VIDEO: Your state might not allow anonymous prize claims... or does it?

Oct 1, 2022, 8:29 pm (10 comments)


Fret not about your state's rules, we're setting the record straight

By Kate Northrop

MARTINSVILLE, N.J. — Did you know only a handful of states allow lottery winners to claim their prizes anonymously? Many seasoned players don't even know that there are still ways of hiding your name in states that technically don't allow it.

Today, Lottery Post is setting the record straight with its latest video detailing how you can remain nameless when claiming lottery winnings — or maybe you're out of luck and can't claim anonymously at all.

Regardless, we've noticed that this information is too hard to find in one place, so we made a video on it so you don't have to go digging anywhere to find it.

WATCH: Can you win the lottery anonymously?

But why is it in your best interest to know what your state's rule are when you play the lottery? Many players want to claim lottery winnings without revealing their name to the public to protect their safety and identity, because no one realistically wants to change their phone number, get up and move, or have people knocking on their door for handouts and interviews.

On the other hand, most state lotteries don't want to allow anonymous prize claims because they are an extension of the government that deal with the public's money. Therefore it is in their best interest to maintain full transparency so that the public knows that these large sums of money are going to a "real" person. State lotteries also benefit from showing a winner's face because it's essentially free advertising. Imagine if that winner were you!

Some states, however, are not too clear on their rules. While some technically say you can't claim anonymously, there are some legal loopholes or exceptions that can help you hide your name from the public.

Visit Lottery Post's official YouTube channel to check out our latest video and see what your state's current rules on anonymous claims are and if there are any ways you can protect your identity if (and when) you win.

Since many lotteries are continuing to update their laws to this day, this list is subject to change, but we hope that it can serve as a baseline of knowledge for a long time to come.

Thanks to Lottery Post user Artist77 for putting together this incredibly helpful forum thread on anonymous claims by state.

Of course, all lottery winners should consult with a local legal professional to ensure all the details of the laws in their state since these rules change all the time, and Lottery Post is not a licensed legal entity that can provide legal advice.

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Mata Garbo

Once again the Queen if Lottery information does not disappoint. Your videos makes us aware of things we thought we knew......but didn't. For example, I had no idea the states of Nevada and Hawaii did not have lotteries. Thanks Kate.


Cassie8620's avatarCassie8620

I appreciate knowing this. Very helpful. 

Moved from CALI, we all did, years ago, to here east coast NC,

soon further east, to PA/NJ/DE area, before end of year, postponed from a month or so ago,

but will be moving so this is very helpful to know.


G-night. Good luck to all playing their p3 games and pick 4. (scratch offs and big games too MB PB.)good night."

Artist77's avatarArtist77

Great video Kate and thanks for the mention. Hopefully a day will come when all states realize the importance of anonymity. It seems like the largest conspiracy type efforts have been perpetuated by lottery employees since they have far more opportunity and internal access to commit lottery fraud.

And if you are in a state that says there is no anonymity without further details, I would still try claiming with a LLC or trust. If the state lottery says no, it was still worth the attempt.

Mata Garbo

Quote: Originally posted by Mata Garbo on Oct 1, 2022

Once again the Queen if Lottery information does not disappoint. Your videos makes us aware of things we thought we knew......but didn't. For example, I had no idea the states of Nevada and Hawaii did not have lotteries. Thanks Kate.





Quote: Originally posted by Mata Garbo on Oct 2, 2022



Be a neat problem to have IF we win the big one.  😉😉


In Australia, in all states, lottery winners have the right to remain anonymous. Plus, all prize money is totally tax free.


*  Given my options: l could temporary  change my name to " Jethro Tull" after seeing l won. Claim my prize within 365 days & then change my name back to what it presently is. Regardless, the Gorilla suit is standing by, if all all else fails.

wpb's avatarwpb

Great info Todd.  Thank you!

Think's avatarThink

At 25:49  It should be Wyoming NOT Wisconsin!!

Kola's avatarKola

Thanks for the great info Kate!

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