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Two tickets will share $174M Powerball lottery jackpot

Topic closed. 22 replies. Last post 13 years ago by HUDDINI.

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April 19, 2006
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I wanna win the MM jackpot,,,i live on a bordering state next to the land of lincoln,,,good luck everyone

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    December 15, 2005
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    I wanna win the MM jackpot,,,i live on a bordering state next to the land of lincoln,,,good luck everyone

    This was my mothers' bday.  I felt convicted to play the numbers, but stuck to my "regulars" anyway for budget purposes.  Can you imagine my guilt right now?Unhappy

    voir-vous dans mes reves!Cool

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      October 16, 2008
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      Way to go Pennsylvania !!!!!!!!!!!!! Dance

      I hope I am the next winner in PA !!!!!!!!!!!!! Big Smile

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        Redwood City,California
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        February 3, 2009
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        Here in the state of California we don't have the Powerball game.They have it just to the north of us in the state of Oregon and to the state of Arizona,just south of us.I don't know why they don't play the Powerball game here.I'd love to play it here. Frown

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          August 31, 2007
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          I'd say Arizona is more east than South of California. Razz Anyway, California is a Mega Millions state and I'd imagine there are contractual restrictions on a state having both, not to mention that it would split sales even more. Even with California being by far the most populated state in the country, it's number of players of MM is rather pathetic in comparison to other states.

          You can't predict random.


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            January 23, 2005
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            I played in Delaware once, but not recently. Surprised with the new matrix that DE came up being a small share of sales.. I will guess that it was someone visiting the Delaware House rest stop (did they remodel all that yet?), and as for the PA ticket, they're quiet about where it was sold in either State, but I did play-ahead PA Powerball around my Birthday last month. I remember the machine was screwing up, and gave me Powerball tickets with a start draw of Feb. 25 (a month later than I asked) for 10 drawings well into March. Of course you know how it is, that was a while back, I got busy and very disorganized, am not sure where all them PB tickets are now but I guess I will find them during Spring cleaning. In the meantime, where was it sold?

            Question: Why do we have one story complaining about Lottery sales down because of the minidepression, and another story complaining about the unemployed playing extra when they shouldn't be?

            People go to where the jackpots are but only as far as necessary. Border locations get much heavier play.

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              May 3, 2006
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              Ok I know that some of you's guys are gonna call me crazy but does anyone else see the irony is the latest PB winners? It just seems a little bit odd to me.

              Okay......the Indiana players that won were from Ohio .....a MM state......and in the press release they stated they didn't like the current games in their state so they play in Indiana

              and not too long ago the 315mill winner in Indiana was from Ohio......a MM state

              Now these 2 winners from Delaware and Pennsylvania are both bordering New Jersey ....... a MM state that has made note publically that their lottery sales are slightly down.

              The lady that won in NC was along the Virginia state line ........a MM state

              The family that won in Tennessee was near Chattanooga that borders GA........a MM state

              Now that I look at the map.........almost all of the states that border MM states are the ones that have the most PB winners......A perfect example of PB states that have alot of winners.....PA that borders 4 MM states. The state of Texas....there have been numerous winners in NM, OK, & LA. Va which borders 3 PB states

              Then to bacisally stick its tongue back out at PB for doin this MM let the jackpot be raised to 330mill and it was split between the 4 MM states that border the PB states with the most hits......Va, Tx, Md, & NJ

              Now say for instance PB controls where the jkpt will be hit. It would be an extreme embarrassment to MM if they lost a state to PB the way Georgia did to PB years ago. What if PB is allowing these jackpots to be hit near state lines for or in bordering MM states.    Does anyone else notice this or am I alone on this one....Skeptical

              I believe my theory is correct. Powerball had 2 winners which were in states that border NJ and now MM gave the jackpot to NJ....I wonder/bet NJ is considering switching over to PB.......or PB is really trying to hard to convince them to switch.

              Something inside of me deflated Thudwhen i saw the winner is in NJ. I just lost a majority of my desire to want to play either game. Now for the first time in a looooong time I am thinking about switching back to scratchers......but even with those it seems like an unusually large amount of the top prize winners are in rural areas. *sighs*

              Anybody want to tell me I'm crazy and convince me that one day I still have a snowballs chance in h*ll of winning.....Crying

              Oogle  waiting patiently for my jackpot

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                February 11, 2009
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                have fun!!!!