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For the sake of being blunt...

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June 22, 2005
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Posted: January 2, 2008, 11:30 pm - IP Logged

Pac, I had a friend who lived not far, from the Berkeley campus. He took me to a pizza parlor, on campus, in 1965. You would have had to be there to believe. I can truthfully say, those were not sugar pills!!!!

I take the fifth....lol

Well, if I was there in 1965, it had to be when I was about a year old....lol


My grandmother, (bless her soul) is about 102 years old. WOW!...I remember at an early age, at 4 pm everyday, the tea would come out and she would put a sugar cube in her mouth and take a sip of tea. Sip some more, some more, some more, and put another cube in her mouth, and so on.....

I love my grandma,,,,she's a trip....