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Oops, Maybe We Shouldn't Have Done That

It should be pretty obvious to everyone that the dems DID NOT want the media or anyone else to keep talking about the tranny that shot three 9 year old children and 3 adults in a school because it did not fit their conservative gun nut narrative. Now if it was a conservative that did it we would hearing about it every day for another month.

So what did they do to take everyone's mind off that? They indicted Trump.  An ex president. Which is something that has never been done before. It didn't matter to N.Y. state DA Alvin Bragg that the Federal Election Commission and the DOJ had both previously declined to prosecute Trump for this. If they felt they could have, they would have done it then. But they had no case. And they won't get any where with this now.

But by doing this the dems have just set a precedent, meaning that other ex presidents can now also be indicted at some point in the future. When the dems wanted to see Trump's taxes and Trump fought it all the way to the Supreme Court and the SC said Congress could see them, the dems thought, Yes, we got him. But that is exactly what Trump wanted. Why? Because that set a precedent also. They also set a precedent when they raided Trump's home at Mar A Lago, looking for classified documents, something else that had also never been done before.

Are you starting to see the pattern? Every time they do something to Trump for the first time and they think they got him, it sets a precedent. Meaning the same thing can now be done to them at some point. And it will be, in due time. Trump is setting them up and they don't even realize it. Remember the movie, The Sting? That's what we're seeing right now.  Enjoy the show, it's gonna be good.

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They Cheated. Here's How They Did It

In the second link scroll down to the comments. Links in the comments have more videos of what happened.

In the third link, links in the articles have even more info. There's a lot to look at but it's all very informative.

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