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Aug 14, 2022, 10:16 am (102 comments)

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Old desktop, mobile websites retired

New unified website is the future of the popular lottery brand

MARTINSVILLE, N.J. — Lottery Post Founder Todd Northrop today announced the launch of the new Lottery Post website, unifying the mobile and desktop experience and implementing numerous improvements, while positioning the popular lottery website for the future.

In an intense but carefully-orchestrated two-year project, the world's most popular website devoted to official government-run lottery games completed its rebuild today, retiring the old desktop and mobiles websites. Previously, Lottery Post visitors would use different websites when visiting on mobile devices and desktop computers.

The rebuild of the website was first made public in June, when Lottery Post announced the availability of a special preview website, allowing anyone to try out the new website before the old one was retired. A video hosted by Northrop explained the steps leading up to the development of the new website, as well as a demonstration of several key new features.


Lottery Post members and visitors do not need to do anything differently to access the new website. Even for pages where the link (URL) of the page has changed, the new website will automatically redirect the browser to the correct page.

The only case where users may have to do a little "work" is if they installed Lottery Post as an icon on their device's home screen. In that case, Lottery Post recommends long-pressing on the home screen icon and selecting the Remove/Uninstall option. After the icon is uninstalled, the Add to Home Screen can once again be used to add a fresh installation of the new website on the device's home screen.

Getting to today's launch was no easy task, given the website's scope and complexity. When the multi-year project started, Lottery Post's founder and developer was not even certain it was possible to rebuild the entire thing.

"Given the millions of pages and hundreds of thousands of lines of code that operate the website, the project appeared so daunting at the beginning that I wondered if it would be possible to rebuild it all," Northrop explained. "After about 10 months enough was built that I could start to document all the parts that were remaining. It was a huge list, but at that point I could start to see that it was actually possible to finish the whole thing, and I could even start to estimate the number of months left to completion."

In June the new website was launched as a special preview, running in parallel to the old website so that people could try out the new website, while still having access to the one one.

In the time since that preview launch, Lottery Post members and visitors tried the new website and provided hundreds of items of feedback. As the feedback came in, the preview website was continually improved in response, documented on the website's What's New page.

Now, around two months after that first preview was introduced, the old desktop and mobile websites are retired — replaced by the new Lottery Post.

But the launch of the new website is not the end — it's actually a new beginning. Lottery Post will continue carefully monitoring feedback about the website, making changes and improvements where necessary. Also, the important technology advances in the new website create a much better platform for implementing new features, so Lottery Post members and visitors can expect new exciting things to be coming in the future.

"I want to thank all the loyal Lottery Post members who built such a vibrant and thriving community over the last 22 years," Northrop said. "The new website is an expression of my gratitude for their support, and my hope is that Lottery Post is better than ever as a home for every lottery player for far into the future."

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mypiemaster's avatarmypiemaster

This is going to be sweet!!!.

jackpotismine's avatarjackpotismine

Houston, all systems are a go. We have lift off. Congrats Todd and team.

hearsetrax's avatarhearsetrax

sully16's avatarsully16

Very nice, congrats Todd .😎


old way better


l like it.

GiveFive's avatarGiveFive

Todd, are you an Army of One, or did you have some help?  Either way you're producing a nice product.  G5

winwoman's avatarwinwoman

Nice website update. Indeed!

Cash4life$'s avatarCash4life$

Great job guys...

godisgood's avatargodisgood

I totally agree


Thank You Todd! Good Job.

MADDOG10's avatarMADDOG10

Love the functionality of the new site.  Very easy to maneuver, once you take a test run. 

Great Improvement Todd.  Thank You!

dartiger's avatardartiger

I like to see all results at one time otherwise this site is just like others searching each state individually wasting time and energy

gregs241's avatargregs241

Quote: Originally posted by hearsetrax on Aug 14, 2022

very nice upgrade Todd ! easy for we with "much experience" to read.  and GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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