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Lottery winner from Oregon more than makes up for Enron loss

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January 27, 2007
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Posted: March 21, 2007, 4:13 pm - IP Logged

Ohh dear, you get mad? Whatever for? I personally pray that some folks that have jobs they love stay in them! They make it easier to deal with when I go to a Hospital and see a person who absolutely enjoys aiding an injured person and isnt so disgruntled that they take it out on the patient. Sorry but NOT everyone HATES or dislikes their job. I am one of the few that probably would stay at my job , not becuase I am taking UP someone elses opportunity to earn a living but because I've earned the right to like what I do and get paid for it. Get used to it, there really are ministers, doctors and yes, store clerks who ENJOY what they do and think nothing better then being a contributing member of society. Their is more to a career then the paycheck. Sign me - One of "THOSE" people :)

On the main topic, Good'o to the chap for winning! Nice to know he's learned the value of investing and losing in such a volitile market...He will no doubt be more conservative with where his funds will end up :)

I didn't mean to insult those very few people in the world who truly love their jobs, particularly the humanitarian positions. I actually like my job, but if I suddenly won $100 million dollars, I would definately not continue with it. Like I said, I wouldn't blow it like Hammer, but I truly believe that money affords people freedom....the freedom to not HAVE to wake up early and go to work, the freedom to say, "I'm going to spend every possible minute with the people I care about." I wouldn't be one of those people giving tons to strangers with charities, but I would instead help my loved ones live their dreams as well. I would take many vacations with my family and friends, and after it all sunk in, I would possibly find myself volunteering at an animal shelter. My point was that, to me, people who say "I will stay at my job" have not yet adjusted to what has actually taken place and to the fact that their lives now have the potential to drastically change. I think winning the lottery is truly a blessing, and to act as if nothing has changed is, to me, like living with wasted talent.

"If you just keep believing, that dream that you wish will come true"