N.C. Powerball winner's fiancé jailed for third time this year

Oct 20, 2015, 9:14 am (114 comments)

After the Big Win

By Todd Northrop

The man engaged to the North Carolina woman who claimed a Powerball lottery jackpot share worth $188 million earlier this year was placed back in jail for the third time in less than a year on Monday.

Lamarr Andre McDow, also known as "Hot Sauce," was charged with possession of a firearm by a felon.

A spokeswoman for the Brunswick County Sheriff's Office said that McDow turned himself in after being indicted on the charge. He was processed out of the jail a short time later.

Last November, McDow was arrested on heroin charges. While he was behind bars, Marie Holmes, McDow's fiancé, was one of three winners who split a $564 million Powerball jackpot. Holmes's share was worth $188 million, and she took home $88 million after taxes when she decided to take the lump sum. (See N.C. Powerball lottery winner claims share of jackpot worth $188 million, Lottery Post, Feb. 24, 2015.)

Prosecutors said Holmes paid McDow's $3 million bond just a week after her lottery win.

In July, McDow was arrested a second time for violating the terms of his curfew after his March release.

When deputies went to pick McDow up at the home that he shares with Holmes, they smelled marijuana and found a gun that belonged to him. Holmes and several other people in the home were cited for possession. (See $188 million lottery winner arrested on marijuana charges, Lottery Post, July 27, 2015.)

Shortly after his arrest, he was released from jail on a $6 million bond.

(See NC lottery winner spent $9M bailing out convict fiancé, Lottery Post, Aug. 15, 2015.)

Holmes, who at the time of her lottery claim planned to use the winnings to open college funds for her four children, as well as buy a new house, is unfortunately heading down the same life path as numerous other big winners who did not successfully manage their windfall.

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sully16's avatarsully16

Hot Sauce is in Hot water!, Lose this guy and be better off.

savagegoose's avatarsavagegoose

just think how much you can save leaving the bum in jail?


Every criminal out there has to be so jealous of this guy, he has a permanent get out of jail free card!

Effing losers should not win the lottery, they only make lawyers and the government richer.

zinniagirl's avatarzinniagirl

9 million in bail money this year to date!  Hasnt had her winnings for a year yet and has spent 10%+ on bail money alone.  At this rate will be broke in less than 5 years.

music*'s avatarmusic*

Marie Holmes gave 10% to her Church. Where are they now?   She mentioned in a previous post that she loved her Grandmother. What would her Grandmother say to her now? Is there anyone helping her today?


Quote: Originally posted by jjtheprince on Oct 20, 2015

Every criminal out there has to be so jealous of this guy, he has a permanent get out of jail free card!

Effing losers should not win the lottery, they only make lawyers and the government richer.

Remember, if a person is arrested again while out on bail the bail money is forfeited!  Additionally, if he doesn't show up for a court appearance the money is forfeited also. Seems it won't be a permanent get out of jail free card because the money she is spending on bail will be gone!  Ironically the patch on the shirt in the picture says it all!!


Drenick1's avatarDrenick1

Hot Sauce's new nickname should be changed to Toxic Waste.


Nothing new here.  Just as some gorgeous females are drawn to badboys & the gangster lifestyle,it goes without saying that that circle will not be broken until they Old & Gray only to look back on their earlier choices in life and ask themselves" what the heck was l thinking?" It's "Too little too late" at that point-  l am afraid. 

hearsetrax's avatarhearsetrax

soon as the money runs out, he'll be hunting for another to replace her


She should have dropped that guy along time ago.  I think she is as low of a person as he is.  I give her about 6 years or less and her money will be gone.


There is no way in hell this man has done all this <snip> in just a few months!!!! No one knows anybody that has been arrested three times in one year! They want that girls lottery winnings so they keep arresting her man and they know she's going to bail him out.  Hot sauce should get his life together and they should move! This is all a ploy to make us look bad and leave her broke!

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JADELottery's avatarJADELottery

"You Can't Fix Stupid." - Ron White.

Lynn2015's avatarLynn2015

Quote: Originally posted by JADELottery on Oct 20, 2015

"You Can't Fix Stupid." - Ron White.


elect82's avatarelect82

While we may think she's stupid we have no clue as to what is not being reported! I actually feel like the city is being predatory!  He seems to had been working when she won! So was he still trafficking drugs or was he on probation for it, who knows how long before?  If he felt like he needed a weapon, in most likely his home, who knows maybe he's being threatened and want to protect his family, what are the stipulation behind having a gun for a felon in their home? Somebody is jealous in all this, look at the bail amount, mass murderers get less! They should leave that town, you never know whats really going on!

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