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McDonald's janitor wins $3 million, but won't quit night shift job

British Columbia LotteryBritish Columbia Lottery: McDonald's janitor wins $3 million, but won't quit night shift job

A janitor who won $3 million in the lottery doesn't plan to quit his night shift job at McDonald's.

Kissun Lal of Burnaby, B.C., discovered that he'd won in Wednesday's Lotto 6-49 draw when he picked up a copy of the newspaper near the end of his shift.

"Everyone at work told me to go home right away, but I wanted to finish my shift," said Lal Thursday as he picked up his cheque.

"I did dventually go home and calmly made some coffee, had a shower and waited for my family to wake up."

When his daughter, Nika, woke up all, he told her was, "I have to go to Richmond to pick up $3 million."

Nika immediately telephoned the B.C. Lottery Corp. and confirmed her father's win.

When his wife Kirat woke up, Lal asked her if she would like to accompany him to pick up the cheque.

"She didn't believe me. I think she thinks I was kidding," he said.  "She works at McDonald's too and she didn't want to miss a shift.

"She'll find out tonight that I wasn't kidding."

He said he plans to take his family on a long overdue trip back to his native Fiji to visit family, buy a new car and pay off his mortgage.


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3 comments. Last comment 13 years ago by trent2275.
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New Member
United States
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November 5, 2003
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Posted: November 30, 2003, 7:57 am - IP Logged

Always makes me happy to hear when a poor person wins the lottery!

Very happy for the B.C winner and his family!

    New Member
    Member #2906
    November 30, 2003
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    Posted: November 30, 2003, 4:41 pm - IP Logged

    I'd like to say I know both people. In fact, I work with them :-)

      trent2275's avatar - balar crowned.png
      United States
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      October 3, 2003
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      Posted: November 30, 2003, 5:24 pm - IP Logged

      must really like his job.