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fluffy9999 Days System Picks up 1978 box NY wed...

     Hey, fluff here!  OK, well, fluff did not have 1978 in play for a while, but the DAY to PLAY IS WEDNESDAY! In fact, this is ON THE OLDER DAYS SYSTEM PLAY TABLE FOR NOV 24, 2018 for wednesday! fluff has a reason to put this one back into play, but you know when they have not shown in a long time it is a good idea to put these DAYS SYSTEM PICKS BACK INTO PLAY! So, is you were inclined to play the combo bet and pay the money, you would have had a pick 4 str hit for $2500! Remember that strategy! Also, tuesday Days System PICKS ARE 1010-1920-6371 and we are putting 3467 back in and adding 1843 also for tuesday and this is for ALL STATES! NOW, for pick 3 straights middle of the week are 047,241 like that! Today, 628 IS A MUST PLAY AND ALSO GOOD ARE 257,369 AND FOR THE EVENING YOU CAN ADD FRI AND SAT NUMBERS 441,461,000 LIKE THAT! For NY state, 047 is looking good for a couple of days or more, and 000 midday is good also! REMEMBER, TO NEVER PLAY MORE THAN A FEW NUMBERS! fluff saw a man play 84 dollars worth of numbers for one night, and what number do you think came out? Well, if you apply the stupid rule, you would have played the last number and that is the one that came out! fluff is having a good month and hit wed MUST PLAY 777 in Pennsylvania and 227 in Connecticut! fluff is liking 3412-4312 for a str hit NY to be played once in a while, when you see a number that looks close. fluff is going to give you a day to play this one on and put  it into the Days System! Maybe it will turn into a str hit like 0202 wed did!

   Please keep up to date on fluff's predictions and REVIEW THE NEW DAYS SYSTEM PLAY TABLE a few blogs back and also the older DAYS SYSTEM PLAY TABLE on nov 24, 2018!

   Best Wishes to ALL from fluffy9999, Cubby, Tanner and the B-Crew!

Entry #460

Fluffy9999's Days System Hits 2 Pick 4 Numbers Straight In Two Days!

     Hey, fluffy9999 here!  OK, OH YEAH! Yup, on sat 8980 came in midday in Oregon and for sunday 2280 in Illinois! Well, what can fluff say! fluff KNOWS folks out there, the good folks in those states collected some HEAVY DOUGH ON THESE TWO PICKS! Actually, 2280 was sold out in NY in the evening around 6pm or so and it very well may be due to fluffy9999's DAYS SYSTEM PICK! Hey, LET THE FLUFF DOG KNOW IF YOU GOT SOME DOUGH ON THESE! Well, two picks in two days so what else can you ask for? MORE HITS OF COURSE, AND YES, THERE WILL BE HITS! Now, 320 came out again yesterday box in NY, and fluff is hoping for 320 str, his personal pick! Actually, 2280 and 5588 are good picks on or around tuesday! And Must play 777 for tues and 222 for tues and wed of course for ALL STATES! Now, the MUST PLAY DAY FOR 2280 IS SUNDAY, AND THAT IS JUST WHERE IT CAME OUT! Well, once again, fluff hopes this saved the DAY FOR SOME NICE FOLKS OUT THERE, AND REMEMBER YOUR ANIMAL DONATIONS AND HELP FOLKS THAT ARE DOWN ON THEIR LUCK! So if you are new to the DAYS SYSTEM YOU CAN CHECK OUT THE NEW DAYS SYSTEM PLAY TABLE A COUPLE OF BLOGS BACK AND ALSO NOV 24,2018 BLOG FOR THE OLDER DAYS SYSTEM PLAY TABLE!

     So, it looks like up herein Upstate NY some folks are enjoying the summer by doing their outside activities, going to church, and all! fluff is glad to see it as this is what our Country is all about! Yes, fluff is sort of in the city, but plenty of wild animals are only a couple of miles away, and so is a lot of woods!  There is a lot of railroad tracks in this surrounding area, and there is a lot of woods around the buildings in a sort of cloaked manner! If you want to go a few miles west towards Amsterdam you are going into rural country, and nice country and people! Yes, room to breathe and think! So, things are changing in the business world and of course the employment field, but everyone will do what they have to do! And some will be starting their own businesses online and otherwise. fluff is a fan of the old time stores and has been in them since the 60's! fluff still likes the way women looked in the 70's and 80's and likes the great train sets like AMERICAN FLYER and AURORA RACE CAR SETS! At this time fluff will be setting his up soon as we get into fall. You can have a friend over and you can race the cars on the track. fluff used to like slot cars on the big track but they are gone at least for now! Who knows what old time hobby will make a comeback and have mass appeal!

    BEST WISHES TO ALL and Let The Good Times Roll from fluffy9999, Cubby, Tanner and the B-Crew!

Entry #459

fluffy9999'S All States Pick 254 hits 4x!

     Hey, fluff here!  OK, well fluff did a good job with DAYS SYSTEM PLAY OF 254 ON WED hitting Pega 3 Dia midday in Puerto Rico 2x straight, and 2x box in Connecticut, with ALL BEING MIDDAY HITS! Well, fluff hopes his blog readers cashed in on THIS ONE BIG TIME! Well, fluff gave you the number and the day! What else could anyone ask for as far as the pick 3 is concerned? FLUFF DOES PRETTY GOOD FOR A BUNNY WHOSE PAWS ARE TOO BIG TO USE A COMPUTER! So, once again it is not that important what fluff's numbers are, BUT HOW MUCH MONEY FOLKS ARE RAKING IN OUT THERE FOLLOWING HIS SUGGESTIONS! So, fluff still like Days System 628 and like 369 and 372 also for NY! fluff's NUMBERS INSPIRED BY his ANIMAL GUIDES  are 586-580-560 and 680! ALSO IN NY, fluff like the idea of playing the 00's pick 3 RACK, that is 100-200-300-400-500-600-700-800-900 for this evening and next if nothing comes out midday tomorrow for NY! If you are in the mood, a ticket or so for the BIG LOTTERIES IN YOUR STATE MAY BE IN ORDER!

     Well, fluff heard today home sales are soaring and retail sales are booming!  It is hard to stop the American consumers from buying as after a crisis there is a pent up demand and folks are bored so they want to but some more items to make life a little more interesting! Now, on the HEALTH FRONT, fluff hopes EVERYONE IS GETTING SOME MORE EXERCISE, MORE VITAMINS AND SUPPLEMENTS AND TAKING REALLY GOOD CARE OF THEMSELVES! OUR HEALTH IS THE MOST IMPORTANT, AND EVERYONE CAN MAKE IMPROVEMENTS! The economy is coming in ROARING BACK although business have to make changes and be aware of what can happen in the future, and prepare for problems that may arise! True, some small businesses have been damaged badly by the shutdown and new rules for conducting business, and fluff's heart goes out to them and hopes they can continue forward. THE SPIRIT OF AMERICA IS ABOUT THE BILL OF RIGHT, OUR HISTORY, FREE MARKETS, OUR FREEDOM AND OUR LIFESTYLE BEING BASED ON SOLID PRINCIPLES AND OUR FAITH IN GOD,COUNTRY AND EACH OTHER!

     Very BEST OF WISHES TO ALL from fluffy9999, Cubby, Tanner,and the B-Crew!

Entry #458

fluffy9999's Other Side Double technique HITS 288 NY!

     Hey, fluff here!  OK, if you had stayed on the other side of 228 NY evening, you would have gone eight plays and picked up the 288 in the evening also! Fluff hopes some folks out there collected on it. fluff has to update his frequency system, but at this time thinks 3467 may work and 222 and 888 for NY! 3467 we will put in for the DAYS SYSTEM FOR TUES, AND DO NOT FORGET 1843 FOR TUES ALSO FOR THE DAYS SYSTEM! For monday 254 for All States and the 6371,1920,5588,2280 up to tuesday or so!

     Fluff likes good stuff that is inexpensive and has massive benefits! fluff recommends green tea and honey as an addition to your diet regime. Green Tea is amazing for all the beneficial properties that is has! Always keep researching your supplements and add a new one to your stack! Basic vitamins like C are overlooked and can do great things for you! Fruits and vegetables are great because they do not have all those additives and unhealthy oils you don't need! Keep improving your eating regime, and as a bachelor fluff keeps a lot of oatmeal around and adds bananas, strawberries, and blueberries to make a delishous dish for a meal, appetizer or a dessert!

    As always, keep up to date on fluffy9999's Predictions and Blogs Posts!

    Best wishes to ALL and LET THE GOOD TIMES ROLL from fluffy9999, Cubby. Tanner and the B-Crew!

Entry #457

fluffy9999's Sat Night Specials...

     Hey, fluff here!  OK, hey, hope everyone out there all over the globe is doing well!  Tonight we are on fluffy9999's DAYS SYSTEM with 1924,4441,357,628,316,777,2280,5588,5888 llike that! MUST PLAY IS 791,5588,5888,2280,628,461! ALSO, TAKE A LOOK  AND BUY A TICKET OR TWO FOR THE POWERBALL AND NY LOTTO! fluff thinks the Powerball jackpot is big so you want to be in on this one! It is nice out and fluff is going out to walk and spend the rest of the day outside, and up here in NY the weather will cool down sunday to low 80's for a while and be cool at night! We got that burst of rain from the coastal storm and that was about it! fluff has been watering his place since!

     Well, the virus thing is getting old. Life will go on but the workforce has changed and so has our shopping habits! fluff needs online as he cannot find the stuff he needs locally! Never would have though to go there but was forced by conditions, so we ADAPT! fluff is an OUT OF THE BOX THINKER, AND HE ALWAYS LEAVES THE DOOR OPEN TO NEW IDEAS AND POSSIBILITIES SO HE IS NOT LEFT OUT IN THE RAIN! fluff is cutting back on his food intake and changing it and trying to make it better, and always improving his stack of supplements! Sure, it is fun to eat and load up , but where will it lead to? BRUCE LEE SAID 'DO NOT FALL IN LOVE WITH THE SENSUAL PLEASURE OF EATING!" He was so right about so much and his philosophy was so awesome! He also said" ABSORB WHAT IS USEFUL AND REJECT WHAT IS USELESS" ! We can apply this to our lottery games and techniques and our lives in general. FLUFF DEVELOPS SYSTEMS FOR EVERYTHING, OR A WAY OF DOING THINGS AND THE BOTTOM LINE IS THAT IS HAS TO WORK AT CRUNCHTIME AND PRODUCE RESULTS, REALLY GOOD RESULTS! So, pay some mind to your lottery housekeeping as you have some WINNING TICKETS AND DON'T EVEN KNOW IT! KEEP UP TO DATE ON FLUFF'S BLOG SUGGESTIONS AND HIS PREDICTIONS BY CHECKING THEM DAILY!


     BLESSINGS TO ALL and LET THE GOOD TIMES ROLL from fluffy9999, Cubby, Tanner and the B-Crew!

Entry #456

fluffy9999's NY Lottery Vibe...

     Hey, fluff here!  OK, well fluff is liking 5588 for the next 7 days or so!  Yeah, Days System 5588 is good for the weekend and tues, but this TIME WE WILL KEEEP IT IN PLAY BECAUSE IT DESERVES A PLAY! Hey, 50 cents brings 400 dollars on the box, so let us buy a couple of tickets for 50 cents box for the next week or so! Don't play a dollar box because then you cannot cash it at the counter! So stay under the radar with a single ticket for 50 cents box and as many as you think you need! As Always, 222 must play for wed and 628 for wed evening! fluff had 259 and 628 picked on a different system for tuesday evening but did not put into play! Keep up to date on fluff's predictions and blog predictions!

     Best WISHES TO ALL FROM FLUFFY9999, Cubby, Tanner and the B-Crew!

Entry #455

fluffy9999's NY Lottery Vibe...

     Hey, fluff here!  OK, so 222 and the pairs and any 22x is the deal for wed NY and All States! Wed evening is 628 and the thurs numbers to be played through sat! 1924 and 6371 looking good through sat and sun midday NY and All States! fluff is doing good this month here on Lottery Post and hopes you are raking in the dough! Hey, if you are not feeling it that day, then do not play except Days System MUST PLAY NUMBERS! Keep up to date on fluff's Predictions and blog predictions! fluff also likes 518 str NY evenings and he did like 471 and 472 5 days ago and should have said something about that!

     Best Wishes to ALL from fluffy9999, Cubby, Tanner and the B-Crew!

Entry #454

fluffy9999's NY Lottery Vibe...

     Hey, fluff here!  OK, YES NY and All States Vibe!  So, right now fluff is liking 853,275,347 for add-up numbers for NY and All states if you wish! Yes, 388 came out so we are playing the derivative 853 (Rockford Firebird license plate)! and the 275 and 347 seem likely! 320 came out a few times but not like that, but boxed, but fluff likes 320 Days System pick for mon and tues! fluff is doing well this month and hit 628 str the other day Washington, D.C.! fluff played it here past the thurs main play day but nothing yet. fluff is over 100 % in 12 States, and his overall prize ratio is higher than some on the Top 50 All States All Games chart but he is not on it,so figure that! fluff's numbers are ALWAYS GOOD BUT FLUFF WANTS YOUR NUMBERS TO BE GOOD IN TERMS OF COLLECTING AT THE COUNTER! Days System 254 for mon and tues as well as 320,6371,1920 like that! 1111 good play for tues if you can get it! Make sure you get 777 for tues and 222 for wed, but never go over a one dollar ticket straight pick 3 so you can cash it at the counter and stay under the 600 Lottery Limit ! Over 600 dollars you have to go to a lottery redemption center and fill out paperwork and get overly involved. REFER BACK TO FLUFFY9999'S DAYS SYSTEM PLAY TABLE BACK A FEW BLOGS OR SO AND STAY UP TO DATE ON HIS PREDICTIONS! Join the party and pick up a hit for yourself!

    Best wishes to All from fluffy9999, Cubby, Tanner and the B-Crew!

Entry #453

fluffy9999 Hits 757 3x with Days System!...

     Hey, fluff here!  OK, well the DAYS SYSTEM HITS AGAIN with 757 hitting in NY midday TODAY, and fluff had this straight for NY once and two more times on the box!  Fluff hopes a lot of folks out there collected on this one! So the DAYS SYSTEM IS PULLING PRETTY GOOD THIS MONTH, AS ALWAYS! fluff did list 757 in the first group of three numbers or so because it looked good days ago. So, next is playing the other side of the 757 which is 557 and any of the derivatives like 750,751,752,753 like that. Now, 257 is timely as this is a Days System number for tonight and thurs with the MUST PLAY 628 through friday along with 369, and 461, 441,starting on thurs evening. 257 and 628 look good to play through friday or so, and the 557 pays good with an 80 dollar payday for a 50 cent ticket and the combo bet will be a dollar fifty with a $250 dollar payday! Only play a couple of numbers and NOT TOO MANY! Keep tract of the BIG LOTTERIES IN YOUR STATE AND PLAY YOUR FAVORITE NUMBERS AND MAKE SURE YOU PLAY A TICKET THAT IS IN RANGE FOR THE GAME! SO TO RECAP, 628 and 257 is a must play for tonight and for a few days, and 518/851 is a good play also!

     fluff is still thinking of yesterday and when he walks, as he did his 3 1/2 mile walk yesterday, he feels the vibes from the 60's and 70's in that area! They even had their own Radio Shack in the plaza next to these nice homes, but that was around the 70's and maybe up to 1985 or so. The plaza was in the front off the main road and the homes in a secluded section in back. It is still there but has changed into a different setup of stores. Yesterday we had a lot of rain due to the tropical storm. fluff is thankful, but it was an extraordinary event that produced the rain and not just regular rain. It helped a lot but we are still catching up. At least we are farther away from drought. fluff has to go down to the locks and check the water level. It has to be better. fluff's forest is growing good and he is maintaining and still planting trees and shrubs. A few to go and that is it for this year. The rest will be grass trimming, mowing and then leave pickup around the Maple tree. fluff hopes there is a lot of good weather left, and the moderate heat will continue for months. The defining point is when it starts going down near freezing at night. But that is a long time away. So, get outside and enjoy! fluff prays for reconciliation between yesterday, today, and tomorrow and to put our memories in the right place and to think of them at the right time.

     Best Wishes and Blessing to ALL, from fluffy9999, Cubby, Tanner, and the B-Crew!

Entry #452

fluffy9999's Days System explained...

     Hey, fluff here! OK, so fluffy9999's Days System is playing certain numbers on certain days, that is the number on the day! fluff developed it, and it works!  Now, to fluff, it is not what his numbers are at the end of the month, although fluff right now is on the TOP 50 OF THE PICK 4,5,6 AND 10, BUT WHAT IS IMPORTANT HERE IS THAT WHEN FLUFF PUTS UP DAYS SYSTEM NUMBERS THE GOOD FOLKS OUT THERE READING HIS BLOGS ARE PLAYING THE NUMBERS AND COLLECTING ON THEM! fluff's MISSION STATEMENT IS TO HELP GOOD PEOPLE ALL OVER THE WORLD LEGALLY TAKE A LOT OF MONEY AWAY FROM THE LOTTERY THEY ARE PLAYING! YEAH, that's what fluff is TALKING ABOUT! When fluff explains to people that he is a lottery forecaster they ask him how much money has he made on his lottery winnings? He responds, " that is not important, but what is is how much money folks all over the world have made playing his predictions!" Well, hard to put a number on, but you know it is a huge incalculable number. fluff hopes he has shed some light on a difficult subject, and that people take away the idea that  not spending a lot is important, and playing smarter is, and that fluff has helped people to learn how to pick their own numbers, and that having a ticket for the BIG LOTTERIES IS VERY IMPORTANT! If you go back a blog or so, you can view the New 2020 Days System Play Chart, and wed is all about the 222, 22x numbers, and  the front and back 22 pairs for Pick 3 All States and NY! If you do not get to play for the midday drawing, then you can play the 220-229 numbers for the evening. You should really try to get the 777 for tues two days ahead and the 222 and pairs also!  Good idea to play two days ahead to avoid getting locked out!

     Best wishes to ALL from fluffy9999, Cubby, Tanner and the B-Crew!

Entry #451

fluffy9999's DAYS SYSTEM PLAY TABLE for 2020...

     Hey, fluff here!  OK, fluff is putting 1010 and 1111 into play for the DAYS SYSTEM FOR TUES! New DAYS SYSTEM PLAY TABLE FOR ALL STATES!

     DAYS SYSTEM PLAY TABLE - You can play half day earlier and later if you like!

         Monday - 254,320

          Tuesday - 254,320,777,77 fr and back pairs, 77x, 6371,1920,1111,1010

           Wednesday - 222,22 fr and back pairs, 22x,047-441-254-628-0202

      Thurs                                                                                                                                     FRIDAY

     628,257,369, and start fri and sat numbers maybe evening 441,443,461,000,007.      Continue thurs plays to saturday!

       Weekend - 4567,2280,5588,316,777,808,357,223,623     

        Old DAYS SYSTEM PLAY TABLE IS ON 11/24/18 blog!                                                                   

        Best Wishes to ALL from fluffy9999, Cubby, Tanner, and the B-Crew-!

Entry #450

fluffy9999's Lottery Vibe...

     Hey, fluff here!  OK, well fluff is hitting some numbers for you and has posted some pick 4 numbers such as 1010-5538-5050-1111-6464 and 1164 that come from a new system. He did post these for some of his NY picks. Don't play them all, maybe on or two. 1111 may be a good play for mon or tues.

     Well, the Space-x astronauts(300 miles or so over the earth) will be returning to the earth's surface on sunday. fluff does not think this will end well. If anything goes wrong, well it won't be good. fluff does not think anyone can survive a splashdown with the person experiencing 26 g's or so and retinal detatchment can occur among other things. I do not think it is moral or ethical to subject anything living to such an extreme level of physical and mental stress. If someone made a ride in an amusement park that was like this, you would have to sign papers to say you accept all liability for any physical or mental damage, like you do when you get inside the octogon to fight.  Nobody in their right mind should want to do something like that. As far as this being done before, fluff says ________! fluff will not elaborate further. If you read between the lines then you may know what fluff means.

     Best wishes to all from fluffy9999, Cubby, Tanner, and the B- crew!

Entry #449

fluffy9999 Hits 441 3x with Days System!...

     Hey, fluff here!  OK, well fluff's Predictions had 441 Straight for ALL STATES AND NY and it hit midday TODAY NY AS 441! This is a CORE DAYS SYSTEM PLAY FOR THURS EVEN, FRI AND SAT, SO FLUFF WAS RIGHT ON THE MONEY! Now, fluff is liking 114,241,623, 011 and also 409 for the weekend and also regular DAYS SYSTEM plays like 2280,5588 and 223! fluff's got at least 3 str hits so far this month and fluff is PREDICTING THIS IS GOING TO BE A HOT MONTH FOR THE DAYS SYSTEM!

     So, keep up to date on Fluff's Predictions and Blogs Predictions!

     Best Wishes to All from fluffy9999, ,Cubby, Tanner and the B-Crew!

Entry #448

The Oracle of Fluff-I Speaks Again...

     Hey, guess who? Yeah, thats right, fluff dog coming at cha again! Ok, so fluff's technique for PLAYING THE OTHER SIDE OF THE DOUBLE PAID OFF WED IN NY WHEN 664 HIT IN THE EVENING! Sunday or so, 446 came out so fluff's Rule is to play the other side of the double! Wed in the BIG DAY FOR NY AND ALL STATES playing 222, 22x numbers, and the fr and back pairs, and this DID HIT ON THURS MIDDAY SO WE ARE CLAIMING THIS AS A HIT! Only a half a day off so we are CLAIMING THIS 226 FOR THURS AS A DAYS SYSTEM HIT! Now, this month, fluff is on the TOP 50 CHARTS HERE ON LOTTERY POST FOR THE PICK 4, 5, 6 AND Other Games! fluff scored BIG WITH his current PREDICTIONS FOR THE BRITISH THUNDERBALL, AND BROUGHT IN SOME 9 DOLLAR WINNERS FOR OUR FRIENDS ACROSS THE POND! fluff's prize ratio for the Thunderball is 171.42 and Hit Ratio is 33! So, fluff hope many BRITISH GUYS AND GALS COLLECTED on this one! fluff hope SOME DAY TO BE OVER IN ENGLAND PLAYING THE THUNDERBALL THERE! Well, for right now, fluff is putting the numbers up so folks can win some British Dollars!

     Well, fluff is still watching his Rockford Files dvd's and is on season three. Oh, fluff's brother collected on the 466 per his advice! Now, the other day fluff's brother Al came over and he showed him a picture taken in the kitchen of our childhhood home, and we were standing in the same spot when my Mother took the picture and my Aunt was holding me when I was a baby, and my father was next to me. Now, fluff lives in the same home with his pet birds and cat and fish and outside animals. fluff was taken back, as fluff was standing several feet away from where he was when he was a baby, and so much had changed. It just hit fulff hard, as all of his grandparents, aunts uncles and parents have passed on. About 57 years have passed and things change quite a bit with regards to your family. This picture actually made him a little sad, but fluff always does pray for RECONCILIATION BETWEEN YESTERDAY, TODAY, AND TOMORROW AND TO KEEP IT ALL IN PERSPECTIVE! fluff has talked to people who have tried to live in the same home they grew up in and said it was too much to deal with all the memories. Well this is fluff's home and he is living here forever. fluff expects to keep working to at least 75 years of age but will always be working on something!

    Please feel free to comment on this and reach out if you want to chat.

    BEST WISHES TO ALL, FROM FLUFFY9999, Cubby, Tanner and the B=Crew!

Entry #447

fluffy9999's Days System Scores 5588 Washington, D.C...

     Hey, fluff here!!  OK, well fluff did score in Washington, D.C. with a boxed hit for 400 with 5588 on sat!  fluff hopes a lot of folks cashed in on this one, and it did not take much money on tickets to go home with handfuls of that GREEN STUFF! fluff hopes a lot of folks cashed in , as well as a bunch of other states that collected, 5 to 8 states for friday and sat! Yup, they are saying the proof is in the pudding, and when you go to cash out and they hand you a wad of cash, that makes for believers! ALL YOU HAVE TO HAVE IS PATIENCE!

     On the current events front, so much to say and fluff can't say the half of it here! Everyone has performance standards, but not providing a safe place for people to live is inexcusable! Shame on the governors and they know who they are! Who do they think will vote for them next time around? fluff thinks they should be thrown in jail for sedition and a bunch of other stuff. Well, this virus is not going to go away until we get a vaccine and folks get inoculated so we are looking mid to the end of next year. With the shakeup in the airlines, unemployment is going to go way up and maybe stay up for a long time. What the heck are all these folks going to do? Everyone can't do food hub or deliver pizzas because employers do not know what to do with hiring. A low paying job really serves little purpose and you end up getting too far behind. A lot of folks who work in retail spend hours every shift cleaning which is a drag and wearing a mask all summer is not fun at all. We live in a population dense world, and people have not been living right. The governor of NY does not want the bars to open, and fluff agrees. fluff hopes he keeps them shut forever, no offense to the people who need to have a job. fluff's doctor took several months off because he was concerned about getting infected as he is in his 60's. Well, he put in a lot of time, so if he feels he needs off then okay. fluff wonders when dentists will return to work, as things will not be getting better for a while. Rush is bashing folks who do not want to go back to work. Why doesn't he do a food worker's job and see if he likes it? Sorry to say, we can't all make millions of dollars a year for being a talk show host. fluff is wishing the very best for all, and maybe we will catch a break and this virus will burn out and life will go back to a more normal mode. Again, sympathies to all out there who have lost their life to this situation and those affected around them. Blessings to all.

    Best wishes to all from fluffy9999, Cubby, Tanner, and the B-Crew!

Entry #446