California man wins $1 million an hour after depositing $25,000 lottery winnings

May 20, 2015, 8:39 am (25 comments)

California Lottery

A streak of good luck made a Huntington Beach, California, man an instant millionaire immediately after he deposited a separate $25,000 payment from the California Lottery on Friday.

In April, retired postal worker Oscar Sosa purchased a $20 "Ultimate Riches" scratch-off ticket, where he won $25,000. He received a check on Friday from the lottery office, which he quickly deposited in a bank account.

An hour later, Sosa took $200 of that money and bought several "50X The Cash" scratch tickets from the Valley Smoke Shop at the 8900 block of Warner Avenue in Fountain Valley, which led to even more money — a $1 million prize.

"I just decided I would buy some more tickets," Sosa told the California Lottery. "I looked for one of the California Lottery's Lucky Retailer signs."

Sosa retired from the U.S. Postal Office after more than 30 years. He will discuss with financial experts what to do with his newfound wealth.

"I am going to talk to a financial adviser and we will go from there," he said.

The store will receive a $5,000 retailer bonus for selling the winning ticket. That amount is separate from Sosa's prize.




They say it comes in three when you win the first time.  Enjoy !

haymaker's avatarhaymaker

I know the shopping ctr. used to work at Fountain valley Lock & Safe.

I wonder, is this place in the same unit ?

zephbe's avatarzephbe

Congrats, Mr. Sosa. Enjoy your winnings. Smile

beaudad's avatarbeaudad

Quote: Originally posted by Nydebbie on May 20, 2015

They say it comes in three when you win the first time.  Enjoy !

I agree with you Nydebbie...I recently won 3 games in a row on Pick 330+40+90    (460 Total)   Beau !!!

beaudad's avatarbeaudad

Quote: Originally posted by zephbe on May 20, 2015

Congrats, Mr. Sosa. Enjoy your winnings. Smile

I agree zephbe.....No problem gambling...just winning !!!  Beau !!!

ThatScaryChick's avatarThatScaryChick

Congrats to Mr. Sosa! He is indeed very lucky. Yes Nod

Funtimz's avatarFuntimz

That would be enough for me to quit my job

IPlayWeekly's avatarIPlayWeekly

Quote: Originally posted by Funtimz on May 20, 2015

That would be enough for me to quit my job

Yep, same here.


Quote: Originally posted by IPlayWeekly on May 20, 2015

Yep, same here.

Me, three!!  Hyper

Technut's avatarTechnut

Congrats Oscar Sosa on your back to back wins.

Raven62's avatarRaven62

That's what you call a Parlay!

Parlay: Turn an initial stake or winnings from a previous bet into a greater amount!

music*'s avatarmusic*

Watch Out MM & PB here comes Oscar Sosa !!  Congratulations Oscar Party

Poo Nanny's avatarPoo Nanny

Man when you are lucky you are lucky. Great wins!

Now here is the question, will he gamble the same percentage of this win like he did after he won the $25,000? He would need to go spend $8,000 on tickets. I don't think I would have the balls to spend that much...even after a million dollar win.

mrbg's avatarmrbg

I wish I had that luck. congrats to him

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