Got Fungus? some possible "Anti-Fungals" part one.

Got fungus?

We are getting into possible dangerous stuff, but even plain water can be dangerous if not used right.

If you have a medical or health problem that is what doctors, clinics and hospitals are there for.

I myself am not a medical doctor nor do I examine patients, don't diagnose nor prescribe nor treat patients.

If you need medical help consult with a medical doctor.

Self diagnose, medicating and treatment might be against the law where-ever you live at, I don't know.

Whatever you do or don't is on you, I don't want to know about it, you didn't see anything here nor heard anything from me, I don't know you nor want to.

All of these are for reference only, the resposibility for your actions is yours.

Look for indications, contra-indications and allergies for each of them.

If you are not sick don't medicate.

If you take anything take as as indicated in the right way(s) and dosages and time(s), Where and How? There is a lot of stuff on the Internet use search engines, books, magazines and in your doctor's mind and books.

These stuff might have the potential to harm or kill you, so beware.

If there are any allergies and or contraindications or if they are a poison or if you don't know how to take them and in which dosage(s) and or when and for how long then don't take them.

Before taking anything ask a doctor first, don't self medicate.

These are not all just a list of some of them (In no particular order):

Black Walnut
Oregano Oil
Borax (Not Boric acid)
Grapefruit seed extract
apple cider vinegar (Malic acid)
red thyme oil
Biotin 8000 mcg
Oregon Grape
diatomaceous earth
Grape Seed Extract
Olive oil
Rosemary oil
Uva Ursi
Vitamin C


This is only part one, there might be a part two follow-up later.

Sources? You can try an Internet search engine, supermarket, health food store, pharmacy, vitamin store, Etc.

Entry #354

Some natural sleep ingredients

A list of some, but not all natural sleep ingredients, a person might want to use a search engine to learn more about each of them, some commercial products already have some of them.

Taking a multi B vitamin might take care of the B vitamins on the list.

Taking a multi vitamin might take care of all or most of the vitamins on the list.

Taking a multi vitamin + mineral formula might take care of all or most of the vitamins and minerals on the list.

You might find some of these at a supermarket, Target, K-Mart, Walmart or at a pharmacy.

Before taking anything you might want to talk to a doctor and or at least read all about the product(s), including indications, contra-indications dosages, etc.

All of these are for reference only, what you do or don't and how is all up to you including the resposibility for your actions.

I am not a doctor and I don't diagnose nor prescribe.

This is a more or less long list and other than for the vitamins and minerals the others if you want to you could try one of them each at a time and in small or normal dosages to start with and see what effect(s) if any they have on you, but some of them together might boost (increase) their effects.

First of all look for allergies if any and contra-indications for each of them to include even the vitamins and minerals.

Second you might not need to take any of them at all, in order to sleep, if so, then Why take them? So don't.

If really needed, then maybe 1 to 7 of such ingredients might perhaps be all that is needed, choose carefuly, it might be best to not use way too many of these together at least not in high doses and or for too long at a time, without "breaks" in between uses.

All or most of these should be harmless if normal dosages are used and if there are no allergies and or contra-indications, if in doubt talk to a doctor.

HOPS Flower powder (Humulus lupulus)
Lemon Balm
Valerian Root
Magnolia Bark
Passion Flower Herb
Green tea
Oatstraw powder (avena sativa)
Celery Seed powder
Catnip powder
Orange Peel powder
vitamin D
Vitamin B1
Vitamin B2
Vitamin B6
Vitamin B12

Entry #353

Skype, Majicjack, Etc.

I read on the Internet that majicjack has some problems like not having good enough support service and not being able to connect to some telephones.

Be that true or not, I don't know, but on the Internet there are many complains about that phone service.


I wonder if anybody here had and or has any problems with the use of Skype from your computer for connecting with it to land and cell phones on the U.S.A. as if you was making calls from one telephone to another one, I am talking about the paid and not free voice telephone service, How does it compare to regular telephone to telephone service?


Are there any other good and cheap Computer-Internet to land and cell telephone services?

Entry #349

Rosemary Clooney Pictures and Music Videos.

Entry #348

A few known amazing "Memory" people, there might be others who are "Unknown".

There are text and video here:

There might be more on the Internet about this kind of thing, but there appears to be few people, there might even be a TV series about such a person soon.

I have not read or seen all of the stuff, but it appears as if some of them might remember more than the others and maybe, but I am not sure, maybe none of them remembers everything, just a lot or most everything, but as I only started to read the stuff, I might be wrong about that.

I myself don't have a good enough memory and maybe I even have a not so good one, but I do seem to have some memories of when maybe I was about 4 or 5 years old and most of those few memories are "clear" enough, so my memory seems to start and go back to when I was about 4 to 5 years old, but even so I don't have a good memory or a good enough memory, that is my own opinion.

I do seem to remember some things and forget others, I guess that it might have to do with attention and interest.

Why remember that which you don't want and or need to?

There is too much memory "trash", Why would anybody want to remember everything?

I guess that some people might have no choice about it.

It does appear as if we all have ALL the memories there, just like those people, but unlike them, we can't get to most of them and not with the detail that these people can.

They also have complete sequential memory while we have isolated broken up memories, but all the complete memories are probably there on all or most of us, we just can't get to them.

I just finished reading the stuff, I am also left handed, but thru the years have learned to also use my right hand a lot for many things, but I still favor my left hand and even write with it, I type with both of them and do many other things with both of them, but my left hand is stronger and also can do more detailed and smaller stuff with it and have a few more things in common with them, but it was more like so years ago, most of it, except for the very good memory.

Entry #347

My ISP and Internet connection speed test.

I have had Internet service with Earthlink for many years, they have always given me the very best of service, Yes, they do seem to use some people whose English language is very good, but to me sometimes a little hard to understand, this can be beause of several factors:

My own hearing never having been perfect and some of them being from elsewhere other than from the U.S.A.

But that is only while talking on the phone and it isn't too much of a problem.

As to online help, there is no problem at all.

They all regardless of who they might be and or from where always have given the very best of service.

I have always been very happy with my ISP.

This is an Internet connection speed test:

I pay for 1.5 Mbps service, but am getting 2.58

This is a free service by:

Entry #346

New Pc Boot Time.

From log on to finished Loading the O.S. and everything on the desktop including fully loading all the very many desktop icons and their images, colors, Etc.

5 Seconds.


Time to log-on includes everything, like the multiboot menu and my selecting a partition to boot into and my entering a log on password and pushing on the enter key.

16 Seconds.


Entry #343

Computer Boot-Up Time BenchMark, Fast or Slow? And What About After Boot, Stays Fast or Slow?

I have a WinXP computer that is some years old and it was never not even close to being a really very good one, only about 2 gigs of memory on it, it can't take more and not the best CPU nor motherboard either, kind of a more or less Regular So So Pc.

Most people here should not be much interested in this, but for the very few-ones, if anybody at all:

This is very slow, but is in great part due to:

I have a "MultiBoot" hard drive system.

A log on password must be entered.

Those things of course slow the time it takes the computer to boot.

There of course are very many other factors involved.


8 Sec Real Boot Time, the total time for everything and I mean everything is about 1 Minute, after all it is a multiboot hard drive and I have a password setup on it.

I don't have very many programs installed on this partition right now, otherwise it would take much longer.

I am not an expert nor anything on this, so I can only do a few things to keep boot times down.

Others could instead of 8 Seconds maybe go down to about 4 Seconds or better, but if so there might be trade-offs of performance in some way or ways, after all it might not be wise to shut-down too much stuf.


While fast boot times might be good to have, we might also want the computer to stay fast on all that it does after boot time is over, Do programs take a lot of time to start?, Are programs slow in the things that they do? Is the computer slow in all or in most things that it does?


Learning some about computers might help people


Is your computer Full of MalWare, such as Viruses, Trojans, Etc and you don't know how to "Clean It" and later How to keep it from getting reinfected?

Are you ready to throw it away and get another-one? And the same things will soon happen to the new computer.


I guess that instead of learning people just keep on getting new computers, it is less trouble to them, never mind whatever software they lose everytime and some of it can't replace.


Entry #341

Dead? Where is the body? Gone? Facial I.D? D.N.A. I.D?



------- father had 50 children, so ----- had 49 half brothers-sisters.

----- maybe had from 12 to 24 children.

So facial recognition I.D. might not be valid, as to DNA there is plenty of it there, but the real thing could have been given by ----- at any time before during or after.

There is no body left to check, in less than 24 hours it all was already over and done with.

Why would the U.S. claim that ----- was killed if he wasn't?

It would be easier to believe that he is dead if there was a body that could be DNA tested by anybody from anywhere.

As it is, it is: Take their word for it or not.

Well, Is the U.S. government credible or not?

Well, whatever, it seems as if for all practical purposes ----- is dead.


As to other possible issues in regards to -----, No comments, not at this time anyway.


Entry #340