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Universal filters programs for cash 5 kinds of games?

Topic closed. 45 replies. Last post 4 years ago by garyo1954.

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Posted: June 4, 2013, 12:56 am - IP Logged

I agree with you on several points.

There is a lot of faulty software out there.

And people do not take the time to understand what the software will do and what it won't.

The third most common reason, people can't win is lack of available data. Two years ago when we broke the Texas Cash5 into little pieces of info, we found a bunch of 0,1, and 2s.

You can analyze 0,1,2 all day long, but not with any definity.

Software itself won't win. Still it is a great tool to target the combos you are seeking, not necessarily the winning combo. 

We live in a push button society. And we would all like to write a software that analyzes the draws and spits out the next winner. Not likely that is going to happen soon, if at all.

When you consider software you have to realize, your input affects the output.

Remember the old "Garbage in, Garbage out?"

Still true today. There is no shortcuts.

That's the reason you need to know the filters, what they do, how they work and how each will affect the outcome. Preset filters are shortcuts. While they may be based on the general statistics of the game, they often don't fit the parameters of the recent draws.

Software alone won't win the lottery. Truth is, it never was intended too. The best software does its job when it produces the combinations you are looking for. That is all it can do.

Naturally if you don't know what you are looi\king for, or how to achieve that goal by the use of filters, it will prove to be a fultile attempt.

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