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fluffy9999's NY Vibe WED Evening...

     Hey, fluff here!  Yeah, fluff-dog at cha!  OK, well, fluff is liking 523,524,224,234 and of course 628 DAYS SYSTEM PICK IN EARLY AS WELL AS 222, and for pick 4 NY 1978,6060 and 8080! Must play is 254,628 and 1978! Don't spend a lot, until you have some hits, then you can spend a little more or invest the winnings, and you may want to play one ticket on the NY LOTTO tonight! Your favorite numbers of course! So, fluffy9999 IS AT THE TOP OF MISSOURI PICK 3, AND IS ON EVERY ALL STATES TOP 50 CHART EXCEPT THE FIRST ONE, ALL STATES ALL GAMES!  But, really what counts is that FOLKS ALL OVER THE FRUITTED PLAINS AND BEYOND( fluff hit good in quebec also with 254) are making some dough without breaking a sweat!  WHOEVER SAID THE LOTTERY DOES NOT PAY SO GOOD? Folks that read fluffs blogs and predictions are collecting regularly! That what fluffy9999's MISSION IS ALL ABOUT! Redistributing the wealth if you will! So keep up to date on fluff's latest predictions and LET THE GOOD TIMES ROLL! Also 253 is a good back up to 254 because it  is an add-up number! BACK UP YOUR PLAYS WITH AN ADD-UP  NUMBER WHERE POSSIBLE AND YOU MAY BE IN THE MONEY SOON!

    Best wishes to ALL from fluffy9999, Cubby and Tanner!

Entry #410

fluffy9999's BIG NEWS TODAY!!

     Hey, fluff here!  OK, well there is some news about recommended number and DAYS SYSTEM NUMBER 449 COMING IN FOR NY, but the big news TODAY IS THAT IT IS FLUFFY9999'S BIRTHDAY!  Yes, well fluff just wanted to share that with EVERYONE OUT THERE THAT READS FLUFF'S BLOGS AND FOLLOWS HIS SYSTEMS! FLUFF IS HOPING AND PRAYING FOR EVERYONE OUT THERE THAT HEALTH AND HAPPINESS COMES TO ALL!

     LIVE LONG AND PROSPER, from fluffy9999, Cubby, and Tanner!

Entry #409

Fluffy9999's Days System Collects Back To Back NY!

     Hey, fluff here!  OK, as you know, fluffy recommends 000 and the 00 pairs and any 00x play like 001,002 etc on friday and saturday. So, on friday NY numbers evening 006 came in and fluffy's DAYS SYSTEM PLAY CAME IN, AND SAT MID NY 007 came in! So, back to back HITS FROM THE DAYS SYSTEM, BOTH THE NUMBER AND THE PAIRS! 047 and 007 are some of the DAYS SYSTEM PICKS WHICH SHOULD BE PLAYED EVERY WEEK on friday! An animal number came up about a week ago, and it was 845 and fluff played it here and there and dropped it and it came out straight, as well as playing 1920 on fri or so NY, and it came in on sat! Of course,1924 was in play as it should be for the DAYS SYSTEM! So, you can get off course easily, especially when a lot of signals, and some animal sign numbers are in there also. fluff plays THE RELIGIOUS DAYS SYSTEM PLAY OF 316 AND 777 FOR SAT EVENING AND SUNDAY MIDDAY, AND ALWAYS 623 ANIMAL NUMBER PICK ALSO! 770 AND 047 MAY BE A GOOD PLAY FOR A COUPLE OF DAYS, as well as getting in on DAYS SYSTEM MUST PLAY 777 AND 222 FOR TUES AND WED! 9999 in CONSTANT PLAY UNTIL WE HIT! 

     Best wishes from YOUR Lottery Team, fluffy9999, Cubby, and Tanner!

Entry #408

fluffy9999's DAYS SYSTEM PLAYS...

     Hey, fluff here!  OK, DAYS SYSTEM PLAYS for friday, saturday, and sunday include 2280, 5588, 4765, and 1924 and for the pick-3 there are 461-047-441-443-629-369-007! WE are currently playing the other side of the double 779-400-224 and 449! Now, 224 is getting old, BUT SOMETIMES THESE NUMBERS HIT A WEEK AFTER, JUST LIKE LAST WEEK OR SO FLUFF PUT 223 BACK IN SAT NIGHT AND PICKED UP A HIT! Also, CUBBY'S PICKS ARE 451,253 AND THE 888 FOR BOTH PLAYS, BUT HE LIKES EVENING A LITTLE BETTER! Saturday night specials are 1924-628-441 and 357! Also regular DAYS SYSTEM PLAYS ARE IN EFFECT LIKE 000 FOR FRI AND SAT, 111 THURS TO MONDAY TOO! OUR RELIGIOUS DAYS SYSTEM PLAYS ARE IN PLAY SAT AND SUNDAY WHICH ARE 316-777-333 AND 2531! 316 did hit last sat here in NY and IT WAS LISTED IN FLUFFY'S LOTTERY POST PREDICTIONS! TANNER THE CAT LIKES 1920,1924, 461 and 449! Do NOT FORGET THE BIG LOTTERIES FOR YOUR STATE, AND GOOD PLAYS FOR THOSE INCLUDE 19-24-6-28-63-71-45-70! OK, so PLEASE DO NOT PLAY THEM ALL! You need to keep a dollar or two in play for the big lotteries, and the must play numbers for NY are 449,400 which are TRENDING, and the SAT NIGHT SPECIALS! CUBBY AND TANNER ARE CATS, SO THOSE NUMBERS MIGHT LOOK GOOD TO YOU!

     Best of wishes to ALL from fluffy9999, Cubby and Tanner!

Entry #407

fluffy9999's NY Vibe...

     Hey, fluff here!  OK, in the NY pick 4, with 3 consecutives coming out close to each other, a triple or quad was not far off, with 2122 NY midday coming out today.  At this point, playing 1111 especially for tues, and or 2222 may make some sense. Also, keep in play 224 and now 779 for the next couple of days! Also, NEW ADDITION THE DAYS SYSTEM PLAY TABLE IS SAT EVENING AND SUNDAY MIDDAY 316 AND 777! Yes, fluff did have 316 for sat evening and sunday midday NY in HIS PREDICTIOINS, and if you had played the combo bet a straight hit would have been there for you!  So, FLUFFY9999'S DAYS SYSTEM SCORES AGAIN! In play tonight NY and All States is 254,224,779 and 1920 and 6371, and also for tues and wed! fluff and the gang hopes you picked up a payday on the 316!

     Best wishes to ALL from fluffy9999, Cubby and Tanner!

Entry #406

fluffy9999's WING-IT PLAY 500 HITS NY MIDDAY!

     Hey, fluff here!  OK, fluff noticed the 505 NY last night and put 500 in play for the midday and HIT!  Now, fluff's SIMPLE RULE TO PLAY THE OTHER SIDE OF THE DOUBLE WORKED IN ONE PLAY! fluff did not have time to put this in his blogs or predictions, but has the ticket as proof and will be entered into his archives. Right now, regular DAYS SYSTEM PLAYS IN EFFECT FOR THE WEEKEND NY AND ALL STATES ARE 628,441,1924,461,808,357, 116,5588,2280 like that! 461 is a good play for thurs, fri sat and sun! Now, a good number for both midday and eve is 888, but fluff likes this one for an evening play! Now, remember those STR PICK 4 PLAYS FOR NY IN AN EARLIER BLOG, SO REVIEW THESE PLEASE! 8988 is a good str/box play for ny on or around sunday, and is a MUST PLAY FOR SUNDAY! Must play for tonight is 628,441,357 and 1924, and as with the DAYS SYSTEM 11'S ON THE PICK THREE ARE GOOD, SO 116 AND IF YOU LIKE 111 IS A GOOD PLAY FRI TO TUES! PLEASE DO NOT SPEND A LOT ON PLAYING THESE NUMBERS! 2280 and 5588 are good plays for the weekend, and 1924 is A GREAT PLAY FOR sat! fluff's picks for the Lotto NY are up and also the Powerball, which is a many state lottery game!

    Best wishes to ALL from the gang, fluffy9999, Cubby and Tanner!

Entry #405

fluffy9999's DAYS SYSTEM HITS 628 NY thurs!!

     Hey, fluff here!  OK, fluff did say to play 628 for thurs, and IT DID HIT NY EVENING BOXED! So, ok, with the DAYS SYSTEM PLAYS, WHEN WE PLAY 628 THURS, THE NUMBER SHOULD BE PLAY COMBO, especially if you only play ONE DAY A WEEK! The same with 254 monday regular DAYS SYSTEM PLAY! 50 str and box is NOT THE BEST WAY TO PLAY THIS! You can do this with 5588 for the weekend maybe one day and the other day lighter if you wish! More good stuff to come from fluffy9999!

     Best wishes from fluffy9999, Cubby and Tanner!

Entry #404

Odds Against You In Ny Lottery? Need Help? Call...

     HEY, FLUFF HERE!  OK, yes, you can call on fluffy9999's DAYS SYSTEM!  OK, DAYS SYSTEM PLAYS FOR NY AND ALL STATES for thurs are 628,369,257 and you can cut in on friday's Picks early which are 000,461,441,555 like that! ALSO, fluff likes DAYS SYSTEM PLAY 1924 for thurs through sat, and suggests a medium bet on this one.  NOW,  nobody knows for sure what number is going to come out, but fluff believes this one deserves some attention! Don't ever bet a lot on one number, even if you think you are good, because sooner or later you are going to be in a hole you can't get out of. fluff has never gotten into this situation because he is under control. If you are not in control, you should not be playing. Once again, a medium bet in a dollar or two, except for the number on the day! Playing 000 on fri for two dollars may be acceptable, but just for that day.  If you hit a number and have some money to work with, then you could do this.

     Best wishes to All, from fluffy9999, Cubby and Tanner!

Entry #403

Fluffy9999's Days System Collects Again With 229 Ny!!

     Hey, fluff here!  OK, fluffy9999's DAYS SYSTEM COLLECTED MONDAY NY WITH 1920 AND AGAIN ON TUES EVEN PICK 3 WITH 229! FOLKS, 229 is a DOUBLE HIT WITH 22 PAIRS AND THE 229! Play 22's pairs and numbers AND 222 FOR NY TONIGHT AND MAYBE TOMORROW, and 628,461 like that! CHECK FLUFFY9999'S NOV 24, 2018 DAYS SYSTEM TABLE AND BLOGS FOR MORE INFO, AND ALSO HIS PREDICTIONS! fluff is standing tall in Michigan pick 3, and the DAYS SYTEM HAS 3 HITS THIS YEAR WITH 254 STRAIGHT, 1920 BOX AND 229 PAIRS AND NUMBER! Not bad for the first couple of weeks!

     Best of luck to ALL from fluffy9999, Cubby, and Tanner!

Entry #402

Fluffy9999's Days System Scores Direct Hit Ny Mon Evening With 254!

     Hey, fluff here!  OK, fluffy9999's DAYS SYSTEM SCORED ANOTHER DIRECT HIT WITH 254 THIS EVENING NY and fluff did have tickets for this and collected on his Prediction! FOLKS, A READER OF FLUFFY'S BLOG COLUMN CONTACTED ME AND SAID SHE MISSED THE 254. Fluff feels for her, but told her to play must play 777, and 77x number and or the pairs for tues! They are probably out by now, so make sure you play 222 and the same for wed!  223 hit wed last week,which was off 1 click from 222! But if you followd DAYS SYSTEM AND FLUFF'S REPEATED BLOGS, YOU WOULD HAVE COLLECTED! Tues pick 4 NY is 6371,6273,6723 like that, good straight plays and box!  ALSO,  FLUFF ELUDED TO 1556 AND 1555 IN HIS BLOGS AND GOOD PLAYS FOR MONDAY, ESP MIDDAY! This prediction is in there somewhere, but 1556 str/box may make sense for a couple of days! FLUFF HOPES, MANY, MANY READERS OF HIS BLOGS AND BELIEVERS OF THE DAYS SYSTEM COLLECTED ON HIS 254 HIT! fluff is going now to listen TO YELLO, OH YEAH THE OFFICIAL VIDEO TO HELP ENJOY HIS VICTORY!

     fluffy9999 says " OH YES THERE WILL BE HITS" and this year will be EXTRORDINARY!

      Best of wishes from fluffy9999, Cubby, and Tanner!

Entry #401

fluffy9999 says " Surfs UP for ...

     Hey, fluff here!  OK, fluff is liking 222 NY mid and eve in play until wed ! fluff is suggesting a medium to heavy bet, esp on sunday. Now, 222 is a DAYS SYSTEM PLAY FOR WED, but the trend is looking good for this one so we are adding to our DAYS SYSTEM play! fluff is ALSO CLAIMING 223 WED NY HIT AS A HIT FOR THE DAYS SYSTEM AS INDICATED IN HIS BLOGS AND THE NOV 24, 2018 DAYS SYSTEM PLAY TABLE! 9999 in play everyday as well as 5588,2280, and 4567 for the weekend! As always, do not spend a lot, and when fluff says med to heavy bet he means a dollar or two, or three but NOT ANYTHING CRAZY! 1924 NY in play for the weekend, and if you like 1027,1709, 628 and 441, esp sat night! AS ALWAYS KEEP UP TO DATE OF fluff's Predictions here on LOTTERY POST AND HIS MENTION OF NUMBERS IN HIS BLOGS!

    HAVE A GREAT SATURDAY NIGHT AND WEEKEND FROM fluffy9999, Cubby, and Tanner!

Entry #400

fluffy9999's NY LOTTERY OUTLOOK...

     Hey, fluff here!  OK, here are some BIG BUCK PLAYS for the NY Lottery!  They are out longest boxed, but fluff tuned-up the position so they are possible straight hit plays too!  They are 0378, 8467, 9643, 6104, 6273 & 6723! THESE ARE FOR NY AND ARE NUMBERS TO KEEP TRACT OF THAT MAY COME OUT TONIGHT OR MAY TAKE MONTHS TO HIT. What would be good is if fluff puts these into most likely DAYS TO HIT AND MAKES A DAYS SYSTEM FOR OUT LONGEST BOX PICK 4 WITH STRAIGHT HIT PLAYS! WOW! So keep things in perspective and watch the angles, and if you see the angles getting close, then that might work for you! You can put your own spin on these numbers and fit one or two into your play system!  AS ALWAYS, NEVER SPEND A LOT AND THINK OF YOUR LOTTERY PLAYS AS A BUSINESS THAT HAS TO MAKE MONEY! ALSO, ALWAYS PLAY A FEW DOLLARS A WEEK ON THE BIG LOTTERIES TO GIVE YOURSELF A CHANCE AT LIFE-CHANGING MONEY! Well, big money won't change some things, but you will have the resources to help family, animals, the poor and struggling and make a better life for all!

     BEST OF LUCK TO ALL FROM fluffy9999 and CUBBY!

Entry #399

fluffy9999's NY LOTTERY VIBE...

     Hey, fluff here!  OK, my actual keep in play number for NY is 9999! fluff is playing 1027,2280 and 5588 for the weekend, med bets for these for NY!  As far as NY, 254 may show again as if it shows twice it may show the third time! NOW, A FELLOW LOTTERY POST MEMBER ASKED ABOUT THE RECOMMENDED NUMBERS, AND FLUFF ALWAYS SPEAKS OF NY, but plays can be played for ALL STATES! fluff will be playing 777 over the weekend into tues, and 460 NY has been out a long time, so good OUT LONGEST BOX PLAY FOR NY, as is 249! fluff's did post a pick 10 play for NY, one set of numbers! Also 460 and 047 are going in the mon to wed spot for NY DAYS SYSTEM PLAY, WITH MUST-PLAY DAY FOR WED FOR NY!  357 for sat is ALL STATES PICK ALSO! So, please review fluff9999's PREDICTIONS FOR NY AND ALL STATES, AND FLUFF IS GOING TO TAKE A LOOK AND POST SOME MICHIGAN PLAYS! CUBBY'S PICKS FOR NY AND ALL STATES ARE 431, 451 AND 808!


Entry #398

fluffy9999's Special NY Play...

     Hey, fluff here!  OK, fluff is liking 5588 on tuesday, 8080, 320 and 444! Play 444 NY for the next five days or so, and regular Days System numbers in play! Check the last 7 blogs or so for Days System Info and the nov 24 blog from last year for Days System Play Table!

     Best Wishes to All from fluffy9999!

Entry #397

fluffy9999's DAYS SYSTEM Scores 628 & 5588 NY HITS!!

     Hey, fluff here!  OK, well on Dec 12 fluff did recommend 5588,2280,7788 for the weekend and yesterday NY this produced a boxed hit in NY! Hey, if you played the $6 combo, then you went home with a straight hit! Last wed, with 628 in play, and the 622 coming in in front of it, THIS WAS A GREEN LIGHT FOR THE REGULAR DAYS SYSTEM PICK OF 628 THURSDAY TO BE PUT IN EARLY! The result was a direct pick 3 HIT NY! fluff hopes there are those out there WHO HAVE THE PATIENCE TO STAY WITH THE DAYS SYSTEM AND COLLECT! fluff is liking 8080 NY, and regular DAYS SYSTEM PLAYS 254 AND 320 FOR THE NEXT FOUR DAYS OR SO! Remember, we do not pick numbers with the DAYS SYSTEM, AS PICKING NUMBERS AND WHAT YOU CAN SEE IN THE TREND DOES NOT WORK FOR MOST PEOPLE. OK, people who stick to that have no hits and miss the DAYS SYSTEM HITS! Oh well! Keep up to date of fluff's Predictions and blogs for the lastest ACTION FOR NY AND ALL STATES! PLEASE REVIEW fluffy9999's Nov 24 blog last year for the DAYS SYSTEM PLAY TABLE!

    Happy Holidays to ALL from fluffy9999 and Cubby!

Entry #396