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Here Is The Proof Your Lottery, Mega Millions and Powerball is Cheating You

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Posted: September 27, 2008, 7:37 pm - IP Logged

Well..I have been Trying my best to Figure out away to show the public some Elementary 101 stuff I have which would be Proof their lottery is cheating them..I even made a Video to send to a News Agency..that I havent mailed yet..I was thinking of Anonymity if I spelled that correctly..I even took Psykomo's advice and Ran to the Federal Authorities and was told this..actually I was given an 8TH Grade Education Lesson in Constitutional Law..you know..All Powers not granted specifically to the Federal Gov. are Delegated to the States..which includes right to pass Gambling in your state such as the Lottery..I was told that if I have proof that I should give it to the Public because "The States Deserve whatever They Get"..so basically I was told there was NOTHING THEY COULD DO BECAUSE THEY DO NOT HAVE JURISDICTION...


PROOF NUMBER ONE...the fact that your Lottery doesnt even mention on their WEBSITE that they PRETEST THE DRAWS is Misleading to the Public..ask a stranger on the street..he or she will tell you they pick their numbers for the NEXT OUTCOME right..they think THEY are betting on the next outcome out of the Machine..that is Misleading because your lottery does not even mention the fact that they CONDUCT SECRET DRAWS before the camera comes on and takes the NEXT OUTCOME OUT..then the next one..then the next one..then the next one..THEN THEY SAY CAMERAS rolling in 3..2...1...Welcome to your Pic 3/pic 4.pic 5 drawing this evening Good luuck..NOPE..they already had the drawings..the ones they took out that they dont show you..


PROOF NUMBER TWO..In any form of BETTING you are betting on the NEXT OUTCOME..when you go to the dog track and bet on a dog race..when the race is over..you either win or lose..the next outcome..samething for betting on a Horse race..samething when you bet on Football games..Baseball Games..Hockey..Basketball..Jacks..Marbles..Ping Pong....WHEN YOU MAKE A BET..YOU ARE BETTING ON THE NEXT OUTCOME

NOW FOR ALL OF YOU people who think that the next OUTCOME DOESNT MATTER including all State Representatives and Lottery Officials..GET YOU A BOOKIE,,bet on a football game..if you win..congrats..If you Lose..Tell the Bookie that the Next Outcome Doesnt count that it was a Test Game and you shouldnt have to pay him for it..I bet that Bookie would be at your House that afternoon with some of his friends to collect his money..

Proof Number 3...Check your Lottery..in all of those Documents that that your State Officials wrote up for the Passage of your Lottery..you will find a PHRASE SIMILIAR TO THIS ONE FROM Texas;s Website..

A pre-test is an unofficial drawing that tests the machine and the ball set used for the day and night Pick 3 drawings. Pre-tests ensure that the drawing machine is working well and that balls are drawn in a random way.
Now..lets talk about this Phrase a second..BECAUSE THIS IS HOW THEY GET YOU RIGHT HERE..this phrase GIVES YOUR LOTTERY the right to go in there and take the NEXT OUTCOME OUT even after you have been betting money all day long UNDER THE ASSUMPTION that you were betting on the next outcome..There is no need in testing the machines..NONE..those machines are made by the same company and HAS THE SAME BALLS IN EACH ONE..if one machine FAILS TO OPERATE..move it out the way and bring in the back up to conduct the draws..NOTHING HAS CHANGED..that would take care of TESTING THE MACHINE LIE..
Now look at the last part of the Phrase to make sure the balls are draw in a Random Way..Let me Tell you something..When He or She walks behind the machine and Flips that switch to turn it on and them balls start moving..."That is called Automatic Instant Random"..and if you havent figured that one out yet..you might want to go back to school..
Now lets Look at this other STUPID PHRASE TEXAS has on their Website.
A Pick 3 ball set passes the pre-tests if the same ball from the same set is not drawn more than four times. If any Pick 3 ball is drawn five times from the same ball set, that ball set is removed from the machine and replaced by an alternate ball set.
Hello Stupid Lottery Officials..a number could be drawn 10 times in a row..its randon..its like when you flip a coin..you could get heads 30 times before you get ONE tails..or going to the casino and playing Roulette and betting on Red or Black..you could get Red 30 times before you get ONE black..doesnt mean there is anything wrong with the Roulette table..
YOUR LOTTERY PASSED A SIMILIAR CLAUSE IN YOUR STATE AND EVERY LOTTERY STATE IN THE UNITED STATES did so as well..including Mega Millions and Powerball which gives them the right to just go in there and conduct those secret draws without your knowledge or permission but there is a VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY good reason why they did it..and I am about yo give all of you a crash couse in Random Repeating Fields 101...because this is why they take out those pretest draws which I will show you in just a second
First..let me tell you how Random Fields work..your pic 3..your pic 4..your pic 5..your pic 6 mega millions and powerball all work off this first Random Repeating Field..0-9..straight and box
your pic 3..your pic 4..your pic 5..your pic 6 mega millions and powerball all work off this second Random Repeating Field..00-99 straight and box
your pic 3..your pic 4..your pic 5..your pic 6 mega millions and powerball all work off this third Random Repeating Field..000-999 straight or box..
as the games rise in total combinations the Random Repeating Fields rise as well..for example..your pic 4..your pic 5..your pic 6..mega millions and powerball works off this Random Repeating Field as well.it would be next field inline..0000-9999 straight or boxed..
I can only show you examples from the only 2 states that will post those predraws on the computer..Texas and Powerball eventhough Powerball's is hid
These are OFFICIAL WINNING  combinations taken straight off Texas's website and we will start on July 1,2008 and we want to run the FIRST RANDOM REPEATING FIELD 0-9 back through the past
View Details 07/01/200834815
View Details 06/30/20085016
View Details 06/28/200827514
View Details 06/27/200879016
View Details 06/26/200839416
View Details 06/25/200892516
View Details 06/24/200883415
View Details 06/23/20081225
View Details 06/21/200827312
View Details 06/20/200818110
View Details 06/19/200846414
View Details 06/18/200848820
View Details 06/17/20080022
View Details 06/16/20087029
View Details 06/14/200866315

now,,if you look the single digit 6 is missing so we would start looking for a single digit 6 on July 2 or higher ok..now look at those pretest draws they took out of the MACHINE ON JULY 2 before they had the paying draw



Test# 1D*A51*A56*A54*EA50A52A5560915
 Test# 2D*A51*A56*A54*EA50A52A5579218
 Test# 3D*A51*A56*A54*EA50A52A556129
 Test# 4D*A51*A56*A54*EA50A52A55414



do you see anything..the very first PRETEST WAS 609..LOOK AT THE 3RD one..612...now look and see when it comes back to the paying draws


It comes back July 5th as 026..the 6 has changed positions and different digits showed with the 6..


View Details 07/05/20080268
View Details 07/04/20080134
View Details 07/03/200853917



NOW LETS RUN THE next Random Repeating Field 00-99..and to keep this a little shorter lets run a BOXED Random Repeating Field 00-99..now box is 55 pairs..00-99 is 100 pairs in an EXACT POSITION but in box form it will be 55 pairs..and we will start our run on the same day July 1, 2008 with winning combination 348..now if you write down on a piece of paper all 55 pairs..example..00,01,02,03,04 all the way to 99 you will get 55 boxed pairs..so if we start on 348 and go through the past we get pair 34, 38,and 48 check them off..on 6-30-,2008 the combination was 501...that is pair 01, 05 and 15..now if you go through this Random Repeating field all the way until ONE PAIR IS MISSING you will find that pair 69 is missing in this Particuliar Random Repeating Field and we have to find pair 69 Starting on July 2nd or Higher..now..look at the VERY FIRST TEST NUMBER on 7-2,2008..you see the pair 69..609



07/02/2008Test# 1D*A51*A56*A54*EA50A52A5560915
 Test# 2D*A51*A56*A54*EA50A52A5579218
 Test# 3D*A51*A56*A54*EA50A52A556129


Now lets see how long it takes to come back to the PAYING DRAWS..


View Details 08/18/200869520
View Details 08/16/200874718
View Details 08/15/200859216



do you see where the 69 came back and when..8-18,,a month and a half later..the 69 changed position and brought a different digit with it


NOW..LETS SEE HOW SMART ALL OF YOU REALLY ARE..what does this information right here tell you..it should tell you BEYOND ANY DOUBT WHATSOEVER onething and onething only..


NATURAL RANDOM FIELDS RUN FASTER..much faster..that is what it shoulld tell you..FIXED RANDOM REPEATING FIELDS RUN FASTER THAN tampered does...because if you took thos PRETESTS DRAWS AND superimposed them on top of the official winning draws and started RUNNING THEM FIELDS..you will find ONE SINGLE FACT..NATURAL FIXED RANDOM REPEATING FIELDS will run faster than tampered..


THIS IS exactly why they TAMPER WITH THE DRAWS..because in a fixed random repeating field whatever is missing HAS TO SHOW and it only has to show onetime to complete the field..so if they can get anything you are looking for to show in one of them pretest draws that was the one time it needed to show that way..when it comes back to the paying draws it changes position and digits..

also..look at it this way..in a straight random repeating field..say you have been betting on 185 straight forever and it hasnt showed yet..all they had to do was to get it to show ONETIME AS 185 straight in a predraw that was the onetime it needed to show straight to complete the field and now it is GONE..this messes up straight and box plays by taking out those predraws so you the PLAYER CAN NOT cost them any money by using common knowledge and looking at the past draws to find something to play..and that ladies and gentlemen that is TAMPERING..


now you can use this same stuff for powerball and mega millions although mega millions will not even give you those numbers they take out without your permission by the way..


ANYTHING YOU can look for that is missing..that is why they do it..take any starting point you like..anytime..anywhere..run through the past..they take out all those pretest draws to get anything that is missing to show THERE to hide it..and make it change position and digits..this is the worse case of TAMPERING IN THE HISTORY OF THE UNITED STATES and they use that STUPID CLAUSE that they passed without your Knowledge or permission that GIVES THEM the right to just go in there and take the next combination out eventhough you have been betting money on the next combination out..they dont care... NATURAL RANDOM WILL RUN FASTER THAN TAMPERED that is why they conduct those secret test draws and call it TESTING THE MACHINES BULLSH$T..if I had to guess..there are only 3 or 4 people if that many that are in charge of the machines and balls..I think if anything is done Illegally..I dont think there is a list to big that they dont know who done it..


THOSE PRETEST are done on purpose because NATURAL RANDOM RUNS FASTER THAN TAMPERED..if you can find something it will cost them money..and THEY WANT TO TAKE YOUR MONEY FROM YOU..and that is exactly what they have been doing since your lottery started...lets faceit..the only way you can burn the lottery is by GETTING STRAIGHTS IN THE SMALL GAMES..so they keep those mixed up and hid so you have no idea..NOW..for all you people who say you never win..well this is why you cant win..except a box here and there..


This information also answers that stupid question ..How come Quick Pics win more..well if you the player are using past draws to find out what you want to play and before the drawing is held..they go in there and turn the machine on and take out the NEXT OUTCOME..THEN THE NEXT ONE..AND THEN THE NEXT ONE..AND THEN THE NEXT ONE..Then they say CAMERAS ROLLING in 3..2..1..welcome to Powerball Americas Game and the winning combination is ..Hello..STUPID Lottery Officials..You just took out 4 winning combinations..that is why..anything that was missing will most likely show in those pretest draws and then after the drawing they take out another one..then BEFORE THEY HAVE THE NEXT TELEVISED DRAWING they take out 4 more


so lets add this up.. On Saturday ,4 before the drawing..MONEY draw then one more they dont pay for..

AND THEN before Wednesdays draw they take out 4 more..THEN the money draw and then one more after that..so for 2 money draws they actually take out 10 other draws..


NOW HERE IS ANOTHER VERY VERY VERYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY big POINT..I DONT CARE HOW MANY TIMES THEY CHANGE BALLS..all the Balls belong to the same Field..they are the same nuumbers..that is why when you superimpose the test draws over the paying draws..it will complete all FIXED RANDOM REPEATING FIELDS faster..NATURAL RANDOM RUNS FASTER THAN TAMPERED..that is why they take out the predraws..it will take your money..if you find anything in Natural random it will show faster..if you find something missing by a positional lock..it will show faster....now if they take out all those predraws..that messes everything up and that = TAMPERING LADIES AND GENTLEMEN,,because that will produce an outcome that is more favorable to them and not to you..


Now..why am I telling all of you this..well most of you know I live in a state that doesnt even have a lottery..and I was told by Federal Officials that if I have Proof then I should release it to the public so the public can deal with this information themselves..

Fact: The fact they dont advertise the predraws is misleading 1 out of 41 states should tell you something although powerball has theirs hid and doesnt mention predraws anywhere..like I said..just go out in public as the public to explain to you how they play..they will tell you they fill out the play slip BETTING ON THE ASSUMPTION they are betting on the NEXT OUTCOME..I would be bet 95% of the lottery playing public has no idea that when they fill out their play slips that they THINK they are betting on the next OUTCOME which we know they are not..THAT ALONE SHOULD BE ENOUGH TO GET THE LOTTERIES IN TROUBLE


Fact: In a fixed Random Repeating Field, Random will run faster..That is a very simple Fact that anyone can prove themself..just buy you some ping pongs balls.. SET A ,mix them up..take out one combination at a time...write them down until you have enough sufficient data to run any type of field you can think of..then do SET B..do the cheaters way..take same balls take out 4 combinations..then one more to pay..then 4 test..then one pay..and I will bet you all the Gold in Fort Knox that Set A will run faster everytime..BECAUSE NATURAL RANDOM WILL RUN FASTER THAN TAMPERED..


I would Highly Suggest that you form a small Group and file a law suit against your Lottery , Mega Millions and Powerball for Tampering because those secret numbers you like so much..they only have to show once to complete that random field and some of those larger games where the total combinations are so huge THERE IS several lifetimes could pass before that combination shows back up..


This is tampering ladies and gentleman..possibly the worse case of tampering in the History of the United States and it is INTENTIONAL..they passed that clause without your KNOWLEDGE OR PERMISSION which gives them the right to tamper with the draws on purpose because that will produce an outcome more favorable to them and not you..THAT MEANS THEY TAKE YOUR MONEY..now if you want to start winning more and the lotteries winning less..I would suggest you do something about it..heh..maybe the citizens of lottery states has more money than citizens in non lottery states..do you have so much money that you can just give it to your state knowing a head of time now that your lottery is running a tampered game that produces an outcome that is more benifical to them so they can take your money..


Now..how much guts do you have..I believe there is not a Judge in this country that can not look at this information and say this is not tampering..if you can show them in a court of law that RANDOM RUNS FASTER and it does when it is not tampered with that proves they are tampering..plus the fact that they take out all of those predraws without showing or telling the public should be sufficient as well..BECAUSE THAT IS ABSOLUTELY MISLEADING the public becuase the public is under the assumption that when they fill out their play slips that they are betting on the NEXT OUTCOME OUT..


I will hold on to my video tape..it has the info on it that is on this forum post..of course it looks better on video..hahaha







"Attention all Mathematicians: Check your degree at the door because when it comes to whole numbers you are the Amateur"

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    Posted: September 27, 2008, 7:46 pm - IP Logged

    I assume you do not play the lotteries, right? Wink

     * you don't need to buy every combination, just the winning ones * 

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      Posted: September 27, 2008, 8:54 pm - IP Logged

      Damn... how much time did you spend writting that lol..

           $Group Hug$

           FOR THE WIN!

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        Posted: September 27, 2008, 9:04 pm - IP Logged

        Uh, you need to put your time into something more useful.

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          Posted: September 27, 2008, 9:07 pm - IP Logged

          I am an expert in Random Fields...you give me enough data I could tell you what ride at Disney World the next person will get on when they have to Brakewind!!!!!


          My guess is you are a lottery official Lurking so Bite Me!!!!

          "Attention all Mathematicians: Check your degree at the door because when it comes to whole numbers you are the Amateur"

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            Posted: September 27, 2008, 9:23 pm - IP Logged

            Congratulations lotterybraker for your curriculum

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              Posted: September 27, 2008, 10:06 pm - IP Logged

              Umm don't mean to sound rude but for anyone who doesn't think for one second that their state, local or any lottery isn't fixed is sick. It's up to the individual to educate themselves on the do's and don'ts or when or not to play. I mean no one is holding guns to our heads telling us to play the lottery but it has to be a better way of hitting at least once a week without your number falling on the day that you didn't play. So could you please help us with that.

              Remember we are the decisions that we make, please take the time to educate.Stooges

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                Posted: September 27, 2008, 11:03 pm - IP Logged

                Green laugh..dang ...the Powerball game was DELAYED!!

                "MAKE THAT MONEY YA'LL"

                wisdom from Tyler Perry's Madea:"It doesn't matter what people call you....it's what you answer to."

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                  Posted: September 27, 2008, 11:56 pm - IP Logged

                  Uh, you need to put your time into something more useful.

                  No.........he put his time into the right thing and it is very useful.


                  I salute you Lotterybraker for all your time and all your hard work , to bring this to light.


                  Good Job My Friend    !!!!!!!!!



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                    Posted: September 28, 2008, 12:01 am - IP Logged

                    Can you elaborate?

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                      Posted: September 28, 2008, 12:22 am - IP Logged

                      Thank you lotterybraker for taking the time to post this information. Some of us do appreciate it. Ignore the people who are trying to shut you down and say that you are wasting your time.

                      "No one remembers the person who almost climbed the mountain, only the person who eventually gets to the top."

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                        Posted: September 28, 2008, 2:52 am - IP Logged

                        after reading the first paragraph, i gave up.   

                        reminds me too much of school. 

                        send us the video. 

                        i'd watch that

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                          Posted: September 28, 2008, 7:39 am - IP Logged

                          I am an expert in Random Fields...you give me enough data I could tell you what ride at Disney World the next person will get on when they have to Brakewind!!!!!


                          My guess is you are a lottery official Lurking so Bite Me!!!!

                          I agree with Lotterybraker I mention this in

                          one of my post months ago about the Michigan

                          Lottery I live right down the street from the office

                          of the Michigan Lottery all State do this to make

                          ridiculous amounts of money that is why i made

                          my List the way i do to deal with this problem

                          that they  call in Michigan refreshing the the machine

                          or making sure their working properly what a joke

                          their are people in here that i think work for the

                          lottery official too  Lotterybraker i think your right with your  assumption  (MIND)

                          Giving you number's that produce results The Number's Man Cool

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                            Posted: September 28, 2008, 9:18 am - IP Logged

                            Nice work Lotterybraker!!!

                            I've taken a quick "glance" at the testdraws in TX midday.

                            Andi was planning on looking at more info, but i only needed to view thestatistics on the straight pairs to feel my hairs in the back of myneck rising...

                            Two of the top missing pairs are 27 and 19
                            27 : X27   2X7   27X --> missing for 138 draws on september 25
                            19: X19    1X9   19X --> missing for 93 draws on september 25

                            Draws (official) since september 25:


                            So those pairs are still missing...

                            Are they really?


                            09/27/2008Test# 1F*A50*A56*A51*DA57A53A555049
                             Test# 2F*A50*A56*A51*DA57A53A5543310
                             Test# 3F*A50*A56*A51*DA57A53A552 7 514
                             Test# 4F*A50*A56*A51*DA57A53A551809
                            09/26/2008Test# 1F*A58*A51*A56*DA55A52A5075214
                             Test# 2F*A58*A51*A56*DA55A52A5081 9 18
                             Test# 3F*A58*A51*A56*DA55A52A502169
                             Test# 4F*A58*A51*A56*DA55A52A502507


                            Those pairs have come in, one might keep playing them until hell freezes down.

                            They are now officially missing for 140 draws and 95 draws.... yet, they have shown up...

                            However this will at first glance be very disturbing to some (me, chaz, cps10, carbob and others who use such statistics, but especially chaz --> Time Due),
                            it might be considered a "blessing" that those testdraws are available on the official website.
                            Since now it is possible to get some real statistics.
                            Not sure yet how to implement these and use them, but i will most certainly spent some time on this.


                            Then again, do they post all the testdraws...?...




                            An onion a day keeps everyone away!!!

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                              Posted: September 28, 2008, 9:40 am - IP Logged

                              I knew there had to be a forum like this! I've been lurking here for a few months now.  I just had to finally join this morning because of this thread.  Lotterybracker, THANK YOU for posting this because I had a hunch for awhile that this lottery business had be FIXED. Despite my questions in the past, I BELIEVED in becoming a WINNER - still DO. 

                              Thanks again for making this forum AWARE of this SCANDEL.