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Fluffy9999 Scores Louisiana Both Midday And Evening!

     Hey, fluffy9999 HERE!  OK, so FLUFFY HOPES ALL IS WELL WITH EVERYONE OUT THERE! So for fluff's ALL STATES PICKS FLUFF DID HIT 421 STRAIGHT AND 1924 box IN LOUISIANA ON SATURDAY! YES YOU HEARD IT RIGHT! ONCE AGAIN FLUFF HIT BOTH-BOTH-BOTH PICK 3 AND PICK 4 IN THE SAME DAY IN THE SAME STATE! This is freaky but fluff does this one to two times per month! So it PAYS to keep up to date on fluffy's Predictions and blog predictions! For NY, fluff's home state, he likes 369,669 and also 222 for the next 4 days or more, especially with 222! Fluff did hit 222 straight in Delaware a few days ago and is hoping to catch this one in NY State!  The 2's ARE JUMPING ALL OVER IN NYS SO RIGHT NOW WE ARE KEEPING 222 IN PLAY FOR NY UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE! DAYS SYSTEM PLAYS ARE ALWAYS IN PLAY! For monday DAYS SYSTEM PLAYS ARE 254-425-345-111-and looking to Tuesday DAYS SYSTEM PLAYS ARE 777-727-737-747-757-767 and the pairs and you could cut in  TONIGHT TO START EARLY! MUST PLAYS FOR NY ARE 222-369-669-461-116, 9999 and fluff has 2222 in play for a while also!  For NY 669 and 166 Other Side of Double play looks good for a while! This time of year in NY 9999 and 5555 are a good BIG BUCK PLAY! As always keep up to date on fluff's PREDICTIONS and blog PREDICTIONS

     Fluff hs a lot to sat about POPULAR TOPICS but cannot voice all of them on here. Certainly OUR MENTAL AND PHYSICAL HEALTH is very important and limiting wear and tear on both of these is important! We should take the time to take quiet walks, pray and meditate and seek to help other and radiate peace, tranquility and love. Now the one who writes for fluffy is DON and he is a rough and tumble guy. Don has quite a bit of martial arts training, knowledge of the philosophy of physical combat, fighting experience in tournaments and actual fights and does continue to watch out for others and himself. But peace and tranquility is at the core of it all. If possible we must NOT ENGAGE PEOPLE IN AN ARGUEMENT AND WALK AWAY WHEN POSSIBLE, JUST WITHDRAW. We must pray for people who are evil and do bad things and when things get better for them it will get better for all.  PEACEFUL approaches to solving problems are the best and we must seek to avoid big struggles. Let us flood our minds with soothing thoughts, friends who bring us comfort and happiness and seek to make the world a better place one little step at a time. These cold months are A GOOD TIME TO LOOK AFTER PETS AND PEOPLE AND BRING IN A STRAY AND HELP SOMEONE YOU KNOW WITH THEIR HEAT OR FOOD BILL! WE ARE ALL IN THIS THING CALLED LIFE TOGETHER AND WE ARE ALL CONNECTED. WE ALL SHARE THE SAME AFFLICTIONS AND ARE FLESH AND BLOOD. WE MUST SEEK TO UNDERSTAND EACH OTHER AND OUR DIFFERENCES. WE ALL NEED LOVE, SUSTANANCE, PEACE OF MIND AND TO KNOW SOMEONE CARES ABOUT US. TODAY IS A GOOD DAY TO DO SOME MENTAL HOUSEKEEPING AND TO START IMPROVING OUR LIVES. DON HAS HIS FAITH AND PRAYS REGULARLY FOR THE HEALTH OF ALL AND FOR ADVANCES TO BE MADE IN MEDICAL TREATMENTS FOR MANY DISEASES ESPECIALLY DIABETES. BETTER DAYS ARE AHEAD AND YOU MUST ALWAYS LOOK FOR THE BRIGHT PART OF THE SKY AND DWELL ON IT. ALMOST ALWAYS THERE IS A BRIGHT PIECE OF SKY AND THAT IS WHERE FLUFF IS FOCUSING!

     BEST WISHES ALWAYS TO ALL FROM FLUFFY9999, Cubby, Tanner, Lady Gray and the B-Crew!

Entry #591

Fluffy9999 Says "SURFS UP FOR 222 NY..."

     Hey, fluff here!  OK, so on monday here in NY TWO 22X NUMBERS CAME OUT MIDDAY AND EVENING AND YOU WOULD HAVE CAUGHT THE PAIR ON THE MIDDAY IF YOU PLAYED IT! The point here is that fluff has been recommending 222,22x wed to friday and sunday for the DAYS SYSTEM! Now with the 22 action on monday, fluff is RECOMMENDING 222 HEAVY BET FOR NY FOR THE NEXT WEEK! Now this may or may not show and fluff does not want you to spend a lot! So try 50 cents straight midday and evening for the week and put a little heavier bet for wednesday, the ORIGINAL DAYS SYSTEM MAIN DAY FOR 222, 22X AND THE LIKE! So 777 and the 77's are DAYS SYSTEM PLAYS FOR TUESDAY AND WE MAINTAIN THE DAYS SYSTEM REGARDLESS! The reason it works is because you do not have to think and make decisions! If it is a DAYS SYSTEM PLAY THEN YOU PLAY IT! Fluff has had AMAZING SUCCESS USING THE DAYS SYSTEM FOR ALL STATES PICKS AND PICKS UP PRIZES FOR FOLKS ALL OVER THE USA EVERY MONTH! Once again the DAYS SYSTEM PLAY TABLES FORMAL ARE ON FLUFFY'S AUGUST 2, 2020 BLOG AND THE 11/24/2018 BLOGS! So you can refer to those for DAYS SYSTEM PLAYS AND ALSO KEEP UP TO DATE ON FLUFF'S PREDICTIONS AND BLOG PREDICTIONS!

     Fluff talks quite a bit about our happiness and thoughts and would like to address the anger issue. Sometimes we need to vent and let off some steam and there are good ways and bad ways to do this. When you are alone and nobody can hear you yelling may offer some anger release. Lifting weights, walking, pushups and any physical activity like even focusing your energy and cleaning your home can be good too! We have to vent and if it means yelling into a pillow then we should do it! Getting pent up can hurt out health and we want to be our VERY BEST WHEN WE TALK TO PEOPLE AND BE ABLE TO GIVE SOME UPLIFTING THOUGHTS AND MAKE OUT BROTHER AND SISTERS FEEL GOOD ABOUT LIFE!  fluff can make a stranger's day by saying something witty and poetic and or ridiculous and to be able to just be next to someone and communicate like this is a gift! Now one day fluff was visiting a friend who works in a store and this you tall man came into the store. His demeanor was friendly and peaceful and this peace, love and tranquility radiated from him like fluff has never seen and this is without saying anything! fluff does not think he has ever seen anything like this in his life before! What a wonderful gift to bring peace, friendliness and happinsess whereever you go! As alwys fluff asks you to help someone today!

     BEST WISHES ALWAYS from flufy9999, Cubby, Tanner, Lady Gray and the B-Crew!

Entry #590

Fluffy9999's New Years Day Greeting!

     Hey, fluffy9999 here!  OK, so here in upstate NY the power was out for the last two hours! So HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL and Best Wishes to everyone Always! fluffy finished out the year with pretty good numbers and looks forward to Rockin it this month! 578 looks good for NY Pick 3 for a couple of days or more and 9999 keep in play until further notice! Saturdays Days System numbers 1924-5588-2280-4567-357-116-808 in play for sat! As always keep up to date on fluff's Predictions and Blog Predictions!

     Best Wishes to All for Peace and Happiness from fluffy9999, Cubby, Tanner, Lady gray and the B-Crew!

Entry #589

flufffy9999's HOLIDAY GREETINGS!!

     Hey, fluff here!  OK, so fluffy9999 would like to thank YOU ALL for stopping by and reading his BLOGS! It all started a while ago and fluff looks forward to writing to you and sharing his thoughts!  fluff knows MANY FOLKS OUT THERE ALL OVER have benefited from his advice and look forward to bringing MUCH MORE TO YOU THIS COMING YEAR! As always keep up to date on fluffy9999's Blogs and Predictions!

     Remember to TAKE GOOD CARE OF YOUR PETS THIS HOLIDAY SEASON ESPECIALLY WITH GUESTS IN THE HOME AND TO TAKE EXTRA CARE TO MAKE SURE THEY ARE SAFE AND HAPPY!  Take an emotional break for yourself and think of all the wonderful days past and the loved ones that were part of our lives. LOOK FORWARD TO BEING OUTSIDE IN THE SUN AND ENJOYING THE WARMTH AND JOY THAT THE SUN CAN BRING! Beautiful days are ahead and look for the joy and happiness that is life and the JOY AND HAPPINESS AND COMFORT THAT YOU CAN BRING TO OTHERS!

     Best HOLIDAYS WISHES and a SAFE JOYOUS NEW YEAR TO ALL from fluffy9999, Cubby, Tanner, Lady Gray and the B-Crew!

Entry #588

Fluffy9999's Days System Scores 747 Tuesday NY...

     Hey, fluff here!  OK, so with Fluffy9999's Days System Tuesday is the day for 777,77x and the whole run of 771,772, etc. fluff did put the 747 in for the midday Predictions for NY but readers of fluff's blog should have known the day is good for the above! So fluff did score some Holiday cash on this one to put into his pile of winners! Also FLUFF'S OTHER SIDE OF THE DOUBLE PLAY WORKED ON 12-23 WHEN 440 CAME OUT! The next play should have been 400 and it did hit as 004 once again in NY! Also on the 28th here in NY 077 came out in the midday and the next day on the midday 070 hit! SO FLUFF'S OTHER SIDE OF THE DOUBLE IS HITTING GOOD UP HERE IN NY! fluff had a pretty good month here on LotterPost and certainly hopes you picked up some hits! 448 is looking like a play for NY as well as 047 and 113! DAYS SYSTEM PLAYS FOR THURSDAY ARE 628,257,461,441 LIKE THAT FOR THE NEXT THREE DAYS! So as always KEEP UP TO DATE ON FLUFF'S Predictions and Blog Predictions!

     SEASONS GREETINGS TO ALL from Fluffy9999, Cubby, Tanner, Lady Gray and the B-Crew!

Entry #587

Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays from Fluffy9999,,

     Hey, fluff here!  OK so it is about 3:30pm and fluffy has had a busy day so far!  Fluffy9999 is wishing EVERYONE A MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HAPPY HOLIDAYS!  fluff has had a pretty good December here on LotteryPost and a few days ago picked up 1100 STRAIGHT HIT IN DELAWARE! So there is some Holiday cash for some nice folks out there in Delaware! fluff has some numbers up for today's Plays in Your state and hopes you get some nice hits soon! For NY fluff is suggesting 9999 and 5555 for NY and any state and to keep them in play through Janurary!  1225 and 2022 may be worth a bet here and there so watch your angles for all of these numbers! Always remember your Pet numbers, addresses and favorite numbers Pool! Here in NY the Mega is up 400 mil so fluff put two of his favorite sets of numbers into play for TODAY! As Always keep up to date of fluffy9999's Predictions and Blog Predictions!

     Christmas and the holidays may be a tough time of year for some as folks think of the past and loved ones that are not there anymore. Well fluff is in this camp also and always prays for Reconciliation between yesterday, today and tomorrow and our memories and thoughts to be in the correct places so we can lead a happy and productive life. Enjoy what is today and be thankful for all you have. If you have physical conditions you have to treat always remember there a lot of folks out there is bad shape and they are struggling. So if you have to take some pills to maintain you health then you do not have much to complain about. So treat yourself well and what is in out minds does affect out health. So let there be joy and happines and think of the days ahead where we can be outside in the sun and be warm, carefree, innocent, and remember the wonderful memories past! ON THAT DAY we will be carefree, happy, unburdened children in the sun! Tonight fluff will be praying for all and wishing the very best for all of us!

     Seasons Greetings to ALL & best wishes for health and happines to ALL from fluffy9999, Cubby, Tanner, Lady Gray, and the B-Crew!

Entry #586

fluffy9999's Thoughts...

     Hey, fluff here! OK, so fluff's Predictions are up and remember the techniques fluff taught you so you can pick your own numbers. You can use the Lottery Systems here on Lottery Post to convert your pets names to numbers for All Lotteries! These numbers are important and can bring you good fortune!

     Right now, here in Upstate NY  in the Schenectady, Rotterdam area the sun is SHINING and it is a good time to go outside! fluff was outside just now and looked up at the sun and if you close your eyes and stay there a few minutes you can feel the warmth of the sun! Take some time for yourself and go outside now if possible and spend some time in the sun! Let us all be carefreel, youthful and light and remember ALL THE WONDERFUL DAYS PAST and seek to feel true happiness! Let us ALL LOOK UP and feel the warmth of the sun and for a moment be young, carefree, joyous and be a carefree child in the sun!

     May peace and happines be yours always from fluffy9999, Cubby, Tanner, Lady Gray and the B-Crew!

Entry #585

fluffy9999 HITS 443 BOXED FIVE TIMES NY!!

     Hey, fluff here! Fluffy9999 certainly hopes EVERYONE is doing fine and is well!  OK, so fluff did have 443 in play FIVE times for NY and hit this last saturday!  It was fluff's OTHER SIDE OF THE DOUBLE TECHNIQUE AND THE BIG DAY WAS LIKELY TO BE EITHER FRIDAY OR SATURDAY! So it did come in for sat and fluff had it listed on his Predictions and Blog here on LOTTERY POST and also had a ticket for this to collect! Yesterday fluff cleaned up with two straight hits in Delaware with 440, Idaho box with 425, NY with Animal number 623, and PA and DC with Animal Spirit inspired 845 both straight! Wisconsin was another hit for 254 straight and boxed! fluff has his Predictions in for today with 440 a good idea for NY and All States! 9999 and 5555 are GOOD PLAYS FOR NY RIGHT THROUGH JANUARY AS THEY HAVE SHOWED HERE BEFORE THIS TIME OF YEAR! as ALWAYS KEEP UP TO DATE ON FLUFF'S PREDICTIONS AND BLOG PREDICTIONS! 

     Well it is the Holiday and Religious Observation time of year and there is a lot going on! A lot of folks out there will be thinking about family members, animal and human, who have passed on who they miss. Fluff recently talked to an old friend and she kind of cut the conversation short and kind of disappointed fluff. If you want to do SOMETHING SPECIAL FOR A LONELY PERSON OR A PERSON THAT DOES NOT HAVE A LOT OF FAMILY THEN GO AND VISIT THEM THIS HOLIDAY SEASON AND BRING A SMALL GIFT TO SHOW YOU CARE OR DO SOMETHING TO HELP THEM OR THEIR PETS OUT! This makes a great gift and will mean a lot to them. Remember a LOT OF FOLKS OUT THERE WHO LOST FAMILY AND LIVE ALONE WILL APPRECIATE SOME COMPANY! Hopefully SOME CHRISTMAS AND NEW YEARS CASH WILL BE ON THE WAY AND EXTRA BLESSINGS AND PRAYERS TO ALL OF YOU WHO READ THIS AND GO OUT AND VISIT AND HELP SOMEONE!

     BEST WISHES AND SEASONS GREETING TO ALL from fluffy9999, Cubby, Tanner, Lady Gray and the B-Crew!

Entry #584

Fluffy9999 Hits 227 Str In Sunny Florida!

     Hey, fluff here!  OK, so how is everyone! Fluff is doing fine and busy as usual! So yesterday one of fluff's POOL favorites 227 hit Straight in Floriday and hit boxed in Missouri! fluff had 7 or so hits and ALL OF THEM IN THE NIGHT OR EVENING PLAYS! A little strange to hit everything at night but that what the stars called for! A while back when 228 hit NY fluff started playing derivative 283 and 5 days or so later hit it STRAIGHT IN NY! So this month is a pretty good month and FLUFFY IS HOPING THE CHRISTMAS CASH IS COMING YOUR WAY! Today 461,451,441,431,421,047,429,308,808,000,444,1230,1924,0000 are good ideas and MUST PLAY NUMBERS ARE 1924,1230,461,441 AND ESPECIALLY 443! 000 still good for midday drawing NY out longest str and pick 4 for the weekend is 2280,5588,3366,4567 like that!  443 looking real good for NY!

     Best Wishes Always to All from fluffy9999, Cubby, Tanner, Lady Gray and the B-Crew!

Entry #583

Fluffy9999 Hits Midday & Evening Wisconsin Pick 3 And 4!!

     Hey, Fluffy9999 here!  OK, so yesterday FLUFF TOOK THE CAKE IN WISCONSIN AND HIT BOTH PICK 3 MIDDAY AND EVENING AND THE PICK 4 MIDDAY with his DAYS SYSTEM PICKS! fluff did hit the 451 midday straight and if you had 116 Combo you would have had the straight there also! Fluff hit DAYS SYSTEM PLAY 1924 midday Wisconsin pick 4 for a boxed hit! So fluff DID NOT LEAVE TOO MUCH ON THE TABLE IN THE WISCONSIN LOTTERY! fluff does not think that he has EVER done this before and THAT THIS IS A FIRST! So fluff is joyous that THE GOOD PEOPLE OF WISCONSIN CASHED IN ON THIS ONE to the tune of $470 dollars if they had placed boxed bets on fluff's Predictions Postings! HATS OF TO WISCONSIN AND CHRISTMAS CAME EARLY FOR THEM THIS YEAR HERE ON LOTTERYPOST! BEST WISHES ALWAYS TO ALL THE PEOPLE OF WISCONSIN! fluff also hit Arizona, Indiana, and Iowa with 1230 and 1924 for some Extra holiday cash! So fluff is having a GOOD START TO THE MONTH AND WILL DELIVER MORE CHRISTMAS PRESENTS FOR HIS BLOG AND PREDICTION READERS! As always keep up to date of fluff's Predictions and Blog Predictions!

     BEST WISHES AND SEASONS GREETING TO ALL from fluffy9999, Cubby, Tanner and the B-Crew!

Entry #582

Fluffy9999 Hits 4444 Quebec And Sat Days System Play 5588 Hits...

     Hey, fluffy9999 here!  OK, so fluffy's DAYS SYSTEM PLAY FOR FRIDAY HIT QUEBEC FOR 5000$ and ALSO FLUFFY9999'S DAYS SYSTEM PICK 5588 HIT WISCONSON ON SAT STRAIGHT! FLUFF HAS BEEN UNDER THE WEATHER SINCE TUESDAY NIGHT WITH A COLD AND SORE THROAT AND WHEN HE LOOKED HE SAW HE FORGOT TO PUT ALL STATES PICKS IN for sat! So fluff did not get credit for another straight hit this month but HE IS CLAIMING THIS AS A DAYS SYSTEM HIT AS HE PLAYS THIS NUMBER EVERY SAT AND IT SHOULD BE ON THE TWO MAIN DAYS SYSTEM PLAY TABLES HE MENTIONED A FEW BLOGS AGO! So maybe someone out there in Wisconsin remembered and TOOK DAT ONE TO DA BANK! fluff noticed that 224 hit again here in NY straight the second time in a few days and that was tuesday midday and saturday evening! fluff can claim the 224 as wednesday through friday and sunday is the day for 22x numbers! So he could claim both hit for the DAYS SYSTEM! Sometimes he puts the whole rack in but fluff went under the weather tues and is just coming back up to full speed! Just the mold allergies fluff gets every fall. He has had worse episodes but this one caused a few nights where it was tough to sleep with the coughing and such. fluff has never gotten the covid but gets the sinus problems a few times a year. So as always KEEP UP TO DATE ON FLUFF[S PREDICTIONS AND BLOG PREDICTIONS! 

     BEST WISHES FOR HEALTH AND HAPPINESS from fluffy9999, Cubby, Tanner and the B-Crew!

Entry #581

Fluffy9999's Wednesday Holiday VIBE!!

     Hey, fluffy9999 here!  OK, so fluffy would FIRST OF ALL LIKE TO WISH EVERYONE HAPPY HOLIDAYS AND PEACE, HAPPINESS AND GOOD HEALTH! BEST WISHES ALWAYS TO ALL and YOU ALL ARE ALWAYS IN FLUFFY'S THOUGHTS AND PRAYERS! So yesterday fluff hit ALL THE WAY FROM PUERTO RICO to the interesting state of COLORADO! BIG HITS IN NORTH CAROLINA WITH 444 EVENING FOR 500 AND A NICE BOXED HIT IN DELAWARE WITH 1974 FOR 1 FRANKLIN! Other hits were 461 boxed and 431 like that! They all help this time of year and it is a good time to start budgeting for the heat bills ahead! TODAY DAYS SYSTEM PICKS ARE 222,227,224,225,441,254 AND ANY 22X NUMBERS AND THE 22 FRONT AND BACK PAIRS ALL STATES! fluff is now including thursday and friday in addition to wednesday to the DAYS SYSTEM FOR THE 22'S AND 222! Sunday may be a good day for 223 and if you are feeling it 222! Here in NY ff 226 and the 22 numbers have been hitting on thurday and friday! For NEW DAYS SYSTEM PLAYERS THERE ARE TWO DAYS SYSTEM PLAY TABLES ON FLUFFY'S OLDER BLOGS!  The dates are August 2, 2020  and the 11/24/2018 DAYS SYSTEM PLAY TABLES! THESE tables SHOW YOU WHAT DAYS TO PLAY AND THE NUMBERS TO PLAY ON THAT DAY! It just takes PATIENCE AND YOU WILL HAVE HITS! Or play some of fluffy's techniques like the OTHER SIDE OF THE DOUBLE PLAY! For instance if 411 comes out then you get on 441! Or if you are playing the Days System for FRIDAY 441 then you can play the 411 also with it as a companion number! As ALWAYS KEEP UP TO DATE ON FLUFFY'S PREDICTIONS AND BLOG PREDICTIONS!

     BEST HOLIDAY WISHES TO ALL from fluffy9999, Cubby, Tanner and the B-Crew!

Entry #580


      Hey, fluff here! OK, so fluff's ALL STATES PICKS picked up about $1400 in winnings yesterday with 441 hitting in CA  and INDIANA/IOWA LOTTERY STATES AS WELL AS 461 AND 1924 HITTING ALSO! Yes these are ALL STATES PICKS and FLUFF HOPES MANY, MANY BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE OUT THERE ARE SMILING ALL THE WAY TO THE LOTTERY COUNTER! Yes it is a good feeling to have those FRANKLINS PLACED in your hand at the lottery terminal! This brings fluff JOY TO KNOW HE IS HELPING FOLKS TO WIN SOME MUCH NEEDED MONEY TO CATCH UP WITH HOUSEHOLD BILLS, MEDICAL, SOME FUNDS FOR GIFTS AND CELEBRATION FOR THE UPCOMING HOLIDAYS AND ALL THAT! FLUFF DOES MAKE THIS ONE REQUEST OF YOU AND THAT IS TO PLEASE TAKE SOME MONEY OFF THE TOP AND DONATE TO YOUR LOCAL ANIMAL SHELTERS, ANIMAL FOUNDATIONS FOR ENDANGERED SPECIES, HOMELESS SHELTERS, FOOD PANTRIES AND LIKE THAT! IF YOU PARTNER WITH THEM BY DONATING MONEY, FOOD AND SUPPLIES THEN YOU WILL BE BLESSED AND SHOWERED WITH GOOD HEALTH AND HAPPINESS AND YOUR PRAYER PETITIONS WILL BE ANSWERED! Sometimes good luck can come in the form of a return to health or some form of help for a friend or relative or mental and emotional peace to come to them. Whatever the need good fortune will come your way! We are all in this together so when another person gets helped everyone benefits! As always keep up to date of fluffy9999's BLOG PREDICTIONS AND PREDICTIONS!

     fluff would like to thank everyone for reading his BLOGS and PREDICTIONS HERE ON LOTTERY POST! fluff always makes some time to write and to have a beneficial and helpful affect on his readers day! fluff still walks with the ghosts of yesterday, and it is important to remember yesterday and to have joy when thinking of back then. fluff does pray to GOD that there is a reconciliation between YESTERDAY, TODAY AND TOMORROW and they can all live in peace in our minds and thinking and find their correct locations there! One day fluff was walking into a store and passed by a young man and he gave fluff an unfriendly look. Then an older woman walked by and was smiling and said to him "oh here come the best time of year for us to enjoy" and fluff was lifted back up and felt good! IT IS A GOOD THING WHEN WE CAN LIGHTEN EACH OTHERS DAY AND GIVE WORDS OF ENCOURAGEMENT TO EACH OTHER! Every type of person on this planet needs each other and WE ALL NEED TO EMBRACE THE WONDERFUL PEACE THAT AWAITS US ALL THAT WILL BE OURS IF WE ALL DO THE RIGHT THING AND LOOK UPON EACH OTHER AS FRIENDS AND PEOPLE WE HAVE BROTHERLY AND SISTERLY LOVE FOR! A BEAUTIFUL FUTURE THAT WE WILL BUILD AWAITS US AND WE SHOULD ALL LET PEACE AND TRANQUILITY COME FORTH! On a lighter note fluff may go out soon for a bite to eat as the kitchen needs some catch up work to be done and THAT CAN WAIT TILL LATER!

     BEST WISHES ALWAYS from fluffy9999, Cubby, Tanner and the B-Crew!

Entry #579

fluffy9999 hits 808 WASHINGTON STATE!!

     Hey, fluff here!  OK, so fluff did hit 808 straight on friday and saturday in Tennessee and Washington! fluff has gotten many hits with the 808 on OR AROUND THE DAYS SYSTEM DAY OF SATURDAYY and has hit 461 many times lately also! REMEMBER, FLUFF'S MISSION STATEMENT IS TO BRING HITS TO FOLKS ALL OVER THE USA AND THE WORLD SO THEY CAN HAVE A HAPPY LOTTERY DAY! AND YES THERE WILL BE MORE HITS! fluff has posted his picks for monday and tuesday ALL STATES AND HOPES THEY BRING SOME HOLIDAY CASH TO MANY, MANY PLAYERS OUT THERE! As AlWAYS NEVER SPEND A LOT ON THE LOTTERY! A few dollars on your lucky day is the best! INFREQUENT PLAYERS ARE THE MOST PROFITABLE PEOPLE OUT THERE! If you play everyday it will be tough to make the grade! AS ALWAYS KEEP UP TO DATE ON FLUFF'S PREDICTIONS AND BLOG PREDICTIONS!

     BEST WISHES ALWAYS TO ALL from fluffy9999, Cubby, Tannner and the B-Crew!

Entry #578

fluffy9999's 225 NY Story...

     Hey, fluff here! OK, so fluff had 225 listed on his Predictions and Blog Predictions for NY. fluff had 225 in play until thursday midday in NY and DID HAVE A LOTTERY TICKET FOR THIS IN PLAY! Now fluff had talked about the 22's in NY before and the DAYS SYSTEM and suggested he did want to play 22x and 222 through friday evening. The double two's have been showing up on friday and in the past sunday was a good day for 223 as well as 623. So fluff is going to make some UPDATES SOON TO THE DAYS SYSTEM PLAY TABLES TO REFLECT ALL THIS! Double 22's, 254 and 777 PLAY DAYS WILL BE UPDATED SOON! So yesterday fluff nailed DAYS SYSTEM PLAY 808 FOR Tennessee for the Cash Three Evening and yes it was! This HIT PAID 330 DOLLARS ON THE STRAIGHT BOX BET AND ALSO FLUFF HIT 461 AGAIN IN WASHINGTON, D.C. for TWO NICE HITS 40 DOLLARS BOX! DO NOT DISREGARD THESE SMALL NICE BOX HITS AS THEY ALLOW YOU TO COVER YOUR BETS AND FUEL YOUR GAME! You should VIEW YOUR LOTTERY PLAYS EACH MONTH, QUARTER AND YEAR AS AN INCOME STATEMENT AND MAKE ADJUSTMENTS TO BE PROFITABLE! You have TO PLAY SMALL BETS ON THE BIG GAMES AS THIS GIVES YOU A CHANCE A MULTI-GENERATIONAL WEALTH! AS ALWAYS, STAY TUNED TO FLUFF'S BLOG PREDICTIONS AND PREDICTIONS HERE ON LOTTERY POST!

    Fluff has to run now but will provide more blog action SOON!

    BEST WISHES ALWAYS TO ALL from fluffy9999, Cubby, Tanner and the B-Crew!

Entry #577