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Dominion Officials Admit Machines Have Problems.

And just weeks before the 2020 presidential election, Dominion’s Director of Product Strategy and Security, Eric Coomer, acknowledged in private that “our sh!t is just riddled with bugs.” Indeed, Coomer had been castigating Dominion’s failures for years. In 2019, Coomer noted that “our products suck.”



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So Joe Biden has time to fly halfway around the world for a surprise visit to Ukraine to pledge ANOTHER half a billion dollars of support...

But he doesn't have time for a 1 hour flight to visit the train crash site in Ohio or time to visit our southern border.

Keep up the good work Joe.

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162 Dems Want Non Citizens To Vote In Elections

There was a Congressional resolution to repeal a law allowing non citizens to vote in DC elections. The fact that it was already a law is sickening. No other nation would allow it.

162 Democrats voted against it. The only real reason why they do not want to close the border is because they want the illegals to be able to vote. This is your proof. Any other reason they give for keeping it open is pure BS.

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