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fluffy9999's Lottery Vibe...

    Hey, fluff here! OK, well fluff is hoping everyone is doing well and collecting on their lottery plays! For NY, fluff likes 047,408, 460 just for regular rotating plays! fluff was thinking 317 a few days ago and there it was a day or two ago here in NY! Also, fluff is claiming 320 as a DAYS SYSTEM HIT AS THIS IS A REGULAR PLAY FOR TUES DAYS SYSTEM! 1924 in play also for NY and All States! Remember to keep up to date on all fluff's Blog Predictions and Predictions!

    Have a great day today, and best wishes from fluffy9999, Cubby, Tanner and the B-Crew!

Entry #485

fluffy9999's at 1% HIT RATIO FIRST DAY OF MONTH!!

     Hey, fluffy here!  OK, well, fluff did hit 254 box in both N and S Carolina and that put him at 1% Hit Ratio! Hey,fluff is just getting started, and he put in a VERY RESPECTABLE SHOWING LAST MONTH with a bunch of hits folks collected on! fluff hopes THIS MONTH IS YOUR MONTH TO COLLECT! OK, for NY, right now and for the next 10 days or so, 444x is looking like a bet, and fluff likes 4441 and 4443! Last time a trigger was in place, the 1119 came out, so it is worth a play! DAYS SYSTEM PLAYS must-play 628 and 257 for NY, as well as 461,441,443 for thurs, fri and sat! THIS IS GOING TO BE A MY-GRANDE MONTH FOLKS, SO GET SET FOR A WILD RIDE! KEEP UP TO DATE OF FLUFF'S PREDICTIONS AND BLOG PREDICTIONS AND REAP THE REWARDS!

    You know, fluff is a WILD 70's GUY, and anything from the 70's gets him all wound up! Avocado refrigerators, big station wagons and any two door sedan, any big block car, big two door lead-sleds, shag carpet, paneling, chicks with boots, and all that! Oh, those were crazy days but fluff wasn't 18 until 1978 but he caught the tail end of it! He does remember watching the original broadcast of BATMAN with ADAM WEST AND LOVED ALL THOSE EPISODES, LAUGH-IN, JOHNNY CARSON, AND ALL THAT! fluff thinks everyone misses JOHNNY CARSON THAT WATCHED HIM ON TV OR KNEW HIM! He actually had a 70's Corvette with the license plate 360GUY ON IT! He was an all-around dude with a lot of talent and attributes! Guys like Johnny Carson, James Garner will never be forgotten and always will be remembered with respect and love for them.

     Best Wishes to ALL, from fluffy9999, Cubby, Tanner and the B-Crew!

Entry #484


     Hey, fluff here!  OKAY, well fluff hopes ALL IS WELL OUT THERE, and he is bringing YOU THE HITS ALL ACROSS THE COUNTRY AND IN NEW YORK! Now, every wed is the 222, 22x and the pairs day! So, if you should play at least 222, the pairs, and 223-224-225 like that. Now, if they do not show, then play the whole 22 series for the evening, such as 220, 221,222,223,224 etc. If you did this last week you would have hit the 22 pairs in the evening in NY, and also the 228! So, the DAYS SYSTEM SCORES AGAIN! And then if you played fluff's technique of playing the other side of the double, you would have hit 288 two days later! So, STAY ON TOP OF FLUFF'S PREDICTIONS AND BLOG PREDICTIONS FOR SURE! Also, fluff had been playing a TRIGGER SYSTEM and had 1117,1118 and 1119! So, he was feeling like to much time went by since the trigger, but felt 1118 should stay in play. Well, the 1119 did come in for NY, so the technique did work! fluff did not collect with this one, but once again, it TAKES A LOT OF PATIENCE TO GET THAT DOUGH SOMETIMES! So don't spend a lot, and if you see something you like then stay with it for a while! If a while has passed and you did not play, then get back on it and it may show!

    Best WISHES TO ALL, from fluffy9999, Cubby, Tanner and the B-Crew!

Entry #483

fluffy9999's Dallas Predictions 0f 1963 Hits in TEXAS!!

     Hey, fluff here!  OK, well in his last blog fluff talked in the second paragraph about the Kennedy Assination and the related numbers. He did mention 1963 as a play and did have it in his predictions, AND DID MENTION TEXAS AS A PLACE WHERE IT WOULD SHOW! SURE ENOUGH 1963 CAME IN MONDAY AND FLUFF DID HAVE IT IN HIS PREDICTIONS AND IT SHOWED ON YESTERDAYS WINNERS! Aslo, the DAY BEFORE IN WASHINGTON D.C. 1963 came in boxed! Well, what more can fluff say. fluff certainly HOPES THAT MANY,MANY PEOPLE CASHED IN ON THIS, AND MADE SOME HOLIDAY DOUGH! Yeah, THE FLUFF-DOG IS BRINGING IT IN A BIG WAY, MUY GRANDE! Earlier this month fluff hit 1024 STRAIGHT IN PUERTO RICO! Hey, a straight pick 4 hit is something to be proud of. They can be tough to come by, for ANYONE! So, fluff hopes you are playing the OTHER SIDE DOUBLE TECHNIQUE FOR YOUR STATE, that is if you see 411 you would play 441! Hey, if you hit one out of 10 with this, you are at 10% hit ratio or so for the number itself! That puts you at the top! In NY STATE AND OTHER STATES, THE MEGA MILLIONS AND POWERBALL WERE AT 200 MILLION JACKPOT, SO KEEP UP TO DATE ON THIS SITUATION AND KEEP A COUPLE OF TICKETS IN PLAY! Regular Days System plays for today of 222,22x and pairs in play, as well as 1978,0202 and you can start thurs tonight with 257,628,441,461,1230,1924 like that!

     So, it is a wonderful day in upstate NY, warm enough to outside work, and that is what fluff is going to DO NOW!  Finishing up on the yardwork before the snow, you know! fluff's situation is that most everyone is his family has passed on after living a long time but they will ALWAYS REMAIN CLOSE IN SPIRIT! fluff always PRAYS FOR A RECONCILIATION BETWEEN YESTERDAY, TODAY, AND TOMORROW, AND TO PLACE OUR THOUGHTS IN THE CORRECT PLACES IN OUR MINDS! fluff will be spending Thanksgiving with his Pet family, the outdoor animals, the SKY, Wind, and Sun! Yes, LET US HAVE JOY IN OUT SPIRITS AND BE CLOSE TO NATURE AND ENJOY THOSE BEAUTIFUL DAYS OUTSIDE ENJOYING MOTHER EARTH! LET US BE LIGHT LIKE A WARM BREEZE AND CONTINUE TO BE CHILDREN OF THE SUN, THE EARTH AND ALL OF NATURE!

     BEST WISHES,THOUGHTS AND PRAYERS TO ALL, FROM fluffy9999, Cubby, Tanner and the B-Crew!

Entry #482

fluffy9999's NY Lottery Vibe...


     WELL, this is a little strange, but strange things happen with the lottery! Well, President John F. Kennedy was assisinated on 11/22/1963, so you would maybe expect powers out there to have one of these numbers come out, like 1122, 1963, 1230 like that. The WHERE WOULD BE WASHINGTON, DC, TEXAS, VIRGINIA BECAUSE OF THE CONNECTION TO THIS EVENT. Well, as circumstance would have it, 1963 came in boxed in Washington,D.C. yesterday. Strange, but true. Sometimes on the day of passing of a loved one, you know the day of the year that they passed, a number comes out connected to this, For instance, the day they were born comes out on that day. Yes, forces out there may be causing this, so it is something to consider when playing a memorial number, that is to HONOR A PASSED LOVED ONE. Also, fluff likes abandoned home numbers, and any house that gives out a vibe to you. 1024 and 1027 are TWO NUMBERS that come in all the time, across all states! So, if you need to play a number or two, keep them in mind! MONTHLY PLAYS INCLUDE 11XX FOR NOVEMBER, AND 12XX FOR DECEMBER! Well, 1122 fits the bill for both! Again, watch the ANGLES IN YOUR STATE AND IF YOU SEE SOMETHING CLOSE THEN A SMALL BET MAY BE IN ORDER!

     Once again, fluff is THANKFUL FOR ALL WHO FOLLOW HIS BLOGS, AND YOU ARE ALL HIS HEROES! fluff is over 305k hits on his blog, and he is on all the major charts this month, like ALL STATES PICK 3,4,5,6 AND OTHER GAMES, AND AT THE TOP OF THE CHARTS FOR PUERTO RICO AND OTHERS! Stay up to date on fluff's blogs and predictions as he posts when he see something good!


Entry #481

fluffy9999's DAYS SYSTEM HIT 443 NY SAT, AND...

     Hey, fluff here!  OK, well yes, fluff's MUST PLAY of 443 came out sat evening NY, AND IF YOU USED FLUFF'S OTHER SIDE OF THE DOUBLE TECHNIQUE YOU CAUGHT THE 433 DOUBLE HERE IN NY last night!  And, fluff hit 1024 STRAIGHT PUERTO RICO! fluff hopes his FRIENDS DOWN THERE CASHED IN ON THIS AND ARE ENJOYING A NICE BEVERAGE OUT IN THE BEAUTIFUL SUN! MUST PLAY FOR TODAY IS 777, 77X AND PAIRS, PLUS 320 AND FOR PICK 4 6371,3467,1010,1111 and 1920, and for wed 222,1978,0202 FOR ALL STATES! Big winners are 1024 and 1027, and they are ALWAYS A GOOD PLAY FOR ALL STATES!

     Best wishes from fluffy9999, Cubby, Tanner, and the B-Crew!

Entry #480

fluffy9999's DAYS SYSTEM HIT 1024 NY Saturday!!

     Hey, fluff here!  OK, well fluffs ALL STATE PREDICTION OF 1024 paid off when it hit in NY boxed saturday midday! CURRENTLY, fluff see some triggers for 9999 and 0000, SO KEEP THEM IN PLAY FOR THE NEXT WEEK OR SO IN NEW YORK! Last time, 4444 came in right where fluff liked it, so thurs is good for 9999 and 0000 for friday! But, keep them in play every day for a while! Keep up to date on fluff's Blog Predicitons and Predictions!

     BEST WISHES TO ALL from fluffy9999, Cubby, Tanner, and the B-Crew!

Entry #479

fluffy9999's Daily Lottery Info and MORE!

     Hey, fluff here!  OK, well when fluff saw 3006 come out boxed in NY, he played with the angles and saw 1927! Well, it is always good to check the angles and if you see 0036 then you can get 19 out of the 00 and look for date numbers! Well, 1972 did come out boxed next draw! So, fluff did pick out the winner just by checking angles and looking for the date numbers! You could also get 1945,1947,19251937,1935, and so on. But if one of your favorites in in there, then it is worth a play! REMEMBER, DO NOT SPEND A LOT AND DO NOT GET TOO WRAPPED UP IN THE LOTTERY! People have gone broke, had nervous breakdowns and tried to make the big haul and ended up with a big mess. And fluff means folks that were doing really well, and did have success a picking lottery numbers and strategies. Don't let anything get the best of you. Take a break if you need to, and just play a ticket or two for the big lotteries for a couple of weeks. Your favorite set or two of numbers will do fine. Remember, nobody is going to make 100 million off of the pick 3 or 4, but you do have a chance in the big lotteries to do this. Then you could help out people and animals and help to make a better life for all!

     Well, as you see with the Covid situation and politics, that we are descending into madness. Well, do not get drawn into the whole thing. Lockdowns are one side's answer to the virus, but this in not good to put this down on people as folks should not become prisoners confined to their home, like in the big cities. Doing so does not help anyway. fluff has been single since 2008, and he has GOD, the sky, forests, the earth, wildlife, pets, trees and all to give him company each day. REJOICE IN THE DAY, KEEP IT SIMPLE AND LEARN TO UNDERSTAND THE LESSONS BEING TAUGHT TO YOU EACH AND EVERY DAY! Animals, trees, nature, weather can teach you important things each day, so keep you eyes and ears open to the messages! Smile, enjoy the warm breeze, a cup of coffee or tea, and flow with nature! Clear you mind and simplify your life. Benefits will be on their way to you! fluff hears all these folks talking about all this money they will need when they retire. Money won't solve a lot of problems. Often fluff see folks with all this money and they have no answers to problems. Throwing money at problems seldom works. You would be surprised what fluff can do for next to nothing! Take some time each day to sit outside and look at the sky and listen to the wind. Bring yourself down to calm. WE all need it. Maintain peace of mind and do not overreact. This is a complete waste of energy. Smile and the world will smile back at you. Bring a positive vibe and be a man or woman of good cheer! People will be impressed, guaranteed! Take that minute or two that you have to talk with someone and do or say something to lift their spirits! That positive vibe goes a long, long way!

     BEST WISHES TO ALL from fluffy9999, Cubby, Tanner, and the B-Crew!

Entry #478

fluffy9999's NY Lottery Vibe...

     Hey, fluff here!  OK, hey, it is a BEAUTIFUL SUNNY DAY HERE IN UPSTATE NY, and fluff hopes it is a good day where you are too!  So, fluff is going outside now to enjoy the day!  For a NY play, fluff likes 588 for a couple of weeks, and of course REGULAR DAYS SYSTEM PICKS IN PLAY! 222 is the wed play, as well as fr and back pairs and some numbers like 224-225-226-227, etc. 1230 is a good play for NY, especially around friday! 628 and 257 for tonight and thurs and fri, as well as 1978 and 0202! Keep plays to a minimum, and always stay ENGAGED ON THE BIG LOTTERIES FOR A TICKET OR TWO! Nobody can say that their tickets won't win! Anyone can win a big lottery. Have faith and you will see!

    BEST WISHES TO ALL, from fluffy9999, Cubby, Tanner, and the B-Crew!

Entry #477

fluffy9999's Lottery Info for YOU!!

     Hey, fluff here!  OK, well fluff hopes everyone is doing well out there! fluff is constantly improving his features for his blog and Predictions, and hard at work for you! For NY, the OUT LONGEST STRAIGHT NUMBER FOR PICK 4 IS 9820! This along with 8888 are virgin numbers for NY going back to 1980, and the DAY is on or around saturday for 9820, and friday for 8888, both for NY! The special numbers for the next 5 days or so are 618,441 and maybe like 1114! Also 241,108,369 and of course REGULAR DAYS SYSTEM PLAYS! Keep up to date on fluffs Blog Predictions and PREDICTIONS!

     What does fluff like? fluff likes warm summer breezes on him and warm summer days that trigger memories of summers long past. Beautiful clouds and blue skies, wonderful stores that fluff has shopped at in the past, interesting books and magazines, carefree days, not worrying about things, wonderful states of mind, laughing with people and them liking fluff's company, picking lottery numbers that come in so folks out there can collect dollars, a good cup of coffee or tea, memories of the Seventies, connecting with people regarding the past, walks down memory lane, nature, trees, connecting with animals and fluff's pets, fluff's FAITH, HOPE, and lifting peoples mood and emotional outlook! Wonderful landscapes of all seasons, shrubs, flowers and people helping and caring for each other, and ALL THE PEOPLE IN OUR SOCIETY WHO HAVE SACRIFICED FOR US, AND ALL THE PEOPLE WHO MAKE A POSITIVE CONTRIBUTION TO OUR SOCIETY  INCLUDING MACHINISTS, TRUCKERS, RAILROAD FOLKS, FOOD SERVICE WORKERS, CLEANING PEOPLE, SECURITY PEOPLE, FIRST RESPONDERS AND EVERYONE WHO WORKS TO ALLEVIATE HUMAN SUFFERING. BLESSINGS TO THEM ALL.

    BEST WISHES TO ALL from fluffy9999, Cubby, Tanner, and the B-Crew!

Entry #476

fluffy9999 Sheds Some Light on...

     Hey, fluff here!  OK, YEAH, fluff is in the house! So, let us keep our regular DAYS SYSTEM PICKS IN PLAY! Must play numbers are 628,257, and you can start the friday numbers like 461,441,443,047,007, 1230,4444 like that!  fluff is on the TOP 50 CHARTS THIS MONTH FOR ALL STATES, PICK 4,5.6 AND OTHER GAMES! PLEASE KEEP UP TO DATE ON FLUFF'S DAYS SYSTEM PICKS AND BLOG PREDICTIONS! Now 9820 hit boxed NY last saturday which is a DAYS SYSTEM PICK! So, you say it did not hit straight. But, for the one day a week we play, if you had the COMBO BET, YOU WOULD HAVE HAD A STRAIGHT HIT! Something to think about. GOOD NUMBERS TO PLAY FOR THE NEXT WEEK ARE 1031,618,441,108,241 LIKE THAT! 618 seems to hit this time of year on a saturday and 441 on a friday! REMEMBER TO KEEP YOUR plays limited to a few numbers, and keep a ticket or two on the big lotteries!  fluff will be looking for that BIG HIT IN THE WIN 4, AND WILL LET YOU KNOW!  If you see a number like 4455, or 455 then you know what to do. You would be playing 4444,5555,444,555 like that! It could pay off big time, especially PICK 4!

     Well, we are going through an election soon, and everyone wants their candidate to win. Both side think they are right, and are thinking bad things about the other side. People have issues, all people. But it seems the two sides are getting farther apart, and half the folks in the country will be miserable with the outcome. Remember, fluff believes we should all be focused on our health and our faith, and our family. Getting upset or overwhelmed will not help. Certainly getting violent will not. So, remember the big picture and create a TRANQUIL PLACE FOR YOURSELF AND STAY CLOSE TO NATURE, TREES, AND ANIMAL LIFE. Try to lift up your fellow man and feel some compassion for them.  After all, as HALL AND Oates said in a song,"We are all homeless boys and girls". REVISIT LEO BUSCALIA and  learn to radiate love and joy.  YOU KNOW, fluff is the master a emulating warmth and bringing joy to people, and if he has some short time with them, he says something inspiring to them. If you can say a word or two to someone and bring them joy, then you have really accomplished something. One day fluff was driving someplace and he saw a jolly young man walking down the road and he was on his phone and smiling and laughing!  That brought joy to fluff to see someone happy like that! Let peace and happines PREVAIL, and let the GOOD TIMES ROLL! Let us be children playing in the sun who are carefree and light!

     Best of wishes to ALL, from fluffy9999, Cubby, Tanner and the B-Crew!

Entry #475

fluffy9999's DAYS SYSTEM SCORES 257 NY!!

     Hey, fluff here!  OK, so 257 was recommended in fluff's last blog and 752 hit the next day HERE IN NY! So, another hit for the DAYS SYSTEM! fluff hopes you had it and collected big! If you places a combo bet as you should on MUST PLAY DAYS SYSTEM NUMBERS, THEN YOU GOT THE 250 FOR A 3 DOLLAR BET! REMEMBER, MUST PLAY DAYS SYSTEM NUMBERS ARE PROFITABLE! This is the second time in a couple of months 257 hit on thurs in NY! Good play for ALL STATES ALSO, AS IS 628 AROUND THURSDAY! You will always benefit by playing DAYS SYSTEM NUMBERS AND ALL YOU NEED IS SOME PATIENCE AND A FEW DOLLARS TO COLLECT! Patience is the key! So, keep up to date on fluffy9999's Blogs Predictions and DAYS SYSTEM PLAYS! These are subject to change and only fluff has the key to all this, and WILLING TO SHARE WITH ALL! MUST PLAY FRIDAY NUMBERS ARE 461,441,443,000,047,308,408 and for the pick 4 there are 1230,0000,4444,5888,2280,4765! Good anyday play for ALL STATES IS 1027,1024,1976 AND 4567! This time of year 1031 a good play also! 448 is other side double play for NY!

   Best WISHES TO ALL from fluffy9999, Cubby, Tanner, and the B-Crew!

Entry #474

flufffy9999's Lottery Vibe...

     Hey, fluff here!  OK, WOW, it's a great day here in upstate NY, and fluff is hoping it is a great day where you are also! DAYS SYSTEM PICKS IN PLAY TODAY WHICH ARE 628-257,461,441,443,000,047 like that, with 628 THE MUST PLAY NUMBER FOR THE DAY, ALONG WITH 257!  Fluff scored a STRAIGHT HIT WITH 461 LAST WEEK HERE IN NY, and always has this number in play for the thurs evening, fri, and sat, along with must play 1924! fluff's PREDICTIONS ARE UP, AND ALWAYS KEEP UP TO DATE ON THE LATEST POSTING FLUFF PUTS up! FOR NEW DAYS SYSTEM PLAYERS, FLUFF RECOMMENDS READING THE LAST 20 OR SO BLOGS, THE RECENT DAYS SYSTEM PLAY TABLE, AND THE NOV 22, 2018 BLOG FOR DAYS SYSTEM PLAY TABLE! As always, do not spend a lot, favor a couple of DAYS A WEEK, AND WATCH THE ANGLES IN THE NUMBERS! If one of your favorites is close to numbers coming out, it is worth a play! If you see 4455 or 445, numbers like that, then play the triples that are close, like 4444,5555,444 and 555!

     BEST WISHES AND BLESSINGS TO ALL from fluffy9999, Cubby, Tanner and the B-Crew!

Entry #473

fluffy9999's HOT Lottery INFO!

     Hey, fluff here!  OK, well it is a BEAUTIFUL DAY here in Upstate NY, and fluff is heading outside again after he finishes this blog!  So, other side of double plays 446 and 488 in play here in NY, and 888 and 999 and even 333 might be worth a play or two! Must play 1978 DAYS SYSTEM PICK along with 0202! You really have to get 0202 in advance, so always play two days ahead for those busy numbers! 222 and all 22x numbers and pairs in play for ALL STATES along with the above 1978,0202! fluff's Predictions are up for ALL STATES AND NY! fluff is ALWAYS ADDING FEATURES and is heading towards picking individual LOTTERY PICKS FOR states Michigan,Georgia and like that! fluff LIKES ALL STATES and hopes to visit them all in the future! 

     So, if you are enjoying nice weather in your region then get outside! This is a good time of year to enjoy the sun and pick up some sunshine vitamin! Stay mentally focused on the GOOD and POSITIVE and keep those unwanted thoughts away from you! LOOK FORWARD to a NEW PROJECT IF YOU ARE 20, 60, 90 OR 100 YEARS OF AGE! Good things are ahead for us ALL!

     BEST WISHES AND BLESSINGS TO ALL from fluffy9999, Cubby, Tanner, and the B-Crew!

Entry #472

fluffy9999's Wonderful Thoughts for YOU...

     Hey, fluff here!  OK, so fluff is hoping all of you OUT THERE are doing well and are in good spirits! fluff is thinking along the lines of spending more time on the BIG JACKPOT LOTTERIES AND USING THE MONEY FROM THE SMALL GAMES TO HELP KEEP THE ENGINE RUNNING! fluff believes that he has helped more folks out there and HE IS THE PEOPLE'S LOTTERY FORECASTER! fluff is ALL ABOUT THE FOLKS OUT THERE PROFITING FROM FLUFF'S LIFE ADVICE AND WINNING SOME DOUGH TO HELP OUT WITH LIFE! As always, DAYS SYSTEM PLAYS ARE IN PLAY ON THE DAYS OF THE WEEK WHERE THEY APPLY! Read back 20 or 30 blogs to familirize yourself with the DAYS SYSTEM AND SEND FLUFF A MESSAGE AND HE WILL REPLY!

     WEll, back to out lives. Like Dr. Andrew Weil said in spontaneous healing, to do things like buy flowers for your home and stop listening to the news to avoid mental and emotional stress in your life. Find your own space, and get close to nature. Observe the trees, sky, animals and learn from them. Take good care of yourself by getting the best nutrition and supplements you can, and as fluff always says to BECOME YOUR OWN CLINICAL NUTRITIONIST OR GO TO ONE! Don't be in the world, but distance yourself from the mediocre and find a nice place to be in your mind. fluff thinks it is wonderful to sit on the beach any time of the year and watch the surf come in and meditate and pray. Stop reacting to the world and become closer to The Devine! Pray for our civilization and our social growth. Brace for difficulties in this area and stay close to GOD. IT IS A GOOD PLACE TO BE. As a civilization and the human race, the single most important issue is our aging and how we deal with it, and our mindset and how we feel during the day. this world should be entirely focused on healing and slowing, stopping and reversing aging as this will be a major issue for us someday. Fluff believes we will find a way to regenerate and live in the sun for a long, long time. And to live in love and be in a state of happines that will lift all of us up. Aspire to the goodness and meaningfulness and forget what is harming and mediocre. YOU WILL BENEFIT MANYFOLD AND SO WILL YOUR HOUSEHOLD. You do not need a multi-million dollar estate to enjoy tranquility. You can have it any place that you are in any income bracket. MANY EXTREMELY WEALTHY PEOPLE ARE MISERABLE IN A WAY YOU DO NOT KNOW. The weak link will always be our health. Hold these thoughts up to contemplation and reflect into these topics fluff has mentioned. Remember, fluff wants the very best for EVERYONE OUT THERE!

     Best wishes, blessings, and healing to ALL, from fluffy9999, Cubby, Tanner and the B-Crew!

Entry #471