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"Please, Pray For My Son"

Topic closed. 53 replies. Last post 11 years ago by ducksafloat.

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May 12, 2004
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Posted: May 2, 2006, 4:45 pm - IP Logged

Praying for you and yours!! 

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    June 8, 2004
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    Posted: May 2, 2006, 4:47 pm - IP Logged

    I have three sons, My prayers for his safe return and for GOD to keep you strong and pour his comfort over you and your family, Miss Bee

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      United States
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      March 3, 2006
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      Posted: May 2, 2006, 5:17 pm - IP Logged

      Y es Maam I will  continue to pray because I already pray for the safe return of our troops over there..and to the possibility of my own son having to go there this August..he was told that he may be going in August with the next rotation I guess..he is stationed at Camp Shelby in Mississippi right now which is not far from our home..so yes I will pray for you and all of our troops over there..May our Dearest Heavenly Father watch over them all..

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        Charlotte NC
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        June 18, 2005
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        Posted: May 2, 2006, 5:29 pm - IP Logged

        I pray that God will bring your son home safely and soon.  May God bless you and keep you and yours and make his blessing to shine upon you.  And give you peace.


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          United States
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          March 29, 2006
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          Posted: May 2, 2006, 5:35 pm - IP Logged

          Praying for you and your's. May God continue to watch over our troops.


          God bless you Patrice~


            Bronx, NY
            United States
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            February 28, 2006
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            Posted: May 2, 2006, 5:37 pm - IP Logged

            Lord we pray that leaders and rulers of the world will find more responsible ways of settling disputes than senseless wars, so that our children do not have to die on foreign fields. In the meantime we ask that you protect our servicemen and servicewomen and bring them home as soon as possible.

            We also prayer for the Iraqi people that they will discover peaceful means of settling their problems so that our soldiers can return home soon.

            Finally we pray for those fighting our soldiers thinking they are the enemy. We ask you to give us the Christian attitude to love even those we consider our enemies.

            Bless our soldiers again and keep them safe.


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              United States
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              March 7, 2006
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              Posted: May 2, 2006, 5:52 pm - IP Logged

              I'll keep your son and all the soldiers in my prayers, may they come home soon!

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                Beautiful Florida
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                July 18, 2004
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                Posted: May 2, 2006, 6:06 pm - IP Logged

                A prayer has been said for your son and for all the men and women in Iraq. May their journey be swift without any trouble. I pray for a safe return of your son...!


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                  Oklahoma City
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                  March 14, 2006
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                  Posted: May 2, 2006, 6:13 pm - IP Logged

                  Heavenly Father we thank thee for all your wonderful blessings.  We thank thee for watching over Dezmond as he travels an unfamiliar road.  A road that only you can lead his steps.  As we turn his safety and the safety of others around him, may no hurt harm or danger come near him.  Lord, when the enemy see him or even think to plot against him, let them see another 10,000 soldiers standing around him.  Lord we ask for his constant protection and may he be able to utilize this time also to further the coming of your Kingdom.  Amen

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                    Detroit, MI
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                    November 15, 2004
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                    Posted: May 2, 2006, 6:15 pm - IP Logged

                    I have prayed and will ask my church family to pray tonight for Desmond and all the soilders far from home. Keep your chin up and remember he's in God's hands.



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                      Nasau, Bahamas
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                      December 19, 2003
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                      Posted: May 2, 2006, 6:44 pm - IP Logged

                      No you are not selfish.  I have three sons no daughters and I constantly pray for them although they are not at war but at nights when they go out I get on my knees and plead the blood over them because Our LOrd and Saviour said when He see the blood He will pass over you. And right now Duck I plead the Blood of Jesus Christ over Your son Desmond and I also pray that God will keep him and put his bullet proof vest over him and protect him while he is in Iraq.  Tell your granddaughter I will be praying for her so that Daddy would come home sooner than later so that she can enjoy that piggy back ride.  Every time you think of Desmond, You just shout out his name and Just say I cover you (Desmond) with the blood of Jesus and trust me your load will be a little lighter.

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                        South Carolina
                        United States
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                        April 3, 2005
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                        Posted: May 2, 2006, 7:01 pm - IP Logged

                        I know exactly what you are feeling right now. My husband is currently in Iraq serving a 6 month tour. I stay up all night thinking about him. In those times when I am down, I just drop to my knees and start praying. We are not in control of our lives, God is. I know that your son, my husband, and all of the troops over there are going to be O.K. I will continue to pray for our troops.  Take Care and God Bless You and Your Son  lucat30


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                          November 15, 2004
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                          Posted: May 2, 2006, 7:30 pm - IP Logged

                           Dear  DucksLady

                          My prayers for his safe return..but also bring our troops home safely. God Bless to all

                            Columbia, SC
                            United States
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                            December 8, 2005
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                            Posted: May 2, 2006, 9:22 pm - IP Logged

                            I wish I could reach out and hug you!!! My prays are with you.

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                              United States
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                              November 9, 2001
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                              Posted: May 2, 2006, 9:22 pm - IP Logged

                              prayers for you and your family.  god bless.

                              love to nibble those micey feet.