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fluffy9999's Praying for...

     Hey, fluff here!  OK, well DAYS SYSTEM PLAYS IN EFFECT for wed, thurs, fri and the weekend! You can check out fluff's PREDICTIONS here on LOTTERY POST and those are the DAYS SYSTEM PICKS and are good for NY and all States! 

     Well, up here in NY we have drought! Not good, and the Mohawk River is down a lot, 10 to 12 feet or more. We did not have a lot of snow last winter, and not a lot of rain in spring. You can check this out on drought dot gov. The Capital District is abnormally DRY as well as the Adirondack Park. So fluff is praying the Good LORD will send us the help we need. At this point, we need a lot. The lawns look like what usually happens in the end of july into august. That is usually when they turn to straw if you do not water. fluff's forest is green and lush. He waters as needed. So PLEASE HOPE AND PRAY FOR THESE DROUGHT AREAS OF NY AND TOGETHER WE WILL GET AN ANSWER! Thank you for helping us all out.

    Best of wishes to all, from fluffy9999, Cubby, Tanner and the B-Crew!

Entry #437

fluffy9999's NY Lottery Vibe...

     Hey, fluff here!  OK, well fluff has his eye on 223 and 448 for the NY Lottery for the next 5 days or so! He did think about 486 as a derivative of 488, but went with the 448 instead. fluff also played 4488 about 10 days ago or so because he saw it in the pattern! Well, he did not continue with it and did not monitor! Today is 254 in play, 320, 6371,1920 and 1010 for tomorrow! fluff's predictions are up and the 223 and 448 for NY! So, as usual, 777 for tues and wed ALL STATES AND 222 ALSO! Pairs and the 22x and 77x plays in the evening if the midday is a no show!

     Well, people are forgetting all about the virus and living their lives which is important! Take whatever precautions you need to, especially for the elderly, infants or compromised. We have to work our way through this while evolving socially at the same time. Always a lot to do isn't there?

     Best wished to all from fluffy9999, Cubby, Tanner and the B-Crew!

Entry #436

fluffy9999's PICKING UP SOME...

     Hey, fluff here!  OK, well fluffy9999's DAYS SYSTEM SCORES AGAIN WITH 1924 HITTING FRIDAY EVENING RIGHT HERE IN NY! So, keep the DAYS SYSTEM NUMBERS IN PLAY, AND FOR SAT 441,641,808,357,5588,4567,2280 FOR THE REST OF THE WEEKEND! fluff has not had a lot of time to post, so please review old blogs for DAYS SYSTEM INFO!

     NOW FOR A SPECIAL TREAT! Speaking of PICKING UP, FLUFF WANTS TO GIVE ALL YOU GUYS OUT THERE SOME PUA Tips that will work for you! Now, if you want to meet a nice girl to date or marry, here is what you have to do.  Look presentable, clean and clean up your home and car. Don't have your car full of junk and garbage and the same goes for your home. As far as conversation, first and foremost be relaxed and at ease. Thing of something funny and put yourself in the right mood to do this. THIS IS THE SAME TECHNIQUES A PROFESSIONAL SALESMAN, WHICH FLUFF IS, USES TO MAKE A SALE! So, no matter where you are, make the approach, be slightly funny, very confident and say things that make no sense. You need some time to make conversation, just like when a person walks into your showroom you don't run up to them and say DO YOU WANT TO BUY A WASHER AND DRYER? Act real modest, kink of like Rodney Dangerfield used to in his routines. NOW, YOU NEED TO BE A QUICK TALKER AND HAVE A LOT OF LINES, JUST LIKE ANY SALESMAN DOES. Now fluff is older, but once in a while he finds some nice chick he wants to talk to. Closing the sale is getting a date. You have to get info to find out if this chick is going to be compatible with you. Landing just any woman is not the goal, but finding the right woman is! You would be surprised who the right woman is! It could be that plain, wallflower or that really shy girl who is like a flower waiting to bloom! Don't judge a book by it's cover, go out on a few dates and take your time! NOW, THE SAME THING APPLIES FOR WOMEN! If you see a guy you like, and he is too scared to ask you out, YOU CAN SAY SOMETHING LIKE "hey, if you were to ask be out I would probably say YES"! So, if you see a guy, you know what to do. fluff has consoled women in relationships and one woman told fluff "My  boyfriend says I am ugly and he is tired of me, or something like that" So fluff told her to tell him to GET LOST! Don't let him treat you like that. Worked like a charm. Talking to a nice woman is a lot better than some of the poor substitutes for this. Finding someone nice can make life a whole lot more tolerable.

     WEll, fluff hopes these tips will be of help to all. Let me know.

      Best wishes to all from fluffy9999, Cubby, Tanner and the B-Crew!

Entry #435

fluffy9999 TOPS TAKE 5 AND PICK 10 CHARTS!!

     Hey, fluff here!  OK, Today, fluff is at the TOP OF THE PICK 5 CHARTS, AND ON THE TOP 50 WITH THE OTHER GAMES CHARTS! fluff is on the TOP 50 HERE ON LOTTERY POST OF ALL THE GAMES EXCEPT ALL STATES ALL GAMES AND PICK 3!  RIGHT NOW, FLUFF IS LIKING 221 FOR NY, BUT DO KEEP DAYS SYSTEM NUMBERS IN PLAY!  Must play for tues is 777, and wed if you like and 222 for both days also! fluff like the other side of 112 which would be 221 so keep this one in play for NY! PLAYING THE OTHER SIDE WORKS IN ALL STATES, SO IF YOU SEE 112 COME OUT, THEN PLAY THE OTHER SIDE which is 221! Sometimes it hits in a day and sometimes it takes a week!

     Regarding the flu virus event, the one man fluff talked to said "I am treating it like the flu. I worked in a nursing home so I know how to deal with it." This really should have been done like this every flu season with delicate persons being protected. Some people got all psyched out and think this thing can kill them. That is really weak for a grown man to go around acting like that. In the ancient world you would not be worth anything if you acted like that. There isn't anything out there can can hurt fluff and fluff will not let propoganda get inside his head. Regarding the George Floyd situation, this is a real shame. This is something painful we will have to live with forever, knowing what happened to him. This brings to mind Terry Chiavo and how judge Greer and the state of Florida caused her death. fluff has talked about living an extraordinarily long life, but one issue that we have to deal with is the mental baggage we carry with us. Tragic events can affect us deeply and fluff thinks more than we know. Our health physical and mental can be affected by events like these, and also the stress caused by the quarantine. Let us turn to our GODLY BOOK OF CHOICE and go to GOD for Help. ALL THINGS SHALL PASS AND WE HAVE TO COME TO SOME UNDERSTANDING IN OUR MIND AS TO HOW TO REMAIN FUNCTIONAL AND MOVE BEYOND THE PAIN WE FEEL.

    BETTER DAYS AHEAD AND BEST WISHES from fluffy9999, Cubby, Tanner and the B-Crew!

Entry #434

fluffy9999's Lottery Vibe and More!!

     Hey, fluff here!  OK, now fluff did post picks for fri and sat, and the usual weekend plays of 5588-2280-4567 and 777-316-223-623 for the pick 3! fluff is doing good this month, and hope folks are collecting big time this week!

     Now for something different.  fluff likes to landscape and plant his property. He likes it to be woodsy, and sort of like a botanical garden. Now, he likes it to be stimulating and SOMEWHAT DISTURBING! He has height,with some plants going to 70 feet or so, and in back of the house is a group of 5 trees which form a CANOPY ABOUT 40 FEET OFF THE GROUND! People who drive by always look at the Ivory Halo dogwood bushes on top of the bank with a Colorado Blue Spruce in back of them, and really high trees in the background! You can see these tree tops all the way at the end of the block. The home is not at street level, but there is a bank which elevates the lot about 6 or so feet, and another bank on the side with more trees that are growing on top of that! fluff has trees growing that will eventually be 70 feet or so and shade the home! It looks like the entrance to a forest, and fluff really drives his  neighbors crazy! The lot is 90 feet wide which gives some room to work and 120 feet deep. fluff is in Planting Zone 5, and has Dogwood shrubs and trees, Fat Alberta Alberta Spruce(story attached to this), Holly bushes, native trees, black locust and also a shade garden under the canopy! Now, when fluff started designing this, he had no idea what the finished product would really look like! He knows what a sculptor must go through!  fluff planted all of this by himself. To have it done from scratch would cost a small fortune. The trees in the back with the canopy take 40 years to get to that point, or more! Hard to put a price on this because it takes a long time to grow it like this. It is stimulating and a lot of folks are in awe of all this and thinks fluff is a little eccentric!

     Best wishes to all from fluffy9999, Cubby, Tanner and the B-Crew!

Entry #433

fluffy9999's Lottery Vibe...

     Hey, fluff here!  OK, now, fluff knows there is a lot going on out there and we have been through some tough times. fluff is hoping folks out there are getting through this and are okay!  So, DAYS SYSTEM PLAYS FOR THURSDAY IN EFFECT, WHICH ARE 628,257,369 and you can start fridays plays in the evening if you like which are 441,641,443,000,047 like that! 0000 is a good play for friday but you have to play it ahead of time in most states to get it! fluff is still liking 1027 for ALL STATES for fri and sat! Plays for the weekend for pick 4 include 2280,5588,7788,4567, etc. Always play the DAYS SYSTEM PLAYS WHICH CAN BE VIEWED IN FLUFF'S LAST BLOGS AND ALSO IN THE NOV 24, 2018 DAYS SYSTEM PLAY TABLE!

     Well, fluff is still liking all those OLD CLASSIC SONGS! And one of them is THE GIRL FROM IPANEMA sung by Astrud Gilberto with Stan Getz done in 1964! Now, take a look at this video, and you can look at the 1965 version and many other versions she does and tell me if this isn't ONE OF THE MOST AMAZING SONGS AND PRESENTATIONS YOU HAVE EVER SEEN! There is something SO AMAZING ABOUT THE WAY SHE SINGS THIS THAT WORDS CANNOT BE PUT TO IT! Just take a look and you will see! She hit it perfect the first time in 1964, and the presentation is amazing!  Also Shirley Bassey is another amazing singer you may want to check out! She has 3 or more JAMES BOND THEME SONGS TO HER CREDIT, and everything she does is perfect! What an amazing voice! So, hopefully these songs will pick up your spirits and think of better days ahead!

     Blessings to ALL from fluffy9999, Cubby, Tanner, and the B-Crew!

Entry #432

fluffy9999's NY Vibe...

     Hey, fluff here!  OK, regular DAYS SYSTEM PLAYS IN EFFECT and fluff has some picks for the first two weeks for NY!  Let us keep 2280 in play for the next couple of weeks, heavier on sunday and tues, and also  DAYS SYSTEM PLAY 222 can be played straight through if you wish! These are based on a seasonal system and are likely TO SHOW!  fluff's NY Predictions are up and more on the way when fluff has some more time!

     Best wishes to ALL, from fluffy9999, Cubby, Tanner and the B-Crew!

Entry #431


     Hey, fluff here!  OK, well sun night here in NY fluff thought it would be a good idea at this point to put in 257 ny pick 3 since it came out many times already and fluff's Days system calls for 257 on thurs along with 628, and 853! Well, fluff did not put this one in and what do you think happened? Of course, 257 hit straight monday midday NY! Of course, Days system 254 and 320 were in and 320 produced a boxed hit in another state! Sometimes, you have to play the trend even if it is out of place. fluff did have trend 628 and 358 in those spots. This was a miss, but fluff will CLAIM 257 BOX WED NY AND THE OTHER FRIDAY AS DAYS SYSTEM HITS! Today is tuesday and if the 77's pick 3 do not come in then play the whole rack for tonight, and  remember 222 for tonight and wed! Big day for the 22's pick 3 is wed ALL STATES!

    Well, on the current event front, it is a good idea to buy something when you see it! fluff scored antibacterial dish soap, last one, and threw that in his Bunny cart of supplies! Buy when stuff is in stock and one extra does not hurt! fluff wonders what everyone was doing all this time when all the soap was on the shelf. fluff guesses you know the answer to that. We have to keep our guard up and also enjoy life and continue to DO THE WORK WE ARE ALL CALLED TO DO. Sitting home with passive income is not making a contribution, unless you provide help to society and animals and people by helping and giving money to aid the needy. We need to CONTINUE TO SUPPORT EACH OTHER AND RESPECT EACH OTHER. There also are issues that need to be addressed that our government will take care of, issues that are multinational that affect our health and safety.

    BEST WISHES AND BLESSINGS TO ALL, from fluffy9999, Cubby and Tanner!

Entry #430

fluffy9999's NY & All States Lottery Vibe...

     Hey, fluffy here!  OK, so fluff did have 4567 NY in play for sat night DAYS SYSTEM PLAY and it did come in on sunday evening NY for a nice boxed hit! Also, tues DAYS SYSTEM PLAY 320 HIT NY MONDAY FOR A NICE PICK 3 BOXED HIT! Now, DAYS SYSTEM PLAYS FOR TUES ARE MUST PLAY 320,777,222 AND ANY VARIANT OF THOSE TRIPLES AS DISCUSSED BEFORE! TUES IS THE DAY FOR 777, 770, 771 , 772, ETC AND THE FRONT AND BACK PAIRS FOR NY AND ALL STATES! SAME THING WITH WED FOR 222 AND SO ON! Now, we will be playing the other side of 227 that hit ny sunday which is 727 for a while! This is a NY play BUT CAN BE ANY STATE! AS ALWAYS, THE BEST GAME IS TOWN FOR LIFE-CHANGING MONEY IN NY LOTTO! Wheel enough numbers so that you have 20 picks and can put in 10 tickets for 10 Dollars! A nice chance at a big prize! fluff sees  A LOT OF FOLKS WITH DREAMS OF GRANDEUR PLAYING TAKE 5 AND OTHER SMALL GAMES! 25 to 75k is NOT LIFE CHANGING MONEY! In a lot of cases it is just your money back! A dollar in a real investment will stay there forever and pay dividends for you! REMEMBER, YOU ARE THROWING YOUR MONEY OUT THERE AND HOPING IT WILL COME BACK with the lottery! Is it worth playing the lottery at all ?  Yes, if you play the DAYS SYSTEM AND A COUPLE OF BUCKS ON THE BIG LOTTERIES!


    Best WISHES TO ALL FROM FLUFFY9999, Cubby and Tanner!

Entry #429

fluffy9999 Speaks OUT...

     Hey, fluff here!  OK, right now DAYS SYSTEM NUMBERS IN PLAY FOR WED WHICH ARE 220-221-222 AND OF COURSE THE FRONT AND BACK PAIRS! Other good numbers are 254,628,0202,1978,1027 like that FOR NY AND ALL STATES! fluff has picked up a few hits so far, and has his NY pick 10 and Take 5 listed, as well as the BRITISH THUNDERBALL! fluff hopes folks in the UK know that fluff is hoping and praying for FOLKS ALL OVER THE WORLD FOR HEALTH, PEACE AND HAPPINESS TO BE THEIRS! fluff does good on the Thunderball and hopes to hit a jackpot asap! If no 22 number shows midday wed then you can PLAY THE WHOLE RACK AS MY DAD WOULD SAY AND PUT IN ALL 22 PICK 3 NUMBERS LIKE 220,221,222,223 ETC! 628 in play today also and MAKE SURE IF YOU PLAY A DAYS SYSTEM NUMBER FOR ONLY ONE DAY TO PLAY THE COMBO BET IF POSSIBLE! We are NOT IN THE BUSINESS OF GIVING MONEY TO THE LOTTERY, SO DO NOT SPEND A LOT FROM DAY TO DAY! And make sure YOU HAVE A TICKET OR TWO FOR THE BIG LOTTERIES AS THE MEGA JACKPOT WAS LARGE LAST NIGHT! Always play your favorite number set or two in the big drawings, and if you want to make a wheel then check out THE LOTTERY WHEELS SECTION HERE ON LOTTERY POST, A GOOD REASON TO BE A MEMBER!

     Well, on the flu front, folks are saying a lot of different things. Well, fluff can't really say all that is on his mind, but sensitive folks have to be protected and we have to get the country back on it's feet. If we take care of the economy, it will take care of us. THE PRESIDENT built a HOT-ROD, THAT IS THE US ECONOMY, AND HE CAN GET IT BACK UP TO SPEED AGAIN! If you know how to build a fast car, you can keep building them! So, keep in mind your small businesses and patronize them if you want them to be around for you! A lot of folks put blood, sweat and tears into their businesses, so help to support them! Try to help everyone you can, and we can all do our part by either getting a clinical nutritionist or becoming our own! Supplementing with vitamins, herbs and supplements and your diet of food can vastly improve your health. Eating fiber helps your body to function and to lose weight. fluff's family never really asked for medical help and do not need hardly anything. Go to GOD FOR ANSWERS and regularly pray from wherever you are. READING IS IMPORTANT AND IT IS A GOOD TIME TO GET CHILDREN READING THE GREAT WORKS AND BIOGRAPHIES, AND OF COURSE YOUR RELIGIOUS BOOK WHICHEVER IT MAY BE! Learning is not a spoon fed thing in schools, YOU HAVE TO TEACH YOURSELF. In today's WORKPLACE A SECOND OR THIRD LANGUAGE IS VITAL, SO NOW IS A GOOD TIME TO GET GOING!

     BEST WISHES TO ALL OUR FRIENDS FROM ALL OVER THE GLOBE, from fluffy9999, Cubby and Tanner!

Entry #428

fluffy9999 HITS 223 in NEBRASKA...

     Hey, fluff here!  OK, yeah, now fluff did hit 223 boxed in the GREAT STATE OF NEBRASKA yesterday which gives him a 5% HIT RATIO AND 300% prize Ratio right out of the gate! The fluff-dog hopes many FOLKS OUT THERE TOOK THIS ONE TO DA BANK! A nice hit, especially if you had the COMBO BET DOWN ON THIS ONE! OK, a lot of good stuff to come! Keep posted of fluff's Predictions and STAY AHEAD OF THE CURVE! Yeah, and Mrs. C picked up a hit yesterday on her 796 pick for NY! Well, she makes bank by playing reasonably on a small number pool. If her numbers were known, fluff believes they would be pretty high!

    Best Wishes to ALL FROM YOUR MAGIC LOTTERY BUNNY, fluff9999, and the Magical Cats Cubby and Tanner!

Entry #427

fluffy9999's Weekend message...

     Hey, fluff here! OK, fluff can only stay a minute, but he did post his picks for NY and all states, and fluff likes 1924 and 1348 especially for NY pick 4! Regular DAYS SYSTEM PICKS IN PLAY AND THEY ARE IN FLUFF'S PREDICTIONS! fluff closed out the month over 100% prize ratio and .5 Hit Ratio! he is looking to do even better this month! Remember, no computers are used for fluff's picks and they have Supernatural inspirations!

    Hope all is well with everyone out there and GOOD TIMES ARE NOT FAR OFF!

    Best wishes to ALL FOR A SAFE AND HAPPY WEEKEND FROM fluffy9999, Cubby and Tanner!

Entry #426

fluffy9999's DAYS SYSTEM PLAYS...

     Hey, fluff here!  OK, well fluff is hoping all is well with everyone out there and that morale is rising! REGULAR DAYS SYSTEM NUMBERS IN PLAY such as 777 and any or ALL 77 pic 3 for NY and All STATES! You can PLAY THE WHOLE RACK ( my Dad's saying) which would be 777,707,717,727,737, and the 77 front and back pairs. Also, put 222 in play and any 22x number you like for tues even and wed! WED IS THE BIG DAY FOR 222, 22 PAIRS PICK 3, AND ANY 22X NUMBER! If one of these comes in, you should have at least 80 dollars on the double digit, 250 for 222 straight and 25 dollars for the 22 pair. fluff DID HIT 358 SUNDAY EVENING AS THIS IS THE JAMES GARNER'S FIREBIRD LICENSE PLATE BOXED! It was in the angles so fluff put it in and picked up a boxed hit! Well, it could have been a straight hit but fluff did not put in the COMBO BET! Also, 486,369,628 looking good to keep in play! MAKE SURE YOU BUY A TICKET OR TWO FOR THE MEGA AS THE JACKPOT IS PRETTY LARGE! Once again your favorite numbers, and add a quickpick also!

      Fluffy9999 had a great month here at Lottery Post and soon the month will be closed out with his highest recorded prize ratio and hit ratio! Then we start a new month and pick up even MORE HITS FOR YOU FOLKS OUT THERE! The goal here is to HELP AS MANY FOLKS OUT THERE WIN MONEY AND COLLECT FROM    THE LOTTERY! WHO KNOWS HOW MUCH MONEY FLUFF HAS HELPED PEOPLE COLLECT FROM THE LOTTERY! Well, we are going to ADD TO IT in the coming DAYS!

     Best wishes to ALL from fluffy9999, Cubby and Tanner!

Entry #425

fluffy9999's NY and ALL STATES Vibe...

     Hey, fluff here!  OK, certainly hope everyone is doing fine and that things are on the mend out there! fluff has put down some good numbers this month, especially in Illinois with the pick-4 1230 hit on a friday! Hopefully some folks out there took that one TO DA BANK! And other hits PROVIDED COURTESY OF FLUFFY9999'S DAYS SYSTEM FOR NY AND ALL STATES! fluff likes for NY 5588,2280,1924, 441, 628,357 and Religious Days System Plays 316,777 and 333 as well as 2531 for sat eve and especially sunday! REMEMBER, ALWAYS KEEP YOUR FAVORITE NUMBERS IN PLAY FOR A DOLLAR OR TWO IN THE BIG LOTTERIES IN YOUR STATE! EVEN IF YOU DO NOT BELIEVE IN GAMBLING OR PLAYING THE LOTTERY, A DOLLAR OR TWO WILL NOT CHANGE YOUR STANDARD OF LIVING AND IT MAY CHANGE YOUR FAMILIES LIFE FOR THE BETTER!

    Well, on the flu front, a lot of sadness has occured for a lot of people and fluff's sympathies goes out to them all. There have been a lot of lives cut short, and even if the person was 80 or 90, it still is a great loss and a lot to get over. fluff knows because he lost his Mom jan 2019 and she was almost 92 years of age. It is unfortunate that regular seasonal flu viruses have caused a lot of deaths every year and maybe we should have been doing more to protect everyone in the years past. The guidelines are good to follow, and fluff has always done a lot of them like not touching surfaces, disinfecting and hand washing all the time. A mask for your face is a good idea during pollen season and for seasonal allergies, as well as when doing lawnwork or anything involving dust that may get into your system. fluff likes good vitamins, staying well rested and visiting or calling your doctor when you think you need to. Same applies to family members and pets also. Keep your head on straight and do not worry too much about things. Be optimistic and pray to God to help us all and give us the guidance and help that we all need.

    On the sentimental front, fluff is still walking walking and looking at those houses that were built in the 50's and 60's and feeling the vibe from yesteryears. A lot of wonderful people have come and gone and will be missed. It would be okay with fluff and he is sure a lot of other people IF IT WAS 1970 AGAIN! Yeah, those were good days and will always look back at them gently and kindly. fluff like the 80's too. He bought the entire SERIES OF THE ROCKFORD FILES AND IS WATCHING A FEW EPISODES EVERY NIGHT! James Garner is one of fluff's favorite actors and  he did WATCH THOSE EPISODES WHEN THEY WERE ORIGINALLY AIRED! Yes, a lot of action, romance, and all those great looking ladies!

    BEST WISHES TO ALL FROM fluffy9999, Cubby and Tanner!

Entry #424


     Hey, fluff here!  Yes, fluffy9999 is on the top ten for every one of THE TOP PREDICTOR CHARTS HERE ON LOTTERY POST! Yes, the TOP TEN FOR ALL STATES ALL GAMES, PICK 3, PICK 4, PICK 5, PICK 6 AND OTHER GAMES! WELL, it is true. So just another reason why fluffy9999's DAYS SYSTEM IS GOOD FOR ALL!

     Well, the flu thing is still with us. But, be brave and show no fear! We have to care for ALL, AND preserve our economic engine to sustain us all. There will be severe challenges for most of us, but we can and will rise to the occasion! FLUFFY9999 SAYS THE SPIRIT OF AMERICA WILL GUIDE US THROUGH AND THIS IS THE TIME FOR US ALL TO SHINE!

     Best wishes and prayers to ALL, from fluffy9999, Cubby and Tanner!

Entry #423