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HiJinx @ Craps Cost Wynn $700K + Letting It Slide Info
@ Coin et all craps players July story now released??? Was this a big George couple? Wonder what their story is in @ casinos in Mar del Plata, Argentina? Enjoy EddessaKnight Couple accused of dice sliding at Wynn Las Vegas While many craps aficionados scoff at the idea that a player can effectively control the roll of the dice, Wynn Las Vegas has become a believer. The Strip resort has filed a lawsuit in Clark County District Court against frequent customers Leonardo Fernandez and V
Oct 1, 2011, 4:38 pm - eddessaknight - Gaming Forum

Cosmopolitan drops $500K lawsuit against NHL star Evander Kane
Cosmopolitan drops $500K lawsuit against NHL star Evander Kane The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas has dropped its lawsuit against NHL star Evander Kane of the San Jose Sharks regarding unpaid casino markers. All players have to owe up on debts!
Apr 9, 2020, 7:25 pm - eddessaknight - Gaming Forum

Lv: Chinese Investors Sue SLS OVER $$ CONSPIRACY
Business Investors in SLS Las Vegas sue, claim project was never profitable Los Angeles Times Sixty Chinese investors who were promised U.S. permanent resident cards for investing in the SLS Las Vegas hotel and casino have sued the developers of the project, saying they never received the promised green cards under EB-5 pilot program The lawsuit, filed in Los Angeles County Superior Court last month, claims the investors put in $545,000 each but were the victims of a conspiracy to u
Dec 9, 2017, 6:16 pm - eddessaknight - Gaming Forum

TRIBAL CASINOS VERSUS LAS VEGAS TYPE CASINOS? Do you have better luck at either one?
WHOLE NEW BALLGAME TRIBAL Casino Restructuring Report by Global Gaming For those interested in the upcoming changes - very detailed report Eddessa_Knight A WHOLE NEW BALLGAME Why tribal casino restructurings are changing quickly BYALEX CALDERONE, TERENCE M. DUNLEAVYAND RANDALLA.FINE August 2010 19 actions which may amount to management of such casinos, even if such actions are permitted by agreement of parties, unless such agreement has been approved by the ch
Nov 25, 2015, 7:36 pm - eddessaknight - Gaming Forum

Casino Dealer Kept Working As Player Died :-(
It's one of those stories that makes no sense. For instance, While playing blackjack with friends and business associates, Jagolinzer s hand began convulsing at which point, he collapsed and became slumped over on the blackjack table with his head down, the lawsuit filed in Nevada civil court alleges . Bet his buddies thought he was taking a nap and told the dealer to keep on dealing. The Casino disputes the allegations, Wynn Resorts, which owns and operates the Wynn Las Vegas luxu
Feb 25, 2023, 12:05 am - Stack47 - Gaming Forum

MGM Resorts hack affected a reported 10.6M former guests :-(
UPDATING Serious Story MGM Resorts sued over data breach affecting up to 10.6M guests A Florida law firm has filed a lawsuit against MGM Resorts International over a data breach last year that may have affected as many as 10.6 million hotel guests, according to a Reuters report.
Feb 22, 2020, 10:47 pm - eddessaknight - Gaming Forum

Chicago Cubs and the number 108
From WGN CHICAGO It has been 108 years since the Cubs won the World Series and now it seems the number is following the team every where. Grant DePorter, CEO, Harry Caray s Restaurant Group and co-author of the 2008 book Hoodoo: Unraveling the 100 Year Mystery of the Chicago Cubs, has discovered a shocking list of 108 appearances, which could mean the 108-year-long World Series drought could be coming to an end. Everywhere you look, it s 108. You just can t get away from it, DePorter
Oct 25, 2016, 12:36 am - Coin Toss - Gaming Forum

Seminoles Hard Rock Casino
thanks to truesee More news on Tribal Casino Soverinty plus IRS Appearently Tribe refuses to render to Caeser their fair share of wampum for US taxes EddessaKnight ~ Miccosukee tribe launches counterattack against IRS The Miccosukee Tribe has launched a counterattack against the IRS, saying that millions of dollars in gambling profits distributed to members are not subject to federal income taxes. JAY WEAVER Miami Herald In a legal showdown with the IR
Aug 2, 2010, 4:24 pm - eddessaknight - Gaming Forum

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