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i had the idea of starting a business for online gambling... you could go into the a coffee, or a sandwich, even a beer, or some jack and quick draw or regular lottery games...i could make money by selling lottery tickets...(no scratchers!!!!) with some help from people on LP...i could possible win a jackpot in quick draw...or keno...that would help finance the cost of the lease...there would be some sofas...maybe a tv...kinda like a lounge for lottery players, mayb
Mar 26, 2012, 2:02 am - LottoBoner - Gaming Forum

I Am a Millionaire Now!!
Quote: Originally posted by Pick 3 Fairy on February 17, 2005I have received the same type of thing in the mail. They ask me for my bank account number to transfer funds. Everyone beware because if you really win anything like that they would send certified mail to you and would never ask your bank account. And how could you win if you never bought a ticket?Yo P3F, how are things deep in the heart of Texas? Us sophisticated Lottery players know better about all these scams. But take senior ci
Feb 17, 2005, 4:35 pm - hosni - Gaming Forum

Horse Racing...Can someone tell me...
Most horse races have between 8 and 12 horses so if tracks had fixed payoffs the best odds you could expect to get is 11 to 1. However horse racing is pari-mutual so even if you had the only winning ticket, the most you could win is the whatever is in the pool minus the track take percentage. Each race has three separate pools, Win, Place, and Show and some races have additional pools like Exacta, Quinella, Trifecta and multi race pools. The betters determine the odds on each horse or on each co
Mar 8, 2011, 1:40 pm - Stack47 - Gaming Forum

Anyone play craps?
This is pretty much what I do for the pass line, starting with 6 and 8 usually. If the point is either one of those I will usually go to 5 or 9, depending on how the table is (hot or cold). Odds are *key* and I play the behind the pass line odds, as the house has no advantage on these and it's free money. Sometimes if I am hitting points and I am up, I will bet a little on the hardways. For instance, if point is 8 or 10, I might put a $5 on the hard 8 or hard 10. That way if my point hits
Apr 21, 2010, 10:32 pm - TheOtherOne - Gaming Forum

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