluff here!  OK, now last night fluff was inclined to play, well you probably won't believe this, but put in the last number that came out, 765 for NY. Well, he thought it had been a while since a repeat, so it would make a good play. Before that he put in the other side off 757 which was 557. 765 would be a good fit for this play. Well, fluff did not end up putting the 765 in and it HIT STRAIGHT NY LAST NIGHT! Now, fluff is thinking his mind recognized a pattern and went to this, and felt the inkling, but did not execute the play. Might as well after all that, but he did not and no prize on this one. So, keep in mind every once in a while there is a repeat. When a consecutive comes out, there will be another also. He also thought of playing the whole rack of consecutives, but did not go with it. 2280 MUST play sunday, as well as 254 for monday also. fluff put up some picks for YOU! ALSO FOR YOU UK PLAYERS, fluff did hit a $9 prize 4 or so days ago to keep up appearances in the UK Games! A little something for fluff's friends in the UK!

     Well, the flu situation continues on. This week is suppose to be a contagious week so take your precautions. Officials are saying to go into deeper quarantine to curtail the spread. This is certainly a test of our patience as folks are getting tired of this. But, we have to do this for everyone, we just have to. Making a face covering is a good idea and fluff did see a blue mask with small white polka dots that was excellent. Looked professionally made. The man said his grandmother made it for him. This gives a sense of contributing for the person who made it, and we should all seek to contribute in our own way, with uplifting words, a phone call, making a mask for someone, whatever you can do.


    Praying and Hoping for the VERY BEST FOR ALL from fluffy9999, Cubby and Tanner!

Entry #422

Fluffy9999's Days System Hits 1230 Illinois Straight!

     Hey, fluff here!  OK, yes did score a straight hit in illinois with 1230 on friday and HOPES THE GOOD PEOPLE OF ILLINOIS TOOK THIS ONE TO DA BANK!  Yup, with a bunch of other hits like 257,461,441 folks all over the US reeled in some dough! So, RIGHT NOW FLUFF IS #10 ALL STATES ALL GAMES AND IS ON EVERY CHART FOR TOP 50 FOR PICK 3,4,5,6 AND OTHER GAMES! Check it out as the bunny is hot this month!  Keep up to date and keep regular DAYS SYSTEM PLAYS IN FOR THE WEEKEND LIKE 2280 AND FOR NY 2222 looks good. RELIGIOUS DAYS SYSTEM IN PLAY WITH 777 AND 316 TONIGHT AND SUNDAY MIDDAY! 2280 and 9820 MUST PLAYS AT THIS POINT! The Mega pot is large so if nobody won last night it will be even bigger!

     BEST WISHES TO ALL  from fluffy9999, Cubby and Tanner and LET THE GOOD TIMES ROLL!

Entry #421

fluffy9999's DAYS SYSTEM HITS 757 NY!!

     Hey, fluff here! Ok, so fluff did put 757 in his last blog post for tues, a regular play for the DAYS SYSTEM FOR TUESDAY, AND IT DID HJIT STRAIGHT NY 757!  So, when the big day comes for the 77's, on tuesday, if one of our picks does not come in for the MIDDAY DRAWING, THEN PLAY THE ENTIRE RACK WHICH WAS 707,717,727,737,ETC! Same thing applies to 222 on wed! Now with 628 today, if you had a light bet in for the midday, then maybe the combo for tonight! Also 369,257,000,441,461 the friday plays can be started tonight!

     Well, regarding our current situation in this country, everyone is looking at numbers and they are all over the place. Mr. Hannity from clear channel said 99 out of a 100 cases recover, and that is important to realize. No level of fatalities is acceptable, but not as much was done back in 2010 with the swine flu virus as is being done now.Our health care system is evolving and learning at high speed and solutions and treatments are coming. We may have a vaccine sooner than expected so we can put this thing to bed and continue on, which we will. Our economy is still running which it has to, but availability of some items will be spotty. We can get by for now. My father always said "BETTER DAYS AHEAD!"

     BEST WISHES TO ALL FROM fluffy9999, Cubby and Tanner!

Entry #420

fluffy9999 Special NY Picks...

     Hey, fluff here!  OK, well of course REGULAR DAYS SYSTEM NUMBERS IN PLAY TODAY such as 777, 77x, and 77 front and back pairs! Also, you can start 222 and any 22 pairs, and any 22 number like 221 etc! fluff always likes 6371 tues, 1920 tues and 0202 for wed! NOW, THESE ARE SPECIAL PICKS BASED ON FLUFFY9999'S FREQUENCY SYSTEM AND THEY ARE - 8980 , 1880 , 1978 , AND consecutives 1980 and 7890! We did like to keep 2288 in play from the last picks, and if you want to bend the 1880 to 1881 and play 2288 and 1188! 7889 was a pick in there also, but that one HIT ON 3/26! DO NOT PLAY ALL OF THESE AND WHEN YOU DO NOT KNOW WHAT TO PLAY, STICK WITH THE DAYS SYSTEM! 1978 used to be in the DAYS SYSTEM FOR WED WITH 0202 SO KEEP THAT IN MIND! fluff is going to calculate the next group along with pick 3 frequency picks! His Frequency System is actually  based on something and that is the number of times a number has show up in a given set of lottery results! So keep that in mind!

    As ALWAYS, BEST WISHES TO ALL FROM fluffy9999, Cubby and Tanner!

Entry #419

fluffy9999's NY VIBE...

     Hey, fluff here!  OK, so right now, DAYS SYSTEM NUMBERS IN PLAY, as 2280,(8988 especially NY),623-254-253 in play tonight and monday! So, fluff did a forecast based on frequency with numbers ending 1-31-20, and out of this was the 0202 which he spoke of that was MENTIONED IN AN OLDER BLOG FOR WED NIGHT STRAIGHT LIKE THIS that hit in NY weeks ago! Well, there was also 2288 which is part of the DAYS SYSTEM FOR THE WEEKEND, and fluff is going to suggest this one be kept in play! He also looked at 3377 which came really close many times. So, once again, don't go crazy with this. Last night my friend asked me if I wanted to buy a Powerball ticket mistake for $20 and I said no. fluff does not spend like that on the $2 games even if the jackpot is a billion dollars! They are not going to get it from me. It is just like that. 

      So, once again with the current virus situation, it makes sense to have basic precautions in place, as always, and this should be done every flu season. Again, some health professionals locally are making a big case for almost everyone staying home.Does not make sense to fluff. Once again, if they keep making people think like this, it is going to be hard to return to normal. And then some areas could be higher risk to go to. The other day the store I went in became higher risk when about 15 people all came in at once and were basically in the same area. Cashiers have had so much contact with people at this point and you would think they would all be sick. Why aren't they? In some markets they wait on maybe close to a thousand people in a really busy day, and it could be more. Sneeze guards do make sense and always did. This way of doing things may stay like this for a long time, and that is ok for all. Today in response to the travel restrictions response of another state regarding NY state visitors, our governor of NY said if they do this I will sue them. Everyone is getting would up and this is not good. You know, some folks scare easily. fluff does not. He is fearless and backed by strong genetics and a tough will. People who know the fluff-dog get a sense of this but it is difficult to explain to you if you don't know him. fluff sees no benefit to being scared. Hang tough and stay the course.

     Best Wishes to ALL from fluffy9999, Cubby and Tanner!

Entry #418

Fluffy9999's Days System Scores 522 Ny Midday Today!!

     Hey, fluff-dog here!  OK, as posted in fluff's last blog, he said to play REGULAR DAYS SYSTEM PLAYS 222 AND ANY 22X NUMBER! So, we are claiming the 522 as a hit for fluffy9999's DAYS SYSTEM, ALONG WITH THE BACK PAIR 22! Not bad, as wed is the BIG DAY FOR 22 HITS FOR THE DAYS SYSTEM, A MUST-PLAY! Also, fluff hit 7 of 10 on pick 10 NY with one set of numbers!  Now, FLUFF IS ON ALL THE TOP 50 CHARTS EXCEPT ALL STATES AND PICK4! Not bad, and fluff is doing excellent on the Take 5 NY, Lotto and Pick 10! Well, what do you want out of 1 set of pick 10 numbers? So keep up to date of fluff picks, and tonight you can play 254, cut in early 628 and take a look at fluff's other picks!

     Well, on the Virus front, downstate has a lot of cases and much is being done to help them out. It is a question of capacity, and hospitals could use some more capacity, but if someone proposed it 6 months ago nobody would have gone for it, or said where is all the funding going to come from? Well, two months ago we may have thought we had problems, but looking back now we did not have any problems at all.  fluff thinks the pharmacutical mix of availabale meds may have to be tried to alleviate illness. fluff hopes this comes together to help all people all over. We should all pray to our GOD for the help and guidance to address this problem as we ask for help for all of our problems. A lot of folks are recovering, and nobody should be worried. We have made it through many flu's and diseases and we will make it through this one!

    BEST WISHES TO ALL from fluffy9999, Cubby and Tanner!

Entry #417

fluffy9999's SPIRIT OF AMERICA!!

     Hey, fluff here!  OK, how are you? fluff hopes everyone is doing the very best!  fluff is in NY, and is working, and is doing great! WE HERE in AMERICA HAVE TO CONTINUE TO GO ON and LET THE SPIRIT OF AMERICA GUIDE US FORWARD! IT IS LIKELY EVERYONE WILL BE BACK TO WORK IN A COUPLE OF WEEKS. Continuing to take precautions like hygeine issues, disinfection, and social distancing made sense before this and will be in place long after this temporary situation ends. The Lottery games are still on, and will continue on.

     Todays is monday, and of course 254 is in play, as well as 777 and 222, and the pairs and any 22x or 77x number you like! Tues is 6371,1920 and 1010 as these are all FLUFFY9999'S DAYS SYSTEM PLAYS! Out longest box NY is 2888 and remember to get 1230 and 0000 for friday early, and same with 777 and 222! Keep up to date on fluff's Predictions and Blog Predictions!

     Best WISHES TO ALL  from fluffy9999, Cubby and Tanner AND LET THE GOOD TIMES ROLL !

Entry #416

fluffy9999 SPEAKS OUT...

     Hey, fluff here!  OK, well it has been a while since fluff put up a new blog , as it has been hectic for him lately. Yeah, things have changed in our country, as our officials are trying to do something which has never been done before, and that is micro-manage a flu illness. Well, with the population so high in the world, and people traveling around, this was going to happen sooner or later.  As far as getting groceries, you may have to shop in the morning hours, or show up at different times during the day to see if stuff is being put out. Canned goods, oatmeal, fruits and vegetables are good choices, and of course stock up on pet food for your pets! So, right now fluff is suggesting to keep your powder dry, and to save as much money as you can. DAYS SYSTEM PLAYS ARE GOOD CHOICES, and for today 222, 221,223,224,225 and the 22 pairs pick 3 are all good choices!  You can cut in early with 628 and 628 is a must play for thurs! Then, thurs night you can start friday saturday plays 441,443,461,007,047,1230,0000 like that! fluff is going to update his frequency system with a recommendation pick for this, and remember fluff did say to put in 047 for wednesday!  These picks ARE FOR ALL STATES AND NY! FLUFFY9999'S DAYS SYSTEM DID HIT 441 A FEW FRIDAYS AGO, 628 THURS AGAIN, 441 SUNDAY AND 047 LAST WEDNESDAY! fluff is having a great month on LOTTERY POST, SO STAY TUNED TO HIS PREDICTIONS AND BLOGS! Remember to put in you favorite set of numbers for NY Lotto tonight for a dollar or two!

    BEST WISHES TO ALL FROM fluffy9999, Cubby and Tanner!

Entry #415


     Hey, fluff here!  OK, fluff did say to play 628 and others on sat eve, and on sun midday the trend back up the DAYS SYSTEM AND 628 looked good to play. Yes, it did hit NY boxed sun midday and fluff got a hit off that! Today, monday, regular DAYS SYSTEM NUMBERS IN PLAY FOR NY AND ALL STATES ARE 254,111,AND YOU CAN CUT IN EARLY FOR 777,222 AND ANY 77X AND 22X NUMBER OR PAIRS YOU LIKE! More on this later...

     Best wishes from fluffy9999, Cubby and Tanner!

Entry #414


     Hey, fluffy9999 here! OK, now, fluffy9999's DAYS SYSTEM SCORED A DIRECT HIT FRIDAY MIDDAY IN NY with 441! This number was posted on fluff's Predictions as 441 for friday, which is  A MUST PLAY NUMBER FOR FRIDAY!  OK, so a relative did not have enough self-discipline to stay on the DAYS SYSTEM SO he lost out on a bunch of picks! Right now, fluff wants to add 047 for wed TO THE DAYS SYSTEM, and must play for sat and sun is 5588,2280 and fluff would say to put 2888 in play for NY all week! 254 a good bet for sat, and 357 also this week! 1924 is a must play for sat also, and 611 and 461 for sat! YOU KNOW, THE BEST THING TO DO FOR ANYONE IS TO FOLLOW CLOSELY MAYBE 7 NUMBERS OR SO, AND PLAY THEM ON THE DAYS THEY COME OUT ON! If you see some angles getting close, you may want to put them into play! PICK OUT LONGEST STRAIGHT FOR PICK 4, AND PLAY THEM ON THE DAY THEY COME OUT ON! GO FOR BIG RETURNS AND A LITTLE BIT OF MONEY SPENT! THAT WAS 0202 NY WED, WHICH JUST HIT STRAIGHT! fluff recommends 0000 and 8888 for NY FRIDAY, but you have to get these days in advance, and you may have to go a week ahead to get 8888 for NY! You will only be spending very little, but if you hit the winnings could be substantial, 10, 20, 50k or higher! NOW FLUFF STILL SAYS SOMEDAY IN NY, 8888 WILL FINALLY COME IN AND SOME LOTTERY SHARK WILL HAVE IT FOR 100K OR 500K! All it takes is $100 straight on a number to do this, but $20 straight would be 100k! REMEMBER , IT ONLY TAKES ONE THOUSAND DOLLARS STRAIGHT TO GO LIABILITY EXCEEDED IN NY PICK4! The most ny will pay is 5 million on any pic 3 or pick 4 number! So, next BIG JACKPOT NUMBER IS 1924 FOR SAT EVEN, 2280 FOR WEEKEND, AND 5588 AND THESE ARE FOR NY and ALL STATES PLAYERS! Remember, never spend a lot and REMEMBER FLUFFY'S LOW BUCK HIGH RETURN PLAYS! As ALWAYS, IT TAKES A LOT OF PATIENCE, BUT IF YOU CAN GO THE LENGTH, YOU CAN GET THAT KING-GRAND PRIZE IN YOUR HAND!

     As always, keep a ticket or two in play for the BIG LOTTERIES IN YOUR STATE! 

     Best WISHES TO ALL, from fluffy9999, Cubby and Tanner!

Entry #413

fluffy9999's 0202 wed NY Prediction HITS STRAIGHT NY!!

     Hey, fluff here!  OK, well 0202 FINALLY HIT NY STRAIGHT AND FLUFFY9999 PREDICTED IT!  WANT PROOF? Go BACK TO MARCH 25,2018 BLOG AND YOU WILL SEE THERE TO PLAY 0202 WED EVENING NY AS PART OF THE DAYS SYSTEM! Well, it did hit and straight! Now, fluff liked 2020 on wed and does play it weekly or so, but he pick the 0202 because it was out straight a long time! Now, fluff does give you the low down, with no time frame in mind. However, 2020 did show recently on his frequency system, but it went out a little longer this time, as does happen with this system. fluff did say someday 8888 will hit on a friday NY and some cat out there will collect 100k on this one! Same thing with the 0202, and a twenty spot would have been 100k, and a Franklin on this one would have been a 500,000 $ PAYDAY! But, as always, it takes patience and committment, but fluff did say TO ONLY PLAY IT ON WED, WHICH IS ONE DAY! fluff did say 8988 for sunday, and that one just came in for NY on monday eve boxed! So, let us play 8988 for sunday and go for the straight! Now, don't start thinking and say "aw, that will never come out"! Well, if you said that about 1010,8988,0202 then... Now, for thurs, fluff likes 628 and for a derivative play look at 495 for a while, 047 for wed and fri, and of course REGULAR DAYS SYSTEM NUMBERS IN PLAY FOR FRI, AS IN FLUFF'S POSTED PREDICTIONS, AND RELIGIOUS DAYS SYSTEM PLAYS FOR SAT EVEN AND SUN MIDDAY ALL STATES! Of course, 1924 in play to sat even, and of course 5588 and 2280 for the weekend, with 8988 for sunday!

    Best wishes to ALL from the crew, fluffy9999, Cubby and Tanner!

Entry #412

fluffy9999's Saturday Night Specials...

     Hey, fluff here!  OK, REGULAR DAYS SYSTEM PLAYS IN PLAY SUCH AS 357-5588-2280-1924-628-441 especially for sat evening, and Cubby's picks of 611,166,155,451,461 and of course RELIGIOUS DAYS SYSTEM PLAYS OF 316,777,333,2531 FOR SAT EVENING AND SUNDAY MIDDAY AND THESE ARE FOR ALL STATES! OK, fluff was talking to people at the lottery counter on thurs and did see a ticket for 202,022 and 6688 punched out that day, and both of these folks hit straight! fluff though why 202 and why was 220 sold out? Well, she played the date which was 2/20/20! WEll it was good for a straight hit that day! playing 6699 made more sense to fluff and talked to the woman about it, but did not put the 6688 in! That number has been highlighted by so many publications for years and nothing happened. Well, if you think about it and judge the number, then you sometimes get in trouble. If fluff had not thought about and put in in play, well that wing-it play would have produced a 2900$ hit!  OK, well powerball 4 looks good for many plays, and fluff like 6-9-28-41 like that for the BIG GAMES TONIGHT! Keep up to date with fluff blogs and predictions and may the luck be with you tonight!

     Best wishes from fluffy9999, Cubby and Tanner!

Entry #411

fluffy9999's NY Vibe WED Evening...

     Hey, fluff here!  Yeah, fluff-dog at cha!  OK, well, fluff is liking 523,524,224,234 and of course 628 DAYS SYSTEM PICK IN EARLY AS WELL AS 222, and for pick 4 NY 1978,6060 and 8080! Must play is 254,628 and 1978! Don't spend a lot, until you have some hits, then you can spend a little more or invest the winnings, and you may want to play one ticket on the NY LOTTO tonight! Your favorite numbers of course! So, fluffy9999 IS AT THE TOP OF MISSOURI PICK 3, AND IS ON EVERY ALL STATES TOP 50 CHART EXCEPT THE FIRST ONE, ALL STATES ALL GAMES!  But, really what counts is that FOLKS ALL OVER THE FRUITTED PLAINS AND BEYOND( fluff hit good in quebec also with 254) are making some dough without breaking a sweat!  WHOEVER SAID THE LOTTERY DOES NOT PAY SO GOOD? Folks that read fluffs blogs and predictions are collecting regularly! That what fluffy9999's MISSION IS ALL ABOUT! Redistributing the wealth if you will! So keep up to date on fluff's latest predictions and LET THE GOOD TIMES ROLL! Also 253 is a good back up to 254 because it  is an add-up number! BACK UP YOUR PLAYS WITH AN ADD-UP  NUMBER WHERE POSSIBLE AND YOU MAY BE IN THE MONEY SOON!

    Best wishes to ALL from fluffy9999, Cubby and Tanner!

Entry #410

fluffy9999's BIG NEWS TODAY!!

     Hey, fluff here!  OK, well there is some news about recommended number and DAYS SYSTEM NUMBER 449 COMING IN FOR NY, but the big news TODAY IS THAT IT IS FLUFFY9999'S BIRTHDAY!  Yes, well fluff just wanted to share that with EVERYONE OUT THERE THAT READS FLUFF'S BLOGS AND FOLLOWS HIS SYSTEMS! FLUFF IS HOPING AND PRAYING FOR EVERYONE OUT THERE THAT HEALTH AND HAPPINESS COMES TO ALL!

     LIVE LONG AND PROSPER, from fluffy9999, Cubby, and Tanner!

Entry #409

Fluffy9999's Days System Collects Back To Back NY!

     Hey, fluff here!  OK, as you know, fluffy recommends 000 and the 00 pairs and any 00x play like 001,002 etc on friday and saturday. So, on friday NY numbers evening 006 came in and fluffy's DAYS SYSTEM PLAY CAME IN, AND SAT MID NY 007 came in! So, back to back HITS FROM THE DAYS SYSTEM, BOTH THE NUMBER AND THE PAIRS! 047 and 007 are some of the DAYS SYSTEM PICKS WHICH SHOULD BE PLAYED EVERY WEEK on friday! An animal number came up about a week ago, and it was 845 and fluff played it here and there and dropped it and it came out straight, as well as playing 1920 on fri or so NY, and it came in on sat! Of course,1924 was in play as it should be for the DAYS SYSTEM! So, you can get off course easily, especially when a lot of signals, and some animal sign numbers are in there also. fluff plays THE RELIGIOUS DAYS SYSTEM PLAY OF 316 AND 777 FOR SAT EVENING AND SUNDAY MIDDAY, AND ALWAYS 623 ANIMAL NUMBER PICK ALSO! 770 AND 047 MAY BE A GOOD PLAY FOR A COUPLE OF DAYS, as well as getting in on DAYS SYSTEM MUST PLAY 777 AND 222 FOR TUES AND WED! 9999 in CONSTANT PLAY UNTIL WE HIT! 

     Best wishes from YOUR Lottery Team, fluffy9999, Cubby, and Tanner!

Entry #408