New $50 Massachusetts Lottery ticket offers "unprecedented" top prize of $1 million a year for life

Feb 7, 2024, 11:41 am (8 comments)

Massachusetts Lottery

Another huge prize-bearing game one year after the launch of the state's first $50 ticket

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By Kate Northrop

The Massachusetts Lottery released a new $50 scratch-off ticket that boasts an "unprecedented" top prize of $1 million a year for life.

The new $50 scratch-off ticket from the Massachusetts Lottery, which offers a prize that is sure to keep anyone comfortable for the rest of their life, is certainly the first of its kind for that price point.

Ticket rolls for "Lifetime Millions" hit the shelves at Massachusetts Lottery retailers across the state on Tuesday, and the hefty price tag comes with a chance at winning a top prize that is just as juicy.

"We released our first $50 lottery ticket last year and it quickly became the best-selling ticket in the country," State Treasurer and Chair of the Massachusetts State Lottery Commission Deborah B. Goldberg said. "With the grand prize of a million dollars a year for life, this new $50 ticket gives players what they have been requesting, another chance to win big."

Winners of the $1 million a year for life grand prize are guaranteed to receive that annual amount for a minimum of 20 years, "with the potential to continue for many more," a press release says. Alternatively, grand prize winners can take the cash option of the prize, which comes out to $15.4 million.

Out of 25.2 million tickets in circulation, three tickets hold the coveted grand prize. The odds of winning one of the three top prizes are about 1 in 8.4 million.

The game also offers four second-tier prizes of $2 million, or $100,000 a year for 20 years, and 12 third-tier prizes of $1 million, or $50,000 a year for 20 years, none of which have been claimed.

The lowest prize a player can win in the $50 game is $100, with the overall prize payout of 82% matching the highest payout percentage of any instant game in Massachusetts Lottery history, according to the Lottery.

"We are excited to give Mass Lottery players their first-ever chance to win a million dollars a year for life instantly," Lottery Executive Director Mark William Bracken stated. "With three tiers of grand prizes, second chances to win up to $50,000, and no break-even prizes, Lifetime Millions offers a wide range of ways to win."

The overall odds of winning any prize in "Lifetime Millions" is 1 in 4.1.

Players may also enter non-winning tickets in the game's ten available Second Chance Drawings, which gives ticketholders another shot at winning cash prizes ranging from $100 to $50,000. Each of the ten drawings will award 12 $50,000 prizes, 8 $1,000 prizes, 62 $500 prizes, and 250 $100 prizes.

Massachusetts' very first $50 scratch-off ticket, "Billion Dollar Extravaganza," went on sale exactly one year ago on Feb, 7, 2023. The game is still available today, with all three top prizes of $25 million claimed and four out of five second-tier prizes of $2 million remaining.

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Lottery Post Staff



This will be the scratcher I'll purchase with my office pool!!!

Artist77's avatarArtist77

I would almost be tempted to play by this prize amount. Wow! And I do not care for scratchers.


82% prize payout is better than most State-run lottos.     From this one scratcher lotto, the lotto will rake 18%, or about $227 million.   Big profit for the State.

Lotterologist's avatarLotterologist

I don't know if i'll ever spend even $20 dollars for a scratchoff.

I feel sorry for those with gambling addictions.

I once paid $10 dollars for a scratchoff and when it showed $20 dollars, I was mad because i'd only won $10. 

I've probably bought $10 dollar scratchoffs only once or twice since then.

LottoBux's avatarLottoBux

Since there are only 25.2 Mil tickets available,I would definitely be in for more than 1

This is the ultimate payout.

Those are going to sell out very fast.

The odds are better than say 6/49 or PB/MM at 1 in 8.4M for sure.

 If you already spend $10 or $20 often on scratchers,why not buy 1 of those instead?

I would if I could but I'm from Ontario.

Todd's avatarTodd

Just added the Mass Lottery's Super Bowl ad for the new game to the story.

Artist77's avatarArtist77

I am always grateful for any win.


I can't imagine paying $50 for a scratch ticket.

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