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Calif. Lottery may build $60 million headquarters

Topic closed. 15 replies. Last post 9 years ago by MeFirstYouLast.

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March 8, 2008
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Posted: May 23, 2008, 5:39 pm - IP Logged

I have to agree 100% on this statement > THIS IS THE DUMBEST IDEA I'VE HEARD IN A LONG, LONG TIME!

Ever heard?  You obviously ignore state and federal politics. 

The U.S. Congress wastes B-I-L-L-I-O-N-S everytime the planet circles the sun. Overpasses in Boston. Bridges in Alaska.  Highways in Texas. Air Conditioned Trash Trucks in New York City.  Research on why bugs become extinct.  Research on why there is an increase in male Blue Birds. 

This little Lottery Building is one drop in a gazzion gallon bucket.  In the over all picture, it means nothing.  Best of all, it cost you NOT one single penny.  If you don't constantly beat a path to you Representatives office about abuse of your tax dollars, why do care about something that has nothing to do with you?  It appears that people can go ballistic because the oil company makes $.08 cents profit on a gallon of gasoline, yet don't say a single word that the government makes $.045 cents per gallon of gasoline.  Guess who pays for the private jets of all Representatives when they "tour" the country - you do.  Ever considered that dumb? Ever complain to a representative?

This building is a distraction, and should not be an issue.  The problem is the way YOUR money is being spent, not about how some one elses money is being spent!  The government builds a office in Bagdad, and it cost nearly a billion dollars.  No one cares. Sheesh !