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Tennessee lottery debate looms
Plenty of gaming topics on Legislature's early agendaWith a state lottery poised to launch next month, Tennessee state legislators face an early decision on whether to unseat those who are directing it and later debate on other gambling issues.Related topics in the upcoming legislative session, which begins Jan. 13, range from charity gaming to the size of the lottery prize money pool and the standards for granting scholarships to home school students.But the first subject on the agenda is wheth ...
Jan 2, 2004, 8:50 am - Lottery News forum

Lottery, legislators tug at unclaimed jackpots
A record-setting $50 million lottery ticket that went unclaimed looks likely to be more bad luck, this time for the Florida Lottery.The largest jackpot left on the table in Florida history is inspiring a flood of legislation requiring that such dollars go directly to education not back into future prizes or promotions as current law allows.The Florida Lottery warns such a move could backfire, reducing payouts and, in turn, the volume of ticket sales.Some state legislators, eager to pump money in ...
Dec 24, 2003, 6:51 am - Lottery News forum

Court deciding legality of NY gambling law
A state appeals court is expected to take about two months to make a ruling into whether the 2001 legislation expanding gambling in New York is legal.Anti-gambling forces argue that several aspects of the law are unconstitutional.The bill provided for video lottery terminals at horse-racing tracks, up to six new Indian casinos and New York's entry into the Mega Millions lottery game.
Dec 18, 2003, 4:10 am - Lottery News forum

Alaska closer to getting lottery
Alaskans could be betting on a new state lottery soon after the upcoming legislative session ends next spring. On Monday, several members of the state house and senate spoke to business leaders about the upcoming session, and gambling, at the Anchorage Chamber of Commerce luncheon.Several lawmakers are betting that if new forms of gambling are created, the additional revenue will help bridge the state's fiscal gap. However, many lawmakers including Governor Frank Murkowski are opposed to expandi ...
Dec 9, 2003, 4:56 am - Lottery News forum

Maine legislators back video gambling, Powerball
Efforts to expand gambling in Maine took a step forward Thursday when a legislative committee endorsed both a bill to let nonprofit groups offer video gambling and a proposal for the state to join the Powerball lottery.The Powerball and video-gambling proposals will now go to the full Legislature in January, prolonging a complex debate over gambling in Maine.The upcoming debate will pit supporters of the two plans against dissenting lawmakers and Gov. John Baldacci, who does not like either one ...
Nov 21, 2003, 4:52 am - Lottery News forum

House GOP pushes for gambling
Republican leaders of the Alaska state House are pushing ahead on video poker and a state lottery and are pointing to a new poll as evidence that Alaskans are interested in more gambling. This latest poll shows that Alaskans have basically changed their attitude, said House Speaker Pete Kott, a Republican from Eagle River.But less than half the people surveyed by the recent poll supported video gambling initially. It was only after the pollster read them pro-gambling information that support fo ...
Nov 13, 2003, 5:20 am - Lottery News forum

Legislators mulling changes to lottery law
Plans to amend Tennessee's lottery law are already in the works, less than six months after the Legislature authorized the games.Rep. Chris Newton, R-Benton, who sponsored the lottery legislation in the House last session, has filed a bill that would lower - to a 19 on the ACT college entrance exam, instead of the current 23 - home-schooled students' eligibility requirements for lottery-funded scholarships.The legislation will be considered when the General Assembly returns to session in January ...
Nov 11, 2003, 4:33 am - Lottery News forum

House approves spending unclaimed lottery jackpot on colleges
The Florida Legislature voted unanimously Thursday to direct $30 million from an unclaimed lottery jackpot to community colleges and state universities.A ticket sold in the Miami area last March was the sole winner of a $50 million jackpot, but nobody turned it in before a 180-day deadline. The total amount available from the jackpot is $30.1 million -- the same as if the winner took a lump sum payment instead of 30 annual payments.State law normally requires unclaimed winnings to be put back in ...
Oct 24, 2003, 3:51 am - Lottery News forum

Russia's First Lottery Bill Moves to Senate
The State Duma on Friday passed in the third reading a bill on lotteries that will be Russia's first attempt at federally regulating the industry if approved by the Federation Council and signed by the president.The proposed law regulates the lottery industry in Russia by specifying types and standards of lotteries, rules for organizing lotteries, the system for exercising control over the organization of lotteries, the liability of lottery operators and other measures.Lotteries are divided into ...
Oct 20, 2003, 4:02 am - Lottery News forum

Audit sought for Colorado lottery-fund use
The director of a state agency that doles out $40 million a year in Colorado Lottery funds has asked for an audit on how the money has been spent.In addition, Mike Beasely, the director of the Department of Local Affairs, has asked a legislative committee to look again at the issue of whether the state should have more oversight over the Conservation Trust Fund.The department distributes lottery proceeds from the fund to local governments and recreation districts, which then determine who gets t ...
Oct 10, 2003, 9:50 am - Lottery News forum