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Lottery winners: Dream wedding in the cards

Mega MillionsMega Millions: Lottery winners: Dream wedding in the cards

A U.S. soldier on leave from South Korea won a $150 million jackpot this week in a multistate lottery.

Staff Sgt. Stephen Tirrell Moore, 30, was visiting his home in Fitzergald, Georgia, on a 30-day leave when he bought the winning ticket.

Moore and his wife, Danielle, talked Friday to CNN Anchor Daryn Kagan from their hometown. Below is a partial transcript:

KAGAN: Your husband is home on leave. And did you know he was out there buying lottery tickets?

DANIELLE MOORE: Yes, I did actually, because he bought one prior to the winning ticket. He bought two that day actually. And the first one that he bought I was like, "Oh, no, these numbers don't look good." So he went out later on, and he bought another one, you know. ...

KAGAN: When did you figure out that you guys had hit the big jackpot?

DANIELLE MOORE: Oh. His brother and I were ... watching TV, and his brother's flipping through the channels, and he just stopped on the channel where the guy is calling out the numbers, and I immediately, I jump up to go and find the ticket.

I couldn't find it at first, and when I did find it, I came back and the guy was off by then. His brother was telling me the numbers that he could remember. He could only remember like four of the numbers. He couldn't remember all six. So we tried to call. We couldn't get through, and so we checked on the Internet, and that's when we found out.

But my husband wasn't there. He was out with his other brother, you know, celebrating -- guy's night out.

KAGAN: Well, there's going to be a few of those, I think, coming up.

DANIELLE MOORE: Tirrell, but you didn't even know you had won?


KAGAN: So it's one thing to win you guys, but you had the only winning ticket, $150 million. Plus you elected to take the cash payout, so we're talking like $90 million before taxes?


KAGAN: We're going to buy you a few words, sergeant.

I think the main question people want to know. You're on leave -- are you going back?

STEPHEN TIRRELL MOORE: Yes, I'm going back and say farewell to everybody. I have a lot of good friends over there. So I want to actually see them face to face. I guess I have to go back because I called, and they weren't expecting me to come back, but I'm going to go back anyway. Tell them bye.

KAGAN: How does that work? I mean, are you allowed to say, thanks for playing? You're done with the Army. Or is there a certain obligation?

STEPHEN TIRRELL MOORE: That's pretty much it, just get out.

KAGAN: You can just get out. Danielle, what's your status with the Army?

DANIELLE MOORE: I'm going to get out also. I actually just re-enlisted in August for four more years, so I'm assuming that it will still work the same as with him. I guess it's just a chapter, you know, but I'm going to get out also.

KAGAN: Or you can say it's been nice -- of course, you have done your service for your country, but it's time to move on. OK, let's talk the fantasy stuff. What are you going to do with all the money?

You're still giggling about this.

DANIELLE MOORE: It hasn't really sunk in yet. We're still, you know. ...

STEPHEN MOORE: Take care of family and close friends and this -- donating some to charity -- and just live, be thankful.

KAGAN: Which is all very nice and respectable and admirable, but one fantasy thing, Danielle, shopping, a car, a trip?

DANIELLE MOORE: My dream wedding.

KAGAN: A dream wedding.

DANIELLE MOORE: A dream wedding.

KAGAN: How did you guys get married?

DANIELLE MOORE: And a house. I'm getting a house built.

STEPHEN TIRRELL MOORE: Justice of the peace.

KAGAN: You're getting a house built.

Oh, so when you got married, it was justice of the peace, but Danielle, this time, the full thing, the huge party, the cake. ...

DANIELLE MOORE: With everyone, everyone is invited.

KAGAN: We'll be there. Very good. Well, congratulations. You clearly are a family that has given a lot to the country, and now you are getting yours back. And we wish you well.

Danielle and Stephen Tirrell Moore


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