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Lottery Post member receives Distinguished Service Award

Topic closed. 38 replies. Last post 10 years ago by TexasDreams.

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Posted: October 17, 2007, 7:01 pm - IP Logged

GoArmy, thanks very much for adding the personal details to the story. Hearing it from you makes it even more real and horrifying.

Good luck to you.


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    June 27, 2007
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    Posted: October 17, 2007, 10:57 pm - IP Logged

    Mr. Cox you are a very humble man.  I just wanted to throw in my own kudos.  I know how it goes myself with these incidents and it can be very traumatizing.  This is a feel-good story but the emotions in situations like these are anything but.

    That child doesn't yet have the capacity to understand what you guys did for him but I'm sure one day he will.  As for you; I hope YOU all know that the actions you took requires special kinds of people.  The award is very well deserved.

     On a side note I TOTALLY agree with your assessment of DV in music.  DV ruins lives and breeds new generations of violent criminals and they don't seem to give a damn.  Sad indeed.

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      July 25, 2002
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      Posted: October 18, 2007, 5:30 pm - IP Logged

      That was a very inspirational story. I am happy that everything turned alright.

      We here at LP are very proud of you.


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        August 29, 2005
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        Posted: October 19, 2007, 12:56 am - IP Logged

        Good job guys...

         well i don't know who goarmy is but congratulations....

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          July 23, 2004
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          Posted: October 19, 2007, 1:29 am - IP Logged

          Congrats GoArmy! Cheers

          We need more men like you!

          Your present situation is not your final destination!
          Good luck...5pennies Dance
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            October 15, 2004
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            Posted: October 20, 2007, 9:45 am - IP Logged

            if the world had more people like mr. cox it would be a much better place.this generation has the wrong role models and heroes.verlon is that rare example of a true hero.if each young person had a person like this to look up to imagine how much better off the world would be......

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              June 23, 2004
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              Posted: October 21, 2007, 8:15 am - IP Logged

              Thank you.  WTG!!

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                October 23, 2007
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                Posted: October 29, 2007, 10:41 pm - IP Logged

                Bob shared the link to this post with me. GoArmy I don't think we've met yet. But I wanted to tell you this is a amazing story and proof of the goodness of men. You have 1 monster trying to hurt the world's most precious gift-a child. But thanks to 4 brave men he was stopped. My hats off to all of you. Thank you

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                  November 19, 2007
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                  Posted: November 26, 2007, 11:21 pm - IP Logged

                  Great Job, not that there is anything funny about the article but I just noticed the sailors serve aboard the USS FREEDOM!!!

                  A few years ago, billionaire Warren Buffett advised  "Investors should remember that excitement and expenses are their enemies. And if they insist on trying to time their participation in equities, they should try to be fearful when others are greedy and greedy only when others are fearful."