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CBS publishes second hatchet job on lottery

Topic closed. 49 replies. Last post 10 years ago by konane.

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October 9, 2007
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Posted: October 9, 2007, 8:50 pm - IP Logged

I never did like that lady, even when she was hosting the Today show. I may start watching CBS news again when she leaves. Depends on who replaces her. I play the lottery because I enjoy doing it. I do not play my whole pay check. I only pay for a few tickets. I play mostly when the pots are large enough where I could retire on. I still play even when they are not so large, because I could still relax and enjoy the good thinsg of life with my family. Everyone says that is all it is a "Dream", but everyone needs a dream to go on. I know usually only one ticket wins, but if you don't play it, how will you win it? And who knows, I could be that one ticket one day. But knowing my luck, I would probably have a heart attack and die, before I could even really spend and enjoy any of it.

"You cannot win, if you do not play....."


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    Posted: October 9, 2007, 11:14 pm - IP Logged

    I agree CBS's story is completely skewed, and it leaves out some important facts about lottery sales in general. IGWB magazine, (International Gaming and Wagering Business), recently published information about lottery business worldwide, and it indicated that sales of number-based games like Pick 3,4,5,6 etc have been steadily slipping for years, and are offset by the more rapid growth in sales of instant scratch games. When I'm in convenience stores, or grocery stores, that's more of what I see being bought and cashed than any lottery games.

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      August 17, 2007
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      Posted: October 9, 2007, 11:34 pm - IP Logged

      SmileyMost polls are slanted. And you have to consider the margin of error as well.  And most of all - you have to consider the source.  You especially have to be careful of special interest groups.  You can pigeon hole just about anything to make a point. If you just fell off a turnip truck you will believe anything and the media and politicians know that.  Whether you are within the ignorant masses is what's important. 

      • just  who  are you  refering  to  when  you  say  "the  ignorant  masses "????
      • 2. Who can fall  off  a  turnip - truck  , you will  believe  anything????  Boxing 
      • First  most  CBS  documentries are  validated  with  multiple  evidence, since  they  heve  been  sued  for reportin  false  news  before;
      • Its  When  they won't report ,  thats  when    I  question  their  integrity ;
      • such  as  9/11and  the  Stock  trade  before  9/11 PUT Options - against  American  Airlines  and the  world  trade  center  being  insured  for  8  Billion (Terrorest- insurance)  all the  news  agencys  are  quiet  as  church  mice :Mad

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        January 23, 2005
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        Posted: October 10, 2007, 12:03 am - IP Logged

        Conspiracy theories and race riots aside, those COMMERCIALS for the Lottery (and the Casinos) are annoying!!! Maybe if they cut the advertising budget they'd have more to give back to players and that would increase interest in playing!

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          March 13, 2003
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          Posted: October 10, 2007, 9:06 am - IP Logged

          Foot traffic in larger stores provides greater exposure and precipitates more ticket sales which increases likelihood but doesn't guarantee more winners. More bodies through the door, more sales of all kinds.


          Second, in order to succeed/win someone must have a winning mindset, not just a desire or need to win.& Anyone who saw the movie "The Secret" viewable on the web and checked out the many spinoff sites for "Law of Attraction" discovers a winning mindset has no conspiratorial bias .....  anyone anywhere can cultivate it through practice and belief they can succeed/win.  Oprah seems to agree so much she had a show about it.

          Good luck to everyone!