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I Don't Believe This

Remember back in 2010 when Nancy Pelosi said, "We have to pass the bill so that you can find out what is in it."

Well it just happened again.  This is what the new $1.7 trillion omnibus bill looks like.

4. No Lawmaker Has Read This Package

No member of Congress is physically able to read all of this spending package before voting on it.

In addition to the 12 regular appropriations bills, the omnibus bill includes two supplemental spending acts and 21 other separate divisions spanning topics as complex and varied as the Electoral Count Act, public land management, and antitrust enforcement.

As mentioned, the package contains 6,825 pages: 4,155 pages of legislative text plus 2,670 pages of explanatory materials that instruct agencies how to carry out the provisions and include at least 4,000 earmarks to pay for the pet projects of representatives and senators. 

All totaled, this material is roughly twice as long as the Bible, and lawmakers planned to vote on it in fewer than four days.

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This Is Starting To Look Suspicious

In March 2016 Biden went to Ukraine and a prosecutor there got fired.

In December 2022 Biden went to the Virgin Islands and a prosecutor there got fired.

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Something To Try For Pick 3

Look at the dates for the 3 days AFTER the date you are playing. One of the date #'s will hit in the Pick 3 for the day you are playing. If the date has 2 digits use the second digit. 

Example. Today is the 17th. Use the 8-9-0 from the 18th, 19th, 20th. 

Today's winners  097 - 924.

It may work better on one drawing than the other. Test your state.   

Good  Luck!!!

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