Florida Lottery Fantasy 5 ticket worth over $64,000 to expire Wednesday

Nov 21, 2023, 3:16 pm (2 comments)

Florida Lottery

Prize will go by the wayside right before Thanksgiving

By Kate Northrop

A winning Florida Lottery Fantasy 5 ticket worth over $64,000 is set to expire tomorrow if someone doesn't come forward to claim it.

One lucky — or not so lucky — lottery player will lose out on claiming $64,564.01 from the Florida Lottery if they don't visit a Lottery District Office with the winning ticket before Thanksgiving.

Someone bought a winning Fantasy 5 Quick Pick ticket at the Shell Food Mart on Southwest Gatlin Boulevard in Port St. Lucie that contained the winning numbers for the May 26, 2023 drawing. The winning numbers were 13, 20, 22, 32, and 35.

"Players who may have purchased a Fantasy 5 ticket at this retail location are encouraged to check their tickets from the May 26 drawing," the Lottery advised in a press release.

The ticket expires on Wed., Nov. 22 at midnight Eastern Time.

Any lottery retailer in Florida can validate the winning ticket, however it must be presented at a Lottery District Office in order for it to be claimed. For more information, players can visit the official Florida Lottery website, their app, or by calling their customer service department.

The Fantasy 5 top prize is won by matching all five numbers drawn in any order. The odds of matching all five drawn numbers are 1 in 376,992. Fantasy 5 is a pari-mutuel game in which the top prize rolls down to be shared among players who win the second- or third-tier prize if there is no top prize winner.

Fantasy 5 drawings take place twice a day, once at 1:05 pm Eastern Time and again at 11:15 pm Eastern Time.

All winning numbers, prizes and odds can be found on Lottery Post's Florida Lottery Results page right after each drawing.

Thanks to FlaMom for the tip.

Lottery Post Staff


hearsetrax's avatarhearsetrax

and another small pot goes back to the bank 


It continues to amaze me how so many people now days are letting their winning lottery tickets expire. Life has gotten so busy that once someone takes the time to buy a lottery ticket, it is then tossed aside and forgotten above, oh well!

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