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By Todd Northrop, Founder of Lottery Post

On May 31, 2000, a small website called Lottery Post came online, offering lottery players a way to discuss and share anything about their passion for the games. Little did I know at the time that that humble little forum would one day become one of the most popular lottery-related websites in the world.

Back in those days, before the advent of social media, there were very few places for lottery players to discuss and share information. So I created Lottery Post as a simple website, with a single forum, to establish a place for sharing ideas.

One of the primary guiding values of Lottery Post has always been the free sharing of ideas without the intrusion and disruption caused by commercial spammers or scammers. My belief was (and still is) that you can't build a trusting and sharing community if people need to be suspicious of whom they are having discussions with.

Lottery Post is indeed a community at its core — a kind of social media for lottery players before there was social media.

Over the next couple of years as the number of members and discussion threads grew, the website expanded to include multiple forums, making discussions easier to search and browse.

In 2002, Lottery Post started expanding beyond a forum for the first time, when we added a page showing all the daily lottery results throughout the United States. It was the start of a new direction for Lottery Post — to be a complete website for lottery players, with the goal of offering all of the things lottery players need.

Expansion of the website continued rapidly over the next several years, with the addition of many features not commonly found elsewhere, including:

  • Daily lottery news
  • Broadening of the lottery results to include more countries and detailed game and prize information
  • A Predictions Board to simulate actual game play, allowing players to test their systems and track their success against the actual winning numbers
  • A variety of systems, tools, analysis, and statistics
  • A large collection of lottery wheels for players to buy lottery tickets in a logical, mathematical way
  • Blogs so that members of Lottery Post can express themselves in ways apart from the lottery

An important aspect of Lottery Post's growth was its tremendously deep and accurate lottery results database that underlies many of the features available to lottery players.

You can find lottery results plastered all over the Internet these days, but the one thing that you can't find anywhere else is the accuracy and completeness of the lottery results at Lottery Post. Our view is that systems and statistics are nearly worthless if the data they are using in not accurate. So we built our own lottery results database sourced directly from the lotteries and meticulously eliminated errors and omissions.

The lottery results at Lottery Post remain today the most accurate and complete found anywhere on the Internet. More people get their lottery results from Lottery Post every day than any other website in the world.

After 20 years, Lottery Post has become one of the most popular lottery-related websites in the world — more daily visitors by far than any other US-based lottery website, including every official government lottery in the United States.

We are proud of what we've accomplished, but we are relentless in our goal to keep getting better and offering more of what lottery players want.

Before 2020 turned into the "year of the coronavirus" we had planned to celebrate our anniversary in the month of May with some fun giveaways and contests to thank our loyal members and visitors. We put those plans on hold once the world went into lockdown and nobody was sure how the virus was spreading.

The good news is that we only put those plans on hold, so once the world returns to normal we look forward to celebrating our big milestone together with all the millions of lottery players who visit Lottery Post each week.

We want to thank you all, from the bottom of our hearts, for making Lottery Post your daily home page for your passion of playing the lottery!

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congrats todd..... i admire this.... and i got 1st comment.     lil darryl.     ya got some milk

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PartyHappy Birthday, Lottery Post!



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Happy Birthday lottery post

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      CONGRATULATIONS!!!   Todd..  Job well done..!!!!


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PartyCongratulations! Now that's staying power! Most marriages don't even last as long as Lotterypost has! Great job Todd. This site gets better and better each year. Happy 20th !


God Bless Todd & God Bless Lotterypost May Love ,Luck & Life Be Bless To All That Work On & Visit Lotterpost.

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Congrats Todd!!Cheers

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PartySad Cheers


Congrats! Well done 👍

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I thankful that you had the vision to bring this to life. Everything I know about the game I learned here that has enable me to understand the game in a whole other level. Thanks for all you do . For the last 15.8 years I seen lottery post grow and improved where everything I need is in one palace Thank you Todd.




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Happy Birthday 

              Lottery Post!!

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Happy Birthday Lottery Post!!!! Thanks for all you do! Thumbs Up

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Lottery Post and Congrats Todd

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