San Francisco man defies odds; claims 2nd lottery jackpot

Nov 1, 2016, 7:17 pm (9 comments)

California Lottery

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. — A lucky San Francisco man recently became a multi-millionaire after winning a top prize from a California Lottery ticket for the second time in a little over a year.

Frank Derfield, 53, is crediting "stupid luck" for winning $5 million from a Scratchers ticket he bought in September, just 14 months after he had already won $100,000 from a different winning ticket, according to lottery officials.

On Sept. 13, Derfield purchased a few "100X the Money" Scratchers tickets at WC Liquor and Groceries at 1836 Divisadero St.

Because Derfield had already won $100,000 from a lottery ticket he purchased at this same location in July 2015, he knew his odds of winning again were slim.

He purchased the tickets but instead of scratching, he scanned the barcode to see if he'd won, according to lottery officials.

After learning he'd defied nearly the 1-in-3 million odds to win the $5 million prize, Deerfield said he couldn't believe it.

"It was a shock. Disbelief. I definitely defied the odds a lot more this time!" Derfield said in a statement. "I had to call two friends over to the house to help calm me down!"

When asked how he defied the odds, he said, "I wish I can tell you... It's just stupid luck. It's just weird."

The same lucky store where Derfield bought his previous winning ticket will be getting a prize for again selling another winning ticket. This time, it will receive a $25,000 bonus.

Derfield, who works as a temp in a law office, had already used last year's winnings to pay for his April wedding to his wife. This time around, he said he may use his winnings to purchase a home.

"We're too old to go out and party too much. So we're going to bank it, go on a trip — maybe get rid of my '85 Toyota Camry, or maybe a house, but I don't know. San Francisco, the housing market is crazy here," he said.

Even though Derfield has been playing the California Lottery since 1984, now that he's won more than once, he said he might consider retiring from playing.

He said, "We're going to have to talk about it... all my luck may be used up at this point!"

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That's just Great. It's the luck of the lauderhausen. 

wander73's avatarwander73

If he is smart enough he will invest in the interest.   Then he can retire for good.  Have someone to help flip some properties and oh boy.

Skibunnylk's avatarSkibunnylk

Lucky guy! Hope he enjoys his winnings.


Congrats to this guy! He is a good demostration of the phrase "you never know".

LottoAce's avatarLottoAce

not once but twice!
if that dont give you hope I don't know what will.
Congrats to the winner!

psykomo's avatarpsykomo

THIS  PERSON  LOOKS  more " SHADY"  than...........GRADY$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

Tatototman65's avatarTatototman65



music*'s avatarmusic*

 Frank Derfield has more courage than I do. Going Public may be fun but he may learn the consequences of his actions. Family and friends will be the first to hit him up for a $10,000.00 loan for each of them.

 I am guessing that he experienced winning $1 million and found out who his real friends are.

See Ya!


What I thought defied the odds was a 53 year old straight man in SF.  Crazy
But now, I'm not sure... The way they use wife these days is ambiguous. And they include no name or female pronouns. 

Big Grin Angel Jester Laugh 

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