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New Powerball feature coming to some states

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Whenever I play PB, I add The Power Play option, but I don't play very frequently.  When I do play, I'm actually playing for the second place prize of 2 million simply because it carries 11 million to 1 odds versus 292 million to 1 odds to win the jackpot.  Yes the second place prize is fixed at 2 million dollars, but I buy three lines containing the same set of five numbers. (The three lines on my ticket are identical and it costs me $9.00)  So theoretically, I could win six million dollars if my five numbers match those drawn. 

So, my question is; If I add the Double Play feature too, will I win thirty million dollars?  And yes, my $9.00 ticket just became a $12.00 ticket, so I might be playing less frequently than I did in the past. Would they even have 30 million in the prize pool to pay me?  My gut is telling me they'd try to limit what they'd have to pay me. There's probably something in the official rules about that. G5

Sadly , no. 

on the tn lottery site it says "The Double Play top prize will be divided equally among all winning top prize plays.