A Few Very Important Health Food Links, A Must See.

If you are sick, go to see a Doctor.

-------Any links that don't work as posted, just copy and paste them onto your browser instead and they then should work O.K.

Aloe Vera Info Video

But the real thing appears to be hard to find and too expensive the pure gel itself and or the freeze dried kind


Blackstrap molasses

Cayenne Pepper

Almost strong enough to wake-up the dead or half-dead.

Takes a few days to get used to it, then it does not feel too hot no more, I like it, best to get a big jar and half feel it with cayenne pepper powder at a local supplier of spices


Apple Cider Vinegar

As with Cayenne Pepper, it is very strong and takes a lot of getting used to it and I mean a lot of getting used to it.

Add it to some juice or water.



First of all find out if you are alergic to Iodine and or sea food or not.

Kelp a sea vegetable sold as powder has a lot of natural organic Iodine and other minerals also in natural organic form.


Use Google and do the very same yourself for:



Green Tea

Chlorella and Chlorophyll

Green vegetables have Chlorophyll, but some like Chlorella have a lot more than the others.

Some form of Chlorella are better than others, the cell wall of the Chlorella cells must be broken-up good:


Olive Oil

Sea Salt and Rock Salt.


As to Honey, be careful with it if you have diabetes.


By no means all the products, just a few of them.


To better drink-eat some or all fruits and vegetables, both a blender and a juicer can be used.

You drink and eat fruits raw straight from the blender and or juicer, best a combination of both.

For blender put the leftovers of the juicer into a blender with some water and or other liquid first and then blend and or cut fruits and or vegetables into small parts first.

For vegetables juice first and then put lefovers into blender with some kind of liquid and or cut into small parts and put on blender with some kind of liquid, then drink some or all raw and whatever you don't drink raw make into a cooked hot soup.

Any lefovers store in a jar and put inside refrigerator.

Entry #189

From number system at lottery systems forum.

sThis post was to be posted at: Lottery systems, number system

But due to the post's text (below) I could not posted it there.
Of course, no state wants anybody selling 'Lucky" numbers, others might follow and do the same and Who knows? Maybe one company would sell winning numbers.

First of all, no state wants anybody to think that there are any systems or methods that might be better than quick picks

If the state can see their numbers before the draws same as anybody who buys them, How can they prove anything as the state is the one holding the draws?
Perhaps, nobody who sells lottery numbers should claim that such numbers are or might be better than quick-picks, they should let the numbers prove themselves out if they can.
I wonder if the state would had said something if they had just been caled "Luck" numbers?

Yes, they would had! They would had said, "Prove that the numbers are lucky" otherwise quit selling them.
The government might or will always have or hold the winning hand.

The mob is now respectable, there is an old saying,
"If you can't beat them, join them" and they sure did!
Now they control everything!

They got tired of getting beat-up, they got wise!

Entry #188

Very Important Electronics Links.
Dremel Moto-Tool and associated drill stand
Expo Reliant drill


Entry #187

Electronic Circuit Schematic Diagrams

You can find electronics magazines and books at your local library including some at the reference desk also.

Otherwise you can find a lot of circuits on the Internet:

Some stuff might be on Microfilm & Microfiche and or on CD Rom (CDs).
First of all:

For example:

Encyclopedia of Electronic Circuits

Other stuff

Something to think about:

Before too long you might not be able to neither buy nor build any electronics (?), Kind of crazy, Right?

Some free programs:

First of all download the free and very good Irfanview program:

Then download:

DipTrace 1.40 Freeware:

Entry #186

Trouble soldering due to bad sight.

I am having problems trying to solder, right now I can't solder right a circuit board such as the one that I showed on another post, the real size of the board is about 1.25 Inches by 2.25 Inches, very small about the size of a 9 volts battery, but thin of course.

The copper holes' pads and the copper traces are small and all the traces are too small and close together for me, I have not done any soldering for very many years and now not only I am out of practice soldering, but my eyes' sight is even a lot worse than it was some years ago.

I will try to retrain myself to see if by practice I can learn how to solder even with bad sight, I used a magnifying glass, but it was not enough, perhaps with more practice I can solder better, otherwise I won't be able to build some electronic circuits, there are other possible ways of building some circuits, but not all of them, perhaps I should start to practice with 1 transistor circuits and then if I can do those then move on to 2 transistors circuits and then to harder to build circuits.

Bigger PCBs with holes' pads and traces that are farther apart from each other should be easier for me to solder, well for the moment I won't try to build that circuit, I will only practice soldering for a while then I will either try to build that circuit or try to build some other one.

So no more of these posts until then. 

Entry #185

Electronic Project # 1-B

As I have no time today, all that I did was drill the holes on the PCB (Printed Circuit Board) and take pictures of it and of all the parts of the project minus the box (Enclosure) where everything goes inside.

Oh! I did not put the antenna with the other parts as it is a little too big and there was no more space in the picture.

As you can see the holes were drilled, I had to use a magnifier and a special technique to do it with, besides using glasses as I no longer see well anything small yet as you can see it was a good enough job just a little off on one of the holes, but still good enough.


By the way a good thank you to ImageShack for their very good service, it is very hard to do this things without them, they are great!

There are all the parts minus the PCB, the box enclosure and the antenna.


As I am out of time today this is all, maybe until tomorrow or whenever I get to put the parts onto the PCB and solder them in place.


I won't show the schematic diagram of the circuit, but I can tell you from where to get it at:

The July 1987 issue of "Modern Electronics" ask for it at your local library, it might be on microfiche film or whatever is called or on CD Rom Disk or they might have a copy of the magazine itself.

Or they can get a reprint from another library of it of pages 52 to 54 and of page 92 of the July 1987 issue of Modern Electronics.

Entry #184

Electronic Projects 1-A (Start).

A long time ago I made a PCB (Printed Circuit Board) from the PCB artwork on a page of a magazine, bought the parts, but didn't build the circuit, It was an article on an electronics magazine, that by now has been out of circulation for many years, it was the article with the circuit schematic diagram and the artwork for the PCB.

It was for a low power "Video Transmitter" that would connect to a VCR, to its radio frequency output jack, that transmits on channel 3 or 4 and then the VCR video would be radio transmitted about 50 or fewer feet to a TV tunned to channel 3 or 4.

The PCB was made the old way using a GC Electronics pre-sensitized positive acting printed circuit board and an ultraviolet light, using the positive resist developed thereafter and last using ferric chloride as the etchant.


Anyhow now days there is no longer need of making printed circuit boards in that way as there is special paper that is used with a laser printer and ironed into a bare copper clad board, as it was already given on some of the comments (Links) on another post of this "Tread".

Here are some pictures of what I did and from what:

 From that Article.

As you see I didn't post a picture of the schematic circuit diagram just the pcb artwork. 

PCB artwork made from the one on that magazine's page.


The finished PCB that I made (Long ago).


Next I will drill the holes, insert the electronic parts, wires, solder them and put this in a box.

The connect a battery and see how it works if it does (It should) unless there are mistakes in the magazine's article (There should not be).

As things progress I will take the digital pictures and then when finished post them here on this thread, (maybe in a few days or whenever I have the time again soon).


I sometimes used to do some pcb artwork by hand using stuff such as:

RS 276-1490

That is RadioShack Etch Resist Dry Transfers and also stuff from DATAK and dry transfers from other sources. 

Somebody shows them on a video here:


That was the old way and it is no more, no need for all that trouble no more if you have a laser printer or can have copies made on a laser copier with the special iron on transfer paper.

As for the PCB art work you can PCB software.

You still have to etch the pcb. 


More to come whenever. 

I have a cheap (100+) digital camera, but it takes good enough pictures using the right settings (The camera has almost no documentation, so it takes a lot of experimenting to learn how to use it right), having enough light is important as otherwise the pictures are not as good, you also have to use special rechargeable batteries and a quick recharger and add a big memory card, total amount with the camera comes to about $200 more or less counting also the price of a tripod.

It is a nice toy and I don't have to buy film nor pay for developing, it can take big pictures at good quality, but no need to take pictures so big, not for posting here anyway.

I also use Irfanview to make some changes to the pictures and to print them with.



Entry #183

PCB, BtreadBoards, Etc, Videos.

Follow proper safety precautions and use Eyes and Hands protections, wear safety glasses, safety gloves and a work apron:


Entry #182

PCB and Strip Board SoftWare.

Printed Circuit Board and Strip board Software.

Entry #181

Making Electronics Printed Circuit boards (PCBs). # 1

Some Stuff I found on the net: Read All of it before trying anything at all.

No Need to build this is just a sample by somebody:

Always be very careful when working with any power tools and with chemicals.


Always wear eyes protection (EyeGlasses) and protective work gloves (Rip-Proof and or chemical-Proof).

Entry #180

Electronics Parts Supplies Online, Etc.

There will be a few more posts with links to other electronics stuff whenever I get to doing that.

Buy parts online or at a local electronics parts supplier at your home town.

Look around for the lowest prices first, before you buy anything anywhere.

Also ICs and transistors have cheaper substitutes that will work just the same as the "Original" parts, look for cheaper brands and or "Generic" parts that will do the same thing(s).

Buy a semiconductor substitution cross reference guide book somewhere:

The famous transistor cross reference book is the Philip ECG semiconductor master replacement guide.

------------A Short List, to find more of them use Google or other search engine:!0,0,VCAP:1,0,1201523965640


Entry #179

Find data specs on semiconductors (ICs, Transistors and Diodes).

Another time and maybe day also I will put a post to links to online sites at which electronic parts can be bought, but for now:

To find information on semiconductors (Transistors, ICs, Diodes) Use the search engines from below and or just use any search engine such as Google.|1054685892&gclid=COSznqyFvZECFRIUagodOhYKCg

To Find Semiconductors try:

And also try Google or other search engine.

To find any electronic part(s) whatsoever, use a search engine such as Google, AltaVista, Yahoo! or some other one.
Those above are mostly for finding semiconductors information.
Best way to learn how to find parts and their data is to practice with the search engines.

Good luck!


To get some practice enter, but only one part search at a time:




























Entry #178

How to Solder Electronics, Etc. With Videos.

Soldering is very easy to do and takes only a few items that are not too expensive to buy, most soldering items don.t cost too much, also buy a sponge and the low melting point solder, buy the whole Spool of 60/40 or of 63/37 solder (Better, but more expensive), buy low gauge (Thin) solder wire, get 1 pound or 1/2 pound spools.

As low as $12 per the whole pound of solder wire spool of: Electronic Solder 60/40 .031" 1 lb. Spool

RadioShack sell good enough soldering irons, but you can buy them also elsewhere if you want to.

I think it is best one that it be from 25 to 40 Watts of heat power.

Entry #177

Electronic Kits - Easy To Build and Complete.

Somebody asked for links to sites where they could buy electronic kits, very fast I got a list of them here, this is by no means a full list, you might find more than this if you look with a search engine:

Happy Building!

There will be more posts with links in this my new series of Electronics Circuits Building.

Get interested, it might be fun.


Other interesting:

Entry #176

Some Electronics Construction Techniques.

These series of posts might just help a few who would like to put together a few simple electronic circuits and or build a few electronic kits.

Due to the nature of the information it had to be put in links to the sites were the info is at.

There still might be one or more posts in this series. 

Electronics Construction Techniques

Entry #175