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N.M. Lottery's Roadrunner Cash game changing this weekend

Oct 2, 2009, 3:45 pm

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New Mexico LotteryNew Mexico Lottery: N.M. Lottery's Roadrunner Cash game changing this weekend

The New Mexico Lottery is changing the in-state Roadrunner Cash game to create a larger starting prize and jackpots that grow larger, faster.

The game will feature a starting jackpot of $25,000, up from $20,000, and a new $1 prize for matching two of five numbers.

The changes will take effect this weekend, starting with the Oct. 5th drawing.

To offer the enhancements, more numbers will be added to the game's number pool.  Players will pick five numbers from 1 to 37, up from the current maximum of 34.

Also, the lottery will eliminate the game's "bonus ball," a feature that increased prizes.

Sunday drawings will be discontinued, leaving the game with drawings six days a week, from Monday to Saturday.

"These changes add up to a more exciting game with more opportunities to win," said Lottery CEO Tom Romero.

Unlike the multi-state Powerball and Hot Lotto games, Roadrunner Cash is played only in New Mexico.  Under the game's new format, players can win four ways:

  • Match all five numbers to win the jackpot,
  • Match four numbers to win $200,
  • Match three numbers to win $5, and,
  • Match two numbers to win $1.

The overall odds of winning a prize has been reduced to 1 in 8, down from 1 in 66, while the price for a Roadrunner Cash wager will remain unchanged at $1 per ticket.

Multi-draw tickets, which have been restricted ever since the game change announcement, will resume Sunday their normal length of up to 12 advance drawings, with the first drawing of the new format on Monday.

Roadrunner Cash was introduced in February 1998.  The record jackpot is $687,000 from November 2006.

Lottery Post Staff

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Written "The record jackpot is $687,000 from November 2006."

WOW, that's a BUNCH of rollovers, I bet the daily ticket buyers were furious at the months-long wait for a jackpot winning ticket!

Sad WaveyI'm over here, again today, with my ticket ....

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