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South Carolina woman wins second lottery jackpot from the same store

Jun 14, 2022, 6:36 am

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South Carolina LotterySouth Carolina Lottery: South Carolina woman wins second lottery jackpot from the same storeRating:

She was with the same people too

By Kate Northrop

COLUMBIA, S.C. — A South Carolina woman is weak in the knees after winning a second jackpot from a scratch-off lottery ticket bought at the same store as before.

A South Carolina Lottery player is reliving a serious moment of déjà vu when she won a second top prize from an instant ticket worth $200,000.

Not only was the winning ticket bought at the same store where she had previously won a top prize worth $250,000 in 2020, but she was also with the same people.

Having been accompanied by the same witnesses twice, there was no doubt that the momentous occasion had occurred once again.

The Midlands woman bought a top-prize winning "20X The Money" scratch-off ticket worth $200,000 from the Spring Valley Convenience Store on the Sparkleberry Lane Ext. in Columbia, the same spot where she had bought her $250,000 top prize-winning ticket in 2020.

After beating the odds of about 1 in 870,000 to win her second instant game top prize, the Lottery asked if she considers herself a lucky person, to which she replied, "I'm starting to think so."

The retailer received a bonus commission of $2,000 from the Lottery for selling the winning ticket.

"I had a lot of fun with the first winnings and enjoyed every bit of it," the anonymous winner said in a press release. "This time, I'm going to buy a house."

The $5 "20X The Money" game now has one top prize of $200,000 left to claim out of the four originally available at the game's launch in February. There are also 18 out of 229 second-tier prizes of $1,000 and 59 out of 955 third-tier prizes of $500 remaining.

Lottery Post Staff

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sully16's avatar - sharan
United States
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October 28, 2009
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Lightening does strike twice, go for the Hat trick, enjoy Lucky Lady. Party

Happy 4th of July  US Flag

    United States
    Member #163182
    January 22, 2015
    2926 Posts

    Lucky lady X 2.  Congratulations to her!!


    Certainly she will keep those friends close!

      rdgrnr's avatar - nw barkeep.jpg
      Grand High Exalted Mystic Ruler
      The Hall Of The Mountain Kings Tennessee
      United States
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      April 28, 2009
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      Now she can afford to get good barbecue shipped in from another state that doesn't put mustard in the sauce.

      South Carolina uses MUSTARD as the base for their barbecue sauce! That should be against the law!