Mc Cain: "Cry Me a River"

Weren't the republicans the ones who messed-up online gambling?

It that why we can't play lottery online anymore?

Isn't Mc Cain from Arizona? Were they started to mess-up with online gambling?

Cry a River for Mc Cain!

Right now we have decay, putrefaction and the stench is overwelming, overturn the Status Quo show them that your vote really counts, Vote Fresh, Vote for Obama, let us change the stagnant repugnant old regime.

Mc Cain, does not care any about working people!

Show them that you care, Vote for Obama!

Now you say you're lonely
You cry the whole night through
Well, you can cry me a river, cry me a river
I cried a river over you

Now you say you're sorry
For bein' so untrue
Well, you can cry me a river, cry me a river
I cried a river over you

You drove me, nearly drove me out of my head
While you never shed a tear
Remember, I remember all that you said
Told me love was too plebeian
Told me you were through with me and
Now you say you love me
Well, just to prove you do
Come on and cry me a river, cry me a river
I cried a river over you

I cried a river over you
I cried a river over you
I cried a river over you


Reprinted from elsewhere:

Ten years ago, McCain voted in favor of the 1998 Internet GamblingAmendment which, if passed, would have banned placing, receiving orotherwise making a bet or wager on the Internet. His opponent's runningmate, Sen. Biden, was one of just 10 senators to vote against the amendment, which ultimately failed to become law.

Entry #204

"Random" definitions of:

I found these definitions of "Random":

 : a haphazard course
At random
: without definite aim, direction, rule, or method.
   1.  Having no specific pattern, purpose, or objective.
   2. Mathematics & Statistics. Of or relating to a type of circumstance or event that is described by a probability distribution.
   3. Of or relating to an event in which all outcomes are equally likely.
Haphazard, without a regular pattern, with an equal chance of any event or location occurring.
Having no particular pattern, purpose, organization, or structure.
1. Unpredictable.
Let us start with "Unpredictable", there has been people here at L.P that have predicted just one pick 3 number for a particular game and draw and that pick 3 number has come out for that particular game and draw, they are not able to do this all of the time, but they have done it once or a few times.

So if something was predicted at least once by somebody, then it might not be "Unpredictable", but a better test of possible predictability, would be to do 1000 predictions as there are 1000 straight pick 3 numbers and then see how many straight wins a person gets while predicting with only one pick 3 number per each prediction, if a person wins 2 times or more often out of 1000 predictions then perhaps either the game or random or both are not unpredictable and so unpredictable might not be a good definition of random.



without definite direction.

Having no specific pattern

without a regular pattern

Having no particular pattern or structure


On some of my past posts somewhere here at LP. I have shown some samples (sections) of true past draws that do show specific particular regular pattern(s).

So either the pick 3 lottery draws as given by the states are not random or such accepted definitions of random are wrong.


I myself would say that perhaps there is no "Random", but that there is "PseudoRandom".

I would also say that often the past draws (winning numbers) don't appear to even be "Good" PseudoRandom.

Not always, but often enough they appear to have biases (Patterns) of some kind(s).


a probability distribution.

Of or relating to an event in which all outcomes are equally likely.

with an equal chance of any event occurring.

A true or good probability distribution, that is a random or pseudorandom probability distribution would make past draws that would have a more uniform or even distribution of all the possible patterns (Including the digits and the numbers) in accord to the particular make-up of a game, this might not mean that such past draws would not show patterns (Maybe?), only that the patterns would not be of the same kind as those of an "UnRandom" (not random) game.


Study very long sections of past draws from many states' pick 3 games and make-up your own mind about this, after all, what matters is what you yourself think.


A late addition to the post:

I don't see mechanical draws as being any more random than RNG draws nor RNG draws being any more random than mechanical draws, except as when faulty programming has made RNG draws less random than mechanical draws.

Entry #203

Tx pick 3 biased daily games?

Talk about "Water and Oil", I had to say that, instead of you know what, so people won't call me racist.

The Eve game is full of "Normal" Target numbers and the Mid game is full of the "Other" numbers, at least on those few draws.

It is almost as if both games were being manipulated, that is "Fixed", I am not saying that they were or are being, only that they look as if they are.

For one thing, look at the so very many doubles on the Midday game and also at the number that repeated straight from last to next draw, this looks as some kind of a backfire due to some kind(s) of excessive undue manipulation, what I mean is that it seems to me that "Normal" random behavior does not produce that kind of draws history, it is very biased.

The Night draws are not "Normal" either, they were and are also biased, but now seem to be in transition, but still biased.

Texas Pick 3 Day Previous Lottery Results
 Draw Date      Results
Sat, Oct 25, 2008    8-8-5, Sum It Up: 21
Fri, Oct 24, 2008    8-8-5, Sum It Up: 21
Thu, Oct 23, 2008    5-2-5, Sum It Up: 12
Wed, Oct 22, 2008    8-9-6, Sum It Up: 23
Tue, Oct 21, 2008    7-9-3, Sum It Up: 19
Mon, Oct 20, 2008    2-9-0, Sum It Up: 11
Sat, Oct 18, 2008    1-1-7, Sum It Up: 9
Fri, Oct 17, 2008    2-5-4, Sum It Up: 11
Thu, Oct 16, 2008    7-5-5, Sum It Up: 17
Wed, Oct 15, 2008    7-1-0, Sum It Up: 8
Texas Pick 3 Night Previous Lottery Results
 Draw Date      Results
Sat, Oct 25, 2008    2-0-6, Sum It Up: 8
Fri, Oct 24, 2008    6-1-1, Sum It Up: 8
Thu, Oct 23, 2008    2-6-0, Sum It Up: 8
Wed, Oct 22, 2008    1-7-3, Sum It Up: 11
Tue, Oct 21, 2008    0-5-8, Sum It Up: 13
Mon, Oct 20, 2008    8-3-5, Sum It Up: 16
Sat, Oct 18, 2008    6-1-9, Sum It Up: 16
Fri, Oct 17, 2008    5-1-6, Sum It Up: 12
Thu, Oct 16, 2008    2-7-0, Sum It Up: 9
Wed, Oct 15, 2008    8-1-3, Sum It Up: 12
At this time the Tx lottery seems to be more rotten than the Indiana Lottery is or was.

No wonder that some people don't trust the lotteries nor any gambling.

As always, the past draws tell their tale.

That is why it is so important to study them and not just the last 10 draws, but Months or Years of them, so one can see the changes (movements), things don't stay in a particular way forever.

What to do? Depends on what a much longer history of draws shows.

You can try to use tham as they are and or you can mix both games to homogenize the games-draws some, that is to even-distribute them up some, that is to unbiase them some.

That is the main reason to want to mix games, to unbiase the draws, to distribute the patterns-numbers more evenly, that does not always work and or work as well as we want to, but it will work to some degree.

Prediction is a flex-able relative thing.

While events seem to be connected, they might only be connected by their statistics, that is unless the draws are being "Fixed".

When things are not being "Fixed" events are not connected by anything other than by their statistics.

As one ball, draw or digit, should not have anything to do with another ball, draw or digit, they have to do with each other only thru their stats.

That is why random events can up to some kind of flexable (Flexible) point be statisticaly predicted, if the game is not being fixed in some way to favor the lottery or somebody.

A truly random game is a game that up to a point can be predicted (if you are in the know-how).

Chances are that chances are.

Many will say no, cuz they don't know any better!


I make a kind of retraction:

A random game can produce draws like those, but would only for some period of draws-time and then the draws would be more normal like, that is that then for some time the patterns would be more evenly mixed, later sometime the 'Bad" draws could again come, but overall for the game the draws-patterns would be more evenly mixed.

If the game overall, that is more often or most of the time, or than what would seem normal seems to be more biased towards some particular patterns, then the game in some way is being unbalanced and might be "fixed" or there might be something wrong with it.

So if this happens, but not too often, it might still be within random normal limits and it would be O.K, otherwise there is something wrong.

Entry #202

Indiana pick 3 boxed draws post # 10

By the number of (Past) draws that have come out with "Target" pick 3 numbers, it looks as if the Indiana Lottery is being very nice to it's players.

That can not keep on going like that too much longer, Can it?, of course it can, but it should not.

Well, now that I got a few people's attention, there is no need to keep on making these posts, all that you need to know is that if you want more, just look for and find more info on very many of my old posts, if they are still here at LP, use the Search feature and look for posts made by LANTERN and also for posts made by EXCALIBUR, the date range for the searches should be for All History and for All Forums and or at least for the Lottery Systems forum.

Somewhere there on 1 or more posts I list most or very many of the possible pick 3 filters, on very many posts I talk some about them, I do give plenty of samples on many posts.

Of course, there is always a chance that the lotter(y)(ies) monitor the sale of the numbers and that they pick those numbers as winners that give only so much money away in prices, according to how much money they want to give away per each draw, in order for they to make whatever profit they want and or need to make per each Month, Year or whatever time period.

But who knows? Even a lottery director might not know what is really going on, if anything is going on, this might be truer if the draws are RNG and or computer generated, but it also could happen with mechanical draws.

Rotten and money seem to go hand in hand.

Perhaps play first on paper long enough before you try to play for real, to see if you can win in that way.

If you win often when playing on paper, but later can't win when playing for real, Well, Why do you thing that it would be like that?, It should be the same, the game then most be fixed (Doctored) in the lottery's favor.

One more thing, get the word "Random" out of your mind, there is the mechanical make-up of the game,  past draws and statistics-probabilities- chances.

Good luck.

UpDated Ind Midday draws:

029 11 1 2
368 17 7 8
058 13 3 4
147 12 2 3
034 07 7 7
079 16 6 7
126 09 9 9
239 14 4 5

7 draws with Target numbers out of 8 draws, Wow!Just when I happened to start to talk about them, maybe the Indiana lottery is trying to be nice for a change!

Well, last post, no more about the Indiana draws, at least for a while.

Look at older posts for more info and filters.


This next is not related to the lottery, but I feel that I should say it.


I won't say that any of the following has any truth on it at all, only that it is my own personal opinion at this particular time!

Here it is:

I don't much like either of the presidential candidates, but I dislike Mc Cain more than I dislike Obama.

Also if Mc Cain wins, it probably will be by the use of touch screen vote flipping machines or in some other such way, look at some of the other Blogs that talk about votes getting flipped by touch screen voting monitors, I don't know if it is true or not, but something like that would be the only way in which Mc Cain would win the election.

I saw-heard the T.V. debates and I tell you, if both of them are telling the truth, then I don't want Mc Cain to be the president, I prefer Obama, but of course there is a good chance that they said what they said just so they would be elected, people will promise whatever you want to hear just to be elected, that last might be truer with Obama, I really think that Mc Cain meant what he said and I didn't like what he said, I would prefer then to take my chances with Obama as he could hardly be much worse than Mc Cain (I hope), but he maybe might be (I hope not).

It might be very dangerous to have Obama as president, but it looks as it will for sure be dangerous to have Mc Cain as president.

The possible very bad or the for sure bad, take your pick, some will pick the bad that they know about over the bad that they don't know about yet (If it is so).

We have seen Bush already, Mc Cain seems to be only half-bad and Obama might also be only half bad, but is more of a wild card.

I don't much like either, but I would take my chances with Obama as I don't want more of the same as has been going on for so very very long.

Entry #201

Indiana draws post # 9.

Indiana Midday Game Updated.
Root Pattern is the 3rd pattern to the right of the boxed #s.
There are 10 Roots from 0 up to 9, but they are kind of uneven, look at a Sums and Roots Chart.

368 17 7 8
058 13 3 4
147 12 2 3
034 07 7 7
079 16 6 7
126 09 9 9
239 14 4 5
006 06 6 6
388 19 9 1
579 21 1 3
148 13 3 4
788 23 3 5
002 02 2 2
135 09 9 9
037 10 0 1
028 10 0 1
567 18 8 9
049 13 3 4
149 14 4 5
145 10 0 1
678 21 1 3
046 10 0 1
256 13 3 4
667 19 9 1
468 18 8 9
467 17 7 8
689 23 3 5
028 10 0 1
158 14 4 5

On those draws I think that only 2 Roots repeated from last to very next draw.
Filtering for the Roots is about the same as for the Last Digit of the Sum, they are very similar filters.

If you look at the patterns there you should start to like the Indiana Midday game.

Among other things there are very many target numbers, so far.


Prediction is not a perfect thing, takes lots of study and practice and of course lots of thinking.

Some other filter, later as time allows.

Entry #200

Indiana draws post # 8

The Last Digit of the Sum, it is the King of the filters.
So far, I like that filter better than any of the other filters.
LDS, SLD, LDR, whatever, it does not matter how you call any of the filters, all that matters is what they show on the past draws and on how they are used.

The Last Digit of the Sum can be a good filter (That is an under statement), it has 10 equal patterns, from 0 to 9 and each digit pattern equals 1/10 of the total 1000 straight numbers, that is 100 pick 3 numbers, as with some other filters it can be used for both, straight and boxed filtration.

(The last 2 draws are a late update to the post)

058 13 3

147 12 2

034 07 7
079 16 6
126 09 9
239 14 4
006 06 6
388 19 9
579 21 1
148 13 3
788 23 3
002 02 2
135 09 9
037 10 0
028 10 0
567 18 8
049 13 3
149 14 4
145 10 0
678 21 1
046 10 0
256 13 3
667 19 9
468 18 8
467 17 7
689 23 3
028 10 0
158 14 4

There, on those draws, the last digit of the sum, repeated only 2 times from the last draw to the very next draw, that is 2 times out of 27 times, not bad, but there is much more than that, you can figure that out if you study the patterns.

Who-ever invented that filter pattern, Win D or whoever, deserves great praise and I am not kidding about that.

On some of my past posts maybe I have one or more possible ways of using it.

Every-time that you filter out one of the digits of that filter, you filter out 1/10 of the total pick 3 numbers, mighty it is, but there are other filters that are also mighty, then Why is this one the King for?, because unlike some other filters, it can also be stable-dependable, each of the patterns is equal to the others and it should also be easier to use and understand.

On some older posts I give the basics and maybe also the intermediate ways of how to use it.

You can also by yourself figure some ways of using it, maybe looking at things such as skips of the patterns (Which in this filter are digits) and also at the digits differences, that is at the numeric differences of the digits themselves, that is at the numeric differences of any-one digit in relation to any other digit, maybe you can figure out some other way or ways of using it.

Think: "Statistical Relationships"

"The proper use of "Statistical Relationships" is the art of prediction". Says Lottery Post's LANTERN-Fernando (Myself).

At the very least, the art of lottery prediction, but probably applies to any or many kinds of prediction.

I know that I am not giving much info here, but the words statistical relationships should give you a hint, besides I do give a little more info on some older posts.

Relationships of the filter's digits to each other as "Symbols-patterns" and also as "Numbers-patterns", that is another good hint.

Read the old filters posts (But not everything is on the posts, but enough to start with it is) and also develop your own ways.

Roots next sometime.

Entry #199

Indiana draws # 7.

Be a little more like Sherlock Holmes and Solomon.

I was going to post the boxed combined patterns of Out-In with High-Low and Even-Odd, but I will leave it up to you all to make them by yourselves as they are not that hard to do.

Now a quick look at the Sums:

As we know the Sums are UnEven, that is most boxed numbers are on the Middle Sums, therefore those Sums are the ones that will or that should come out the most often-times.

There are 28 Sums on the pick 3 game from 0 up to 27.

Half of 28 = 14, that is 0-13 Sums is the first half and 14 to 27 is the second half.

So 7 to 20 Sums more or less are the Middle Sums and the ones that should come out the most, they are 14 Sums, they will be there on Green Color.

One should have a Sums chart to see all of them with their numbers.

By the way, there are 82 boxed Singles Target numbers and out of them 80 numbers are in the 7 to 20 Sums Range.

Of course 80 boxed numbers is still way too many of them, they are 2/3 of the 120 boxed singles and they don't show-up 2/3 of the time, but only much less than half of the time.

Midday Indiana draws:

034 07
079 16 X
126 09 X
239 14 X
006 06
388 19
579 21
148 13 X
788 23
002 02
135 09
037 10 X
028 10
567 18
049 13 X
149 14 X
145 10 X
678 21
046 10
256 13 X
667 19
468 18
467 17 X
689 23
028 10
158 14 X

Yes, most of those draws had Sums that were in the middle range as can be seen there.

All the Target(X) numbers there had Sums in that range.

What else is there?

Most of the Sums there didn't repeat from one draw to the very next draw, that happended there only 1 time.

There is much more about Sums than what I will say about them here.

Sums are a good filter pattern all by themselves and good filtration also can be made with them sometimes if one knows how to, it all depends on what the past draws show, same as with any other filter pattern.

But I will say that from the Sums come out other filter patterns, some of which are (Things can get a little complicated when you make filters within filters and also when you make compound filters):

The LDS (Last Digit of the Sum), which I have also called LDR.

And the Root of the Sum.

Remember Skips of Patterns and also Gaps of Digits and Numbers.

I give little info here, I have reasons for that, I give the most basic info only, you uncover the rest on your own, there might be more info about Sums on some of my old posts somewhere.

Later sometime, a little about the Last Digit of the Sum and about the Root of the Sum.

Entry #198

Indiana Pick 3 Draws post # 6.

Are we Warming up some now?


Out Digits are 0, 1, 2, 8, 9.
In Digits are  3, 4, 5, 6, 7.

Now let us look at the Out-In Mostly Patterns, there being 2 of them:

Mostly Out = O
Mostly In = I

Midday Indiana game's draws:

Red = Target Numbers (Clean Numbers).

Blue are The Doubles.

034 I 1 1
079 O 5
126 O 4
239 O 3
006 O 2 3
388 O 1 2
579 I 1 1
148 O 3
788 O 2 3
002 O 1 2
135 I 2 1
037 I 1
028 O 1 2
567 I 1 1
049 O 2
149 O 1
145 I 7
678 I 6 2
046 I 5 1
256 I 4
667 I 3 2
468 I 2 1
467 I 1
689 O 3 2
028 O 2 1
158 O 1

The patterns speak all by themselves!

Did you get lost due to so very many patterns all put on the very same post?

If so, then re-read the post a few times and or ignore the numbers that were put after the O and E.

More later Sometime, right now I am on my limit of posts per each day (2 posts on my blog per day).

Entry #197

Indiana draws post # 5.

Fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom.


Remember, I do make mistakes so look for them!

There  was a problem with the draws as I posted them before and I just noticed, this was due to 2 things, the Indiana lottery just as some other lotteries also do skips some draws on one of the 2 daily games so both daily games are not uniform when both draws are combined, the second problem is my sight that is not so good and I didn't before see that the draws were not copied right.

So for now both daily games won't be mixed, that is in a way bad as the patterns of the draws sometimes are better when both games are mixed, in reality the draws-patterns should be scanned in both ways, with games not mixed and also with them mixed.
Well for now with the draws not mixed.

Now let us look at the Mostly Patterns, there being 4 of them:

Mostly Low = L
Mostly High = H
Mostly Even = E
Mostly Odd = O

Midday Indiana game's draws:

Target Single Boxed Numbers-Draws are Red In color.

Remember Target Single Boxed (X) Numbers?

Only 11 target numbers out of 26 draws-numbers, not so good, but could had been worse.

034 L E
079 H O
126 L E
239 L O
006 L E
388 H E
579 H O
148 L E
788 H E
002 L E
135 L O
037 L O
028 L E
567 H O
049 L E
149 L O
145 L O
678 H E
046 L E
256 H E
667 H E
468 H E
467 H E
689 H E
028 L E
158 H O

5  out of 25 possible times the combined patterns repeated from 1 draw to the very next one.

12 times out of 25 times the L and the H not combined patterns repeated from one draw to the very next draw.

12 times  out of 25 times the E and the O not combined patterns repeated from one draw to the very next draw.


The Target numbers by themselves:

11 Draws-Targets

079 H O
126 L E
239 L O

148 L E

037 L O

049 L E
149 L O
145 L O
256 H E

467 H E

158 H O

LE = 3

LO = 4

HE = 2

HO = 2

The LO pattern was kind of Hot.

Too few past draws to tell much of the story of the patterns.

A person needs good knowledge of skips techniques also to better get ahead of the game.

8 times out of 10 times the L and the H patterns not combined repeated from one draw to the very next draw.

2 times the E and the O not combined patterns repeated from one draw to the very next draw.

Only 2 times out of 10 times the combined patterns repeated from one draw to the very next draw.


L = 7

H = 4

E = 5

O = 6

The Low pattern was kind of Hot.

Well, talk about trends.

There are about 26 Midday past draws and they are:

14 of them Mostly Low.
12 Mostly High.
17 Mostly Even.
9 Mostly Odd.
Then we have the combined filter patterns of:

LE 9 of them there on those draws.
LO 5 of them.
HE 8 of them.
HO 4 of them.

The LE pattern came out the most times on those draws and then the HE pattern came out 2nd most times.


It could perhaps for some be best to target all the numbers, but to filter each targeted group in its own particular way, that might perhaps maximize the number of total wins, this could be done by itself and or together with skips techniques for the particular groups.

As seen there things are not so easy, filters failures are a very serious thing.

Do try to learn some kind of basic skips techniques not just for numbers -digits, but also for patterns-symbols.

These were too few draws, 2 to 3 months should have been used insted.

I will not do the same with the Eve draws, but if you are from Indiana you should, that is you should do both games of your own state.

More later.


A late addition:

Only 11 target numbers out of 26 draws-numbers, not so good, but could had been worse.

034 L E  1
079 H O  3
126 L E  2
239 L O  1
006 L E  3
388 H E  2
579 H O  1
148 L E  1
788 H E  3
002 L E  2
135 L O  1
037 L O  1
028 L E 2
567 H O 1
049 L E  3
149 L O 2
145 L O 1
678 H E 2
046 L E 1
256 H E 1
667 H E 2
468 H E 1
467 H E 1
689 H E 2
028 L E 1
158 H O  1

Entry #196

Indiana draws, I won't really show how to reduce here, I will just show the patterns.

For learning how to reduce (Filter Out) you will have to look at some of my old posts either as LANTERN and or as EXCALIBUR, on the Indiana posts I will mostly just show some of whatever filter patterns appear there and whatever you do with them it is mostly up to you, I might just give some very basic reduction help-talk, this is due to various reasons of which I won't talk about, besides enough reduction info has already been given elsewhere on so many of my old posts.

Even some info about Doubles has been given on 1 or more posts somewhere.

There is little that I have not talked about in regards to pick 3 filters, I even somewhere on some post or posts have given some info about Vtrack filters, even if Ihave talked only little about them.

I will say that it appears as if each particular group of numbers should be filtered in their own particular way, as each group has their own filter characteristics.

So the question might be, What group or groups are your target groups? and filter for that or for those groups.

There are or might be groups within groups.

By this I mean that some filters might work just as good for all groups of numbers and some filters might only work or work best for one or more particular group(s) of numbers, but not for all of them.

Take for example: Doubles and Singles, each best needs their own particular filtration technique(s).

That is all on that subject.

Too bad, yes, but in the end you do get much more by reading as many of the old posts as possible, thread posts by EXCALIBUR and LANTERN and also some posts of others.

Entry #195

Indiana draws post #4.

Indiana Draws Singles only.

2-1-6   126 X       2-8-5    258 X
9-3-2   239 X     
5-7-9   579 H  O  1-4-8    148 X
8-4-1   148 X       1-5-0    015 X
                            5-9-1   159   O
                            5-0-8   058 X
5-1-3    135   O   
0-3-7    037 X       5-3-7   357   O
0-8-2    028   E   
6-5-7    567 H      6-2-3    236 X
0-4-9    049 X      3-6-4    346 X
1-4-9    149 X      2-5-1    125 X
1-5-4    145 X      2-1-7    127 X
7-8-6    678 H      6-8-7    678 H
6-0-4    046   E    5-8-7    578 H
6-5-2    256 X      8-9-3    389 X
4-6-8    468   E    3-0-9    039 X
4-6-7    467 X      6-2-3    236 X
6-9-8    689 H   
2-8-0    028   E    0-9-3    039 X
8-5-1    158 X      6-3-4    346 X
1-0-6    016 X      4-3-1    134 L
6-5-3    356 X      3-1-5    135   O
1-5-0    015 X      2-4-2    224 L E
1-2-5    125 X      6-5-8    568 H

I think that there might be about 44 Singles there, out of the 58 original combined pick 3 numbers, so there most have been, 13 Doubles and 1 Triple.

So to win more often the Targets would have to be the Singles and the X pattern numbers.

Out of the 44 Singles there might be about:

27 X pattern Numbers, That is maybe 27 possible targets out of 58 original draws (Numbers), less than half of the total numbers-draws, maybe no profit then unless the played numbers are few and the wins are many, 27 possible targets out of 58 is better than one would hope to expect, taking the nature of random into account.

There appears to have been 5 H and 5 E patterns also, out of the 44 singles.

Now we can go back to the question, How many X pattern pick 3 numbers are there on the 120 boxed singles? and How many H pattern and How many E pattern numbers are there?

Perhaps way too many?, Then reductions are needed.

The first post showed that it might also be possible to just Target the Doubles, but I might not talk much about the Doubles.

That is all for now, more on the Indiana draws later.

I am going about this slow and easy, so far not too much to go by,  but a good beginning.

Is it not easier to learn in this slow way? and better for me too as I don't have all the time that I need to go any faster and neither the energy needed and my sight isn't so good either.

I hope that you understand that these things are more or less kind of universal and that they might apply to all, most or to many pick 3 games here on the good old U.S.A and also elsewhere.

May the "Great Spirit" out of which everything comes, be with us all!

Entry #194

Indiana draws post #3.

I think that now they are about 58 draws.
Of those about 29 are of the X pattern kind of draws (For this series of posts I chose the letter X, it is a temporary asignation, it could had been anything else just the same) you can call that kind of pick 3 number a "Clean Number" as MK calls them, or maybe call them "Pure Numbers" as maybe Clipper calls them, it is all the same to me, call them whatever you want to, as they are the majority of the numbers as seen, they could be called "Target#S" (Target Numbers) or T#s (For Short (Plural)), T# (Target Number (Singular)), Why? Because they come out more often than other kinds of pick 3 numbers and so might be a good target to play if a person want to win more often than otherwise if other kind of numbers are chosen instead.
On those few draws they came from 1 time up to 5 times in sequence for the same daily pick 3 game (Not mixed draws).

I say "About" just in case I make any mistakes.
On about 7 draws the numbers were L (All Low Digits).
On about 9 draws the numbers were H (All High Digits).
On about 12 draws the numbers were E (All Even Digits).
On about 6 draws the numbers were O (All Odd Digits).

So of these patterns the E and then the H came out the most times (Mixed Draws), but maybe they were only about 21 draws out of the 58 total draws.

It does appear as if the X pattern is the only one of them that came out more than 2 times in sequence (For the same daily game (Not Mixed Games)).

The LE pattern came out about 5 times on the mixed draws out of the 58 draws.

All of the above was also counting the Doubles and the 1 Triple.

You might want to do the above also just counting the Singles.

That is all for this particular post as I fail to see anything else in regards to those patterns on these draws, Maybe if it had been done with only the Singles (?).

It might be interesting to see that in conjuction with other filter patterns (And again, maybe not (?)).

I better also post those draws, but without the doubles and the Triple.
Revised draws:

2-1-6   .126 X   ..2-8-5   258 X
9-3-2    239 X     1-4-4   144 L
0-0-6    006   E   4-4-4   444 L E
3-8-8    388 X    .8-2-2   228   E
5-7-9    579 H O   1-4-8   148 X
8-4-1    148 X    .1-5-0   015 X
8-8-7    788 H    .5-9-1   159   O
0-0-2    002 L E   5-0-8   058   X
5-1-3    135   O   9-9-1   199   O
0-3-7    037 X    .5-3-7   357   O
0-8-2    028   E   4-5-5   455 X
6-5-7    567 H    .6-2-3   236 X
0-4-9    049 X     3-6-4   346 X
1-4-9    149 X     2-5-1   125 X
1-5-4    145 X     2-1-7   127 X
7-8-6    678 H     6-8-7   678 H
6-0-4    046   E   5-8-7   578 H
6-5-2    256 X     8-9-3   389 X
7-6-6    667 H     4-2-2   224 L E
4-6-8    468   E   3-0-9   039 X
4-6-7    467 X     6-2-3   236 X
6-9-8    689 H     0-0-9   009 X
2-8-0    028   E   0-9-3   039 X
8-5-1    158 X     6-3-4   346 X
1-0-6    016 X     4-3-1   134 L
4-0-0    004 L E   8-0-8   088   E
6-5-3    356 X     3-1-5   135   O
1-5-0    015 X     2-4-2   224 L E
1-2-5    125 X     6-5-8   568 H


A review of this only singles section if any will not be posted here right now, maybe later.

2-1-6   126 X     2-8-5    258 X
9-3-2   239 X     
5-7-9   579 H  O  1-4-8    148 X
8-4-1   148 X     1-5-0    015 X
                  5-9-1    159   O
                  5-0-8    058 X
5-1-3    135   O   
0-3-7    037 X    5-3-7    357   O
0-8-2    028   E   
6-5-7    567 H    6-2-3    236 X
0-4-9    049 X    3-6-4    346 X
1-4-9    149 X    2-5-1    125 X
1-5-4    145 X    2-1-7    127 X
7-8-6    678 H    6-8-7    678 H
6-0-4    046   E  5-8-7    578 H
6-5-2    256 X    8-9-3    389 X
4-6-8    468   E  3-0-9    039 X
4-6-7    467 X    6-2-3    236 X
6-9-8    689 H   
2-8-0    028   E  0-9-3    039 X
8-5-1    158 X    6-3-4    346 X
1-0-6    016 X    4-3-1    134 L
6-5-3    356 X    3-1-5    135   O
1-5-0    015 X    2-4-2    224 L E
1-2-5    125 X    6-5-8    568 H

That Preview of the post before posting it is of very great help, Thanks Todd!


Later sometime whenever I can, a look at other filter patterns of those draws, to see if there is anything to be seen on them, so far there has been little to be seen.

Also on the "Full" draws there there was only 1 strech of 5 draws (Same daily game draws) without any X pattern draws.

So if more than 2 draws (3 draws) go by without and X pattern draw showing up stop right away, there might be something wrong with the draws, but I am not sure, to be sure study more than one month worth of draws, maybe study at least 2 to 3 months of past draws.

What are some of the things that we need to know here?

Of the 120 boxed singles:

How many are X pattern?

How Many are L pattern?

How Many are H pattern?

How many are E pattern?

How many are O pattern?

How many are LE pattern?

Such things are posted on the Web somewhere maybe here at LP and or at BobP's site.

Or maybe the LP's Inspector workout can give such info(?).

I myself don't need such info as I can get it whenever I want to (I think).

Just the same, if somebody wants to post it here it will be O.K.

Later some more posts.

Entry #193

Indiana Pick 3 draws, Post # 2.

I might be wrong , but I always think that inspiration for these things comes from the LORD.

As I said, the Triple was or is a Double Double and should also almost be taken as being a Double, a Double (144) followed the Double Double (444) from Eve draw to the next Eve draw, that won't or might not always happen, but it did happen that time, the past patterns still stayed true (So far).
That is all of that, there is more to talk about the uses of such thing, but I won't, at least not yet and or on this new series of posts, you got to do some work on your very own.

Time is limited tonight so I have to keep tonight's post short.

For this post:
L = All Low Digits on the particular pick 3 number.
H = All High Digits.
E = All Even Digits.
O = All Odd Digits.
X = A pick 3 number that has Low+High+Even+Odd Digits on it.

I might make mistakes, so study the post carefully.

Some past Indiana draws.

2-1-6....126 X
9-3-2    239 X    .1-4-4
0-0-6    006 ..E    4-4-4    444 L.E
3-8-8    388 X    ..8-2-2    228 ..E
5-7-9    579 H.O    1-4-8    148 X
8-4-1    148 X    ..1-5-0    015 X
8-8-7    788 H    ..5-9-1    159 ..O
0-0-2    002 L.E    5-0-8    058 X
5-1-3    135 ..O    9-9-1    199 ..O
0-3-7    037 X    ..5-3-7    357 ..O
0-8-2    028 ..E    4-5-5    455 X
6-5-7    567 H    ..6-2-3    236 X
0-4-9    049 X    ..3-6-4    346 X
1-4-9    149 X    ..2-5-1    125 X
1-5-4    145 X    ..2-1-7    127 X
7-8-6    678 H    ..6-8-7    678 H
6-0-4    046 ..E    5-8-7    578 H
6-5-2    256 X    ..8-9-3    389 X
7-6-6    667 H    ..4-2-2    224 L.E
4-6-8    468 ..E    3-0-9    039 X
4-6-7    467 X    ..6-2-3    236 X
6-9-8    689 H    ..0-0-9    009 X
2-8-0    028 ..E    0-9-3    039 X
8-5-1    158 X    ..6-3-4    346 X
1-0-6    016 X    ..4-3-1    134 L
4-0-0    004 L.E    8-0-8    088 ..E
6-5-3    356 X    ..3-1-5    135 ..O
1-5-0    015 X    ..2-4-2    224 L.E
1-2-5    125 X    ..6-5-8    568 H

I made those patterns, but have no time to study them tonight, my time was used just making them.
Tomorrow I might have a little time to study them and then I might talk some about them if I see anything interesting about them, otherwise I might leave that for Monday and or Tuesday.

So far the one thing that can easily be seen without much study is that the pick 3 numbers that have the X patterns come out a lot more often than pick 3 numbers that have any of the other patterns there, such numbers have been called by some Clean Numbers and or maybe Pure Numbers, unless I am mistaken about that.

Later more.

Entry #192

Indiana pick 3 draws, a look at, a series of posts, Post # 1.

I will try to take a look at some pick 3 draws from indiana, it might be several posts they might or might not be posted everyday, depends on my having enought time to.

The draws will be such as these:

It might mostly maybe be a look at boxed draws and not so much at straight ones, so the draws do need to be remade into boxed draws and as the few posts 'Roll" they might be updated as new draws come out.

First of all, I can and do make mistakes, so you might try to catch those if you can and or I might or not.

On this first post Doubles are Red, Do often Doubles follow each other as seen there on those draws?

On those draws often they follow either horizontally or vertically, that is Up or to the Right of the last Double draw, that is from Midday to Eve o from Eve Midday or from Midday  to Midday or from Eve to Eve.

It could sometimes take 11 to 16 or so draws for a Double to comOn about 55 Mixed draws there might be about 12 draws that are or were Doubles, so not too many Doubles came out, Singles were a better bet maybe, unless Doubles were played after Doubles from Last draw to next one Horizontally and or Vertically (?).

These are only a very few draws, one should study months and Months of them at first to better understand how patterns might move about.

As I said, the draws sould be re-formed as boxed from Lowest to Highest Digits first, to better see any boxed patterns that might be there, that is all for this first post, more posts on Indiana draws as I can make them, this might be a short or a long series.

Are triples Double Doubles?

Some past Indiana draws
Midday up to Fri Oct 17 and Daily up to Thu Oct 16
0-0-6        4-4-4   
3-8-8        8-2-2   
5-7-9        1-4-8   
8-4-1        1-5-0   
8-8-7        5-9-1   
0-0-2        5-0-8   
5-1-3        9-9-1   
0-3-7        5-3-7   
0-8-2        4-5-5   
6-5-7        6-2-3   
0-4-9        3-6-4   
1-4-9        2-5-1   
1-5-4        2-1-7   
7-8-6        6-8-7   
6-0-4        5-8-7   
6-5-2        8-9-3   
7-6-6        4-2-2   
4-6-8        3-0-9   
4-6-7        6-2-3   
6-9-8        0-0-9   
2-8-0        0-9-3   
8-5-1        6-3-4   
1-0-6        4-3-1   
4-0-0        8-0-8   
6-5-3        3-1-5   
1-5-0        2-4-2   
1-2-5        6-5-8

Entry #191

Once again I was away for a time and came back.

I was off the Internet for over 5 months, I just came back today, but on dial-up only, sometime I will have to download some pick 3 numbers and study them, I might in the near future try to make some predictions, it all depends on what I see on the numbers after I study them and on some initial trial predictions, if I make any off-line trial predictions, as can be seen on old posts only some predictions come out, so don't expect too much, it has been said by many that lottery numbers and games are random and so are impossible to predict right, that is open to debate, I could not predict right on the pick 3 game if I predicted only one number or very few of them, but when predicting 40 to 20 boxed numbers sometimes I have done O.K.

Beating the Random of a particular game and making a profit according to the payout given for that game might not be the same, you can beat the random chances and still not make a profit.

Some people said or say to be able to do both, I myself don't claim to be able to make a profit, after all I have only played on paper and not for money.

Will I do worse, about the same or a little better?

Good luck to all!


Entry #190