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Michigan Lottery celebrates 10th raffle drawing
Michigan: more raffle draws than any other state The Michigan Lottery's Millionaire Raffle is back in action, now with its tenth drawing conducted. The complete list of winning numbers for the latest raffle draw can be found on Lottery Post's Michigan Lottery Results page ( The $20 raffle tickets went on sale Nov. 10, and a total of 600,000 were available for the drawing. All the tickets were sold out prior to the draw. In the drawing held earlier toda
Jan 5, 2009, 11:08 pm - Lottery News

Ex-con held onto his lotto millions and started new life
While having a few drinks at a Hamilton Street bar, Aristeo Robelin saw a familiar face. It was one of the police officers who helped put him in federal prison on drug smuggling and weapons charges. The cop congratulated Robelin on his new life as a millionaire and bought him a beer. Robelin, 40, took the meeting as an omen and stopped spending so much time in Hamilton Street bars. Three years after winning $3.7 million in the Mega Millions lottery, the father of two and ex-con has l
Dec 10, 2008, 8:27 pm - Lottery News

Lottery winner almost out of cash three years later
For fun, Keith Bryce and his wife, Elizabeth, play bingo on Tuesdays at a Knights of Columbus Hall, or watch movies on a mattress in the living room. It's a long way from the craps tables, flashing lights and plush presidential suites at the swank Las Vegas hotels of their honeymoon. Since Bryce won the Mega Millions lottery three years ago, he has clashed with family, spent close to $3 million and isn't far from the poorhouse a place he assumed he'd never visit again. In the first 30 d
Dec 10, 2008, 8:05 pm - Lottery News

Michigan Lottery replacing terminals statewide
Michigan celebrates 36th anniversary of state lottery As the Michigan Lottery turns 36 this week, about 11,000 lottery machines across Michigan are being replaced with new state-of-the-art terminals. The new Michigan Lottery terminals are smaller, faster and easier to use, with features including touchpad screens and laser printing instead of keyboards and the usual ticket paper. About 3,420 retailers statewide already have converted to the new machines. State's first lottery ticket
Nov 14, 2008, 10:42 am - Lottery News

$42M lottery winner plans to become a pecan farmer
A Detroit-area man who won a $42 million Mega Millions jackpot plans to retire from Chrysler and become a pecan farmer in Georgia. Chris Crane, 51, was given a ceremonial check Friday at the Michigan Lottery headquarters in Lansing. The resident of Macomb County's Washington Township told reporters he will leave his job as a Chrysler service engineer within weeks. I always wanted to do a little bit of farming, said Crane, who has some property in Georgia. This will be my chance. Hi
Oct 11, 2008, 3:20 pm - Lottery News

Michigan $42M lottery winner to claim jackpot today
Winner will take the full annuity payout The owner of a winning $42 million Mega Millions ticket, sold at a Macomb County, Michigan, liquor store, is expected to show up at Lottery headquarters Friday to collect the fortune. Lottery officials are being tight-lipped about the winner's identity, and won't even disclose if it's a man or a woman. The mystery person or persons will be revealed Friday at a news conference. The winner may do something almost unheard of: receive the money in in
Oct 10, 2008, 8:02 am - Lottery News

Michigan Lottery starts two big new games
After starting its latest raffle game last week with a $2 million top prize the Michigan Lottery will introduce a new instant win game next week awarding eleven ticket holders $1 million each. The $10 tickets for the Million Dollar Madness go on sale on Aug. 29. The Lottery Commission announced Wednesday it will print 4.5 million tickets for the new game, with one million of the tickets offering prize awards ranging from $10 to $1 million. The lottery's latest raffle game is only
Aug 21, 2008, 9:35 am - Lottery News

Lottery scratch games still being sold after jackpots are gone
Feeling lucky today? Then don't buy a $20 scratch-off ticket for the New Jersey Lottery's $1,000,000 Explosion game. Your chances of winning the $1 million top prize are Z-E-R-O. The six top prizes were awarded months ago, but the $20 tickets are still on sale. The best prize available today is $10,000. State lotteries are coming under renewed criticism for selling scratch-off tickets after the top prizes have been given away. The latest challenge comes from a professor who says
Jun 30, 2008, 1:22 pm - Lottery News

Michigan Lottery's Millionaire Raffle results
The Michigan Lottery's latest raffle-style game, Millionaire Raffle, was drawn today, and made six instant millionaires. The winning numbers can be found here: Millionaire Raffle is a raffle game offered by the Michigan Lottery, with a limited number of $20 tickets. Tickets went on sale May 5. With only 600,000 tickets available, the Millionaire Raffle offers players the best chance to win $1,000,000 of any Michigan Lottery
Jun 23, 2008, 4:33 pm - Lottery News

$57M Mega Millions lottery winner is sex offender with criminal past
Fred Topous, the Kent City man who just won $57 million in the Mega Millions lottery, is a registered sex offender with a criminal past. A co-worker describes Topous as a man who turned his life around and would do anything for a friend. Topous, 45, previously served time for larceny in Grand Traverse County. He's also been imprisoned on a weapons offense, unlawfully driving away in a vehicle, and forced-entry burglary. The burglary charge is from the 1980s. He's also on the Michigan S
Jun 20, 2008, 8:01 am - Lottery News