$1.1 BILLION: Massive Mega Millions drawing set for Tuesday

Jan 7, 2023, 6:56 am (68 comments)

Mega Millions

5th-largest lottery jackpot in world history

Cash value is $568.7 million

By Todd Northrop

For the fourth time in the past two years a lottery jackpot has crossed into billion-dollar territory.

Last night nobody won the Mega Millions multi-state lottery drawing, triggering another jackpot rollover that created a Tuesday jackpot estimated at $1.1 billion with a cash value of $568.7 million.

Based on past multi-state lottery jackpots, that estimate may get a lot bigger by the time the drawing kicks off Tuesday night, as people dreaming of becoming the next billionaire cause lottery ticket sales go through the roof.

To get to this massive size, the jackpot has been growing since it started on October 18 as a $20 million prize — now 24 consecutive drawings without a winner.

Tuesday's billion-dollar Mega Millions jackpot is the 3rd-largest in the game's history, and the 5th-largest lottery jackpot in world history among all lottery games. The largest lottery jackpot ever won was just two months ago, on Nov. 7, 2022, when one ticket sold in California matched all six numbers in a $2.0401 billion Powerball drawing. That prize has not yet been claimed.

Tuesday's lump-sum cash value of $568.7 million is the 6th-largest on the all-time lottery jackpot cash value rankings (see full list below).

Lottery players dreaming what all the cash will look like in their bank account after federal and state taxes are taken out can see an after-tax analysis of the current Mega Millions jackpot by visiting USA Mega's Mega Millions Jackpot Analysis page. The Jackpot Analysis page was updated last week with the new 2023 state tax rates.

The rush of ticket sales over the next few days likely will propel the jackpot to an even higher amount before the drawing takes place Tuesday. Lottery Post and USA Mega will update the jackpot tallies displayed if such an increase occurs.

The quickest way to find the winning numbers after the drawing Tuesday will be by visiting USA Mega (www.usamega.com) at 11:00 pm Eastern Time (8:00 pm Pacific), when the winning numbers will be published live as they are drawn.

Players looking for the nearest official lottery retailer — or maybe just a different store without such a long line — are urged to use the free Lottery Places app available for iOS, Android, and Windows. The app can find lottery stores in every Mega Millions state and can search across state lines — something even official state lotteries can't do.

Some states offer direct online sales, allowing players to bypass the store and purchase tickets from home. States that offer this ability include Colorado (Mega Millions and Powerball), Michigan (Mega Millions and Powerball), Minnesota (Mega Millions and Powerball), Oregon (Mega Millions and Powerball), Texas (Mega Millions and Powerball), and Virginia (Mega Millions and Powerball). Note that some of these links will only work properly for residents of the states mentioned.

Players outside the USA can use a reputable butler service, which provides scanned copies of the purchased lottery tickets securely held on behalf of the customer. In the past, the lottery ticket service was used by people out side the USA to win big jackpots in Oregon and Florida.

In Friday night's Mega Millions drawing, there was no jackpot winner, but 5 lucky players matched the first 5 numbers for a $1,000,000 prize: 1 from Florida, 1 from Maryland, 1 from New Jersey, and 2 from New York.

None of the second-prize tickets was purchased with the Megaplier option for an extra $1 per play, which would have tripled the prize to $3 million, since the Megaplier number drawn was 3.

The only state not offering the Megaplier option is California, because the fixed nature of the prize increase offered with the Megaplier is not compatible with California's pari-mutuel payouts. By law, California awards all lottery prizes on a pari-mutuel basis, meaning the prizes will change each drawing based on the number of tickets sold within California and the number of tickets that won at each prize level in the state.

A total of 115 tickets matched four of the first five numbers plus the Mega Ball to win a $10,000 prize. Of those tickets, 15 were purchased with the Megaplier option, increasing the prize to $30,000, and 9 were sold in California, where the prize awarded this drawing is $16,259.

The Mega Millions winning numbers for Friday, January 6, 2023, were 3, 20, 46, 59, and 63, with Mega Ball number 13. The Megaplier number was 3.

Following the Friday drawing, the Mega Millions annuity jackpot estimate was raised $160 million from its previous amount of $940 million. The cash value was raised by $82.7 million from its previous amount of $486 million.

Mega Millions is currently offered for sale in 45 states, plus Washington, D.C. and the U.S. Virgin Islands. Drawings are Tuesdays and Tuesdays at 11:00 pm Eastern Time. Tickets cost $2 each.

Top 25 United States lottery jackpots of all time

Tuesday's Mega Millions jackpot currently stands as the 5th-largest lottery jackpot in world history.  That position may rise before the drawing, as lotteries are typically conservative in their initial estimates, and brisk sales may push the jackpot estimate higher by draw time.

  1. Powerball: $2.0401 billion, Nov. 7, 2022 (40 rollovers, starting at $20 million) - California
  2. Powerball: $1.5864 billion, Jan. 13, 2016 (19 rollovers, starting at $40 million) - California, Florida, Tennessee
  3. Mega Millions: $1.537 billion, Oct. 23, 2018 (25 rollovers, starting at $40 million) - South Carolina
  4. Mega Millions: $1.337 billion, Jul. 29, 2022 (29 rollovers, starting at $20 million) - Illinois
  5. Mega Millions: $1.1 billion, Jan. 10, 2023 (24 rollovers, starting at $20 million) - Preliminary estimate, not won yet
  6. Mega Millions: $1.05 billion, Jan. 22, 2021 (36 rollovers, starting at $20 million) - Michigan
  7. Powerball: $768.4 million, Mar. 27, 2019 (25 rollovers, starting at $40 million) - Wisconsin
  8. Powerball: $758.7 million, Aug. 23, 2017 (20 rollovers, starting at $40 million) - Massachusetts
  9. Powerball: $731.1 million, Jan. 20, 2021 (35 rollovers, starting at $20 million) - Maryland
  10. Powerball: $699.8 million, Oct. 4, 2021 (40 rollovers, starting at $20 million) - California
  11. Powerball: $687.8 million, Oct. 27, 2018 (21 rollovers, starting at $40 million) - Iowa, New York
  12. Mega Millions: $656 million, Mar. 30, 2012 (18 rollovers, starting at $12 million) - Illinois, Kansas, Maryland
  13. Mega Millions: $648 million, Dec. 17, 2013 (21 rollovers, starting at $12 million) - California, Georgia
  14. Powerball: $632.6 million, Jan 5, 2022 (39 rollovers, starting at $20 million) - California, Wisconsin
  15. Powerball: $590.5 million, May 18, 2013 (13 rollovers, starting at $40 million) - Florida
  16. Powerball: $587.5 million, Nov. 28, 2012 (15 rollovers, starting at $40 million) - Arizona, Missouri
  17. Powerball: $564.1 million, Feb. 11, 2015 (20 rollovers, starting at $40 million) - North Carolina, Puerto Rico, Texas
  18. Powerball: $559.7 million, Jan. 6, 2018 (20 rollovers, starting at $40 million) - New Hampshire
  19. Mega Millions: $543 million, Jul. 24, 2018 (22 rollovers, starting at $40 million) - California
  20. Mega Millions: $536 million, Jul. 8, 2016 (34 rollovers, starting at $15 million) - Indiana
  21. Mega Millions: $533 million, Mar. 30, 2018 (23 rollovers, starting at $40 million) - New Jersey
  22. Mega Millions: $522 million, Jun. 7, 2019 (24 rollovers, starting at $40 million) - California
  23. Mega Millions: $516 million, May 21, 2021 (26 rollovers, starting at $20 million) - Pennsylvania
  24. Mega Millions: $502 million, Oct. 14, 2022 (21 rollovers, starting at $20 million) - California, Florida
  25. Powerball: $487 million, Jul. 30, 2016 (23 rollovers, starting at $40 million) - New Hampshire

For those keeping score, the number of jackpots in the top 25, by lottery game, are:

  • Powerball: 13
  • Mega Millions: 12

Top 25 cash value jackpots

Since many lottery winners collect their winnings in cash, the lump-sum payout is an important measure of what a winning ticket could be worth.

Looking at the cash value, the upcoming Mega Millions jackpot ranks as the 6th-largest cash value in world history.

  1. Powerball: $997.6 million cash, Nov. 7, 2022 ($2.0401 billion annuity) - California
  2. Powerball: $983.5 million cash, Jan. 13, 2016 ($1.5864 billion annuity) - California, Florida, Tennessee
  3. Mega Millions: $877.8 million cash, Oct. 23, 2018 ($1.537 billion annuity) - South Carolina
  4. Mega Millions: $780.5 million cash, Jul. 29, 2022 ($1.337 billion annuity) - Illinois
  5. Mega Millions: $776.6 million cash, Jan. 22, 2021 ($1.05 billion annuity) - Michigan
  6. Mega Millions: $568.7 million cash, Jan. 10, 2023 ($1.1 billion annuity) - Preliminary estimate, not won yet
  7. Powerball: $546.8 million cash, Jan. 20, 2021 ($731.1 million annuity) - Maryland
  8. Powerball: $496 million cash, Oct. 4, 2021 ($699.8 million annuity) - California
  9. Powerball: $480.5 million cash, Aug. 23, 2017 ($758.7 million annuity) - Massachusetts
  10. Powerball: $477 million cash, Mar. 27, 2019 ($768.4 million annuity) - Wisconsin
  11. Mega Millions: $471 million cash, Mar. 30, 2012 ($656 million annuity) - Illinois, Kansas, Maryland
  12. Powerball: $450.2 million cash, Jan. 5, 2022 ($632.6 million annuity) - California, Wisconsin
  13. Powerball: $396.2 million cash, Oct. 27, 2018 ($687.8 million annuity) - Iowa, New York
  14. Powerball: $384.7 million cash, Nov. 28, 2012 ($587.5 million annuity) - Arizona, Missouri
  15. Powerball: $381.1 million cash, Feb. 11, 2015 ($564.1 million annuity) - North Carolina, Puerto Rico, Texas
  16. Mega Millions: $378 million cash, Jul. 8, 2016 ($536 million annuity) - Indiana
  17. Powerball: $370.9 million cash, May 18, 2013 ($590.5 million annuity) - Florida
  18. Powerball: $352 million cash, Jan. 6, 2018 ($559.7 million annuity) - New Hampshire
  19. Mega Millions: $349.3 million cash, May 21, 2021 ($516 million annuity) - Pennsylvania
  20. Mega Millions: $347.6 million cash, Dec. 17, 2013 ($648 million annuity) - California, Georgia
  21. Powerball: $341.7 million cash, Jul. 30, 2016 ($487 million annuity) - New Hampshire
  22. Mega Millions: $340 million cash, Jun. 7, 2019 ($522 million annuity) - California
  23. Mega Millions: $324 million cash, Mar. 30, 2018 ($533 million annuity) - New Jersey
  24. Mega Millions: $320.5 million cash, Jul. 24, 2018 ($543 million annuity) - California
  25. Mega Millions: $319.9 million cash, Jun. 9, 2020 ($414 million annuity) - Arizona

The number of cash value jackpots in the top 25, by lottery game, are:

  • Powerball: 13
  • Mega Millions: 12

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Mega has had the most billion jkpots

still playing same nbr for 24 yrs

let's see if we get to 1.5

wander73's avatarwander73

It will be hit by Fri.

hearsetrax's avatarhearsetrax

why do I get the impression that we'll see another $2 billion dollar snafu ??


Quote: Originally posted by EnReval on Jan 7, 2023

Mega has had the most billion jkpots

still playing same nbr for 24 yrs

let's see if we get to 1.5

Notice how it seems they haven't been 'sweetening' the pot by adding in a few more million day of drawing.


Played European lottery #'s and 13 came up.   Won $12.


"May" get tempted to play Just the Jackpot again in the very near future, not that good of a deal with zero payout if you don't have all six #'s.

En ReVal

wonder why?

CDanaT's avatarCDanaT

Text my bride of 11+ yrs ....." Hey wanna grab a couple of MM tickets while you are out and about ? It will only cost $4".......Her reply, " It will cost you $7, which includes my service charge, if I can fit it into my busy schedule"..........WTH ????😡

We settled on $6

Good luck to us all


* All the only  States that always win" FL, NY, NJ, CA" won 2nd prizes last night, with the exception of CA. The math remains : A member of the Gang  of four will  take it home. 👍


Quote: Originally posted by noise-gate on Jan 7, 2023

* All the only  States that always win" FL, NY, NJ, CA" won 2nd prizes last night, with the exception of CA. The math remains : A member of the Gang  of four will  take it home. 👍

No. I am not in those four states. But wth, gonna buy a few tix and see what happnes.


I can't believe another billion dollar jackpot. I wonder how much higher it will go. I'm currently doing a study on MM numbers using Lottery Post quick picks vs terminal quick picks. I have only 4 more draws to go before I'm ready to publish the results. I wonder if one of those will win.

I plan to get some other tickets as well.

Good luck to everyone!


Quote: Originally posted by heisenberg991 on Jan 7, 2023

No. I am not in those four states. But wth, gonna buy a few tix and see what happnes.

I'm with you. I'm not in one of those states either, but I'm still playing. There's always hope.


Megabillions!  It would be nice to see a LP member be the first billion dollar jackpot winner of 2023.  Good luck players!


Quote: Originally posted by noise-gate on Jan 7, 2023

* All the only  States that always win" FL, NY, NJ, CA" won 2nd prizes last night, with the exception of CA. The math remains : A member of the Gang  of four will  take it home. 👍

* Yeah, we both know: The truth hurts!" Why so serious when l am simply stating the obvious? 🤗

Droptop209's avatarDroptop209

I love when its lotto fever time.  Went to store and seen everyone buying tickets.  Good luck to all LP members playing.

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