Georgia Fantasy 5 lottery player scores $95,000 jackpot

Jun 4, 2007, 2:48 pm (8 comments)

Georgia Lottery

A Sautee-Nacoochee, Georgia, resident's fantasy has become a reality. 

According to Jordan, he watched the Fantasy 5 drawing and saw that he won big.  He immediately called his son and began yelling, "I think I won! I think I won!"

The winning numbers for the May 29 Fantasy 5 drawing were: 3-9-13-24-38.  Jordan randomly selected the lucky combination.

"I don't know why I picked those numbers," he said.  "It's just my way of doing things."

Jordan, an 82-year-old retiree, plans to save most of his winnings and may purchase a new car.

Kountry Kupboard, located at 626 Kytle St. in Cleveland, sold the top prize ticket.  Georgia Lottery retailers selling winning Fantasy 5 top prize tickets receive a retailer incentive bonus of $2,000.  The retailer incentive bonus increases by $2,000 each time Fantasy 5 rolls.  If more than one winning top prize ticket is sold, the retailers selling the top prize winning tickets will share the bonus.

Kountry Kupboard will receive a retailer incentive bonus of $4,000.

R.J. Jordan played Fantasy 5 and won $95,427 in the May 29 drawing.

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spy153's avatarspy153

'may purchase a new car." Careful now, don't go hogwild or anything Mr. Jordan. Congratulations on the win.Cheers

LuckyLilly's avatarLuckyLilly

LOL  But at least he seems to realize he's not rich, and run out and put a downpayment on a half million dollar home or something.  $95k ain't much.  Being on SS he will probably pay less taxes than someone working, but still I doubt if he'll come out of it with more than $75k.  

Congrats to him, I hope it makes him feel abundance for the rest of his life. 

RJOh's avatarRJOh

Nice story and his initials are the same as mine, RJJ.  It's nice to read about someone who's happy to win a pick5 jackpot.Thumbs Up  

Sounds like the retailer gets a nice bonus too, $4K for selling a $95K ticket.  In Ohio selling a winning Rolling Cash5 ticket gets the retailer a $500 bonus regardless of the amount (usually $100K-$250K+).

justxploring's avatarjustxploring

I wonder how many proposals this man will get now that his picture has been published.  He's 82 and in pretty good shape!  When my Mom passed in '92, by father was 78 and women in Florida were throwing themselves at him. Have a great time Mr. Jordan and play the field!  LOL


tiggs95's avatartiggs95

82 ...Spend it all......

psykomo's avatarpsykomo


Quoting.......Mel Fisher (1968)

 Today is the Day

LOL >>>>>>>>>>>>Mr. Jordand (Mel would be thankful>>>>>)


psykomo's avatarpsykomo

Quote: Originally posted by psykomo on Jun 5, 2007


Quoting.......Mel Fisher (1968)

 Today is the Day

LOL >>>>>>>>>>>>Mr. Jordand (Mel would be thankful>>>>>)



TRY to pick from (9)>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>NEXT TIME$$$$

8-11-17-23-25-26-32-33-37...................>>>>>>$$$$ Lot's?LUCK!


U.........................."HEAR".........................U are a "REAL"- LOTTERY!




jarasan's avatarjarasan

Not a QuickPick! Finally! Great job,  but goodness, I hope I don't have to wait that long for 5 of 5!

LOL jarasan

BM5 04

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