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Woman killed moments after winning lottery prize
A Raynham, Massachusetts, woman was stuck and killed by an SUV earlier this week, just moments after winning a $100 lottery prize.Alice Costa carried a book of prayers in her head some for the sick, others for luck. She had one for just about every occasion.Without fail, the 74-year-old Raynham woman put the welfare of others before her own, family members said yesterday. But her guilty pleasure, which family members said she indulged almost every day, was playing the lottery.Tuesday evening, ...
Nov 28, 2005, 11:39 am - Lottery News forum

Father, son feud over lottery winnings
Two months ago, a Vietnamese immigrant named Thien Minh Luu said he experienced a stroke of extraordinary good fortune: He bought a $5 lottery scratch ticket at a convenience store in Worcester and won $1 million.But what first appeared to be the quintessential modern American fairy tale has turned into the archetypal American family feud. The 45-year-old manicurist filed a lawsuit, saying his 21-year-old son tricked him into turning over the ticket and then tried to steal the winnings.Luu and h ...
Nov 23, 2005, 10:42 am - Lottery News forum

Lottery fight brewing in Massachusetts
Once the Blackstone man won more than $3,000 in a week. Another time, he scored about $20,000 on a winning lottery ticket.But the one time he hit the $1 million jackpot, he said, he accidentally threw away his fortune.Now he wants to collect his riches and has hired a lawyer to wrench the winning ticket away from the 82-year-old Blackstone resident who said he found it in the garbage last week. He's pretty emotionally upset, said Dan Doyle, a Blackstone lawyer representing the buyer of the tick ...
Oct 18, 2005, 6:57 am - Lottery News forum

Man Picks $1 Million Lottery Ticket Out Of Trash
For the last couple of months, the gray-haired old man has been a regular morning sight for passersby, his arm thrust deep into the trash barrel outside the White Hen Pantry on Main Street as he fishes for discarded lottery tickets.But lately 83-year-old Edward St. John has been doing his best to disappear.As he sifted through the throwaways in front of the convenience store earlier this week, St. John picked out a $1 million winner, and now he's trying to keep a low profile. The winner was on o ...
Oct 15, 2005, 4:36 pm - Lottery News forum

Mass. shop's lottery sales earn visit from State Treasurer
The line of people which is usually present in front of the lottery machine at The News Shop on Main Street in Winchester, Massacusetts, should be a good indicator that the local store is one of the best in the state when it comes to lottery sales.A few weeks ago, the staff of The News Shop was personally thanked by State Treasurer Tim Cahill for helping to provide revenues for not just Winchester, but the 350 other cities and towns in the commonwealth as well.Kim Cater, owner of The News Shop, ...
Sep 22, 2005, 9:45 am - Lottery News forum

Mass. Lottery sales hit record high
Massacusetts Lottery ticket sales soared again, earning the state a record-breaking $935 million in revenue in the fiscal year that ended June 30, Treasurer Timothy P. Cahill said.Cahill said the new figures, which will be finalized in October, are significant since national ticket sales are down roughly 20 percent. I think what might set us apart is that we work very hard to find games that our customers like, Cahill said.This is the second consecutive year lottery sales have increased. Instan ...
Sep 9, 2005, 2:33 pm - Lottery News forum

Brothers sharing $11 million lottery win return to work
Thirteen years after James and John Daly split an $11 million lottery prize, the twin brothers have returned to their old jobs as maintenance workers in the Brockton, Massachusetts, schools.The Daly brothers quit their jobs after winning the prize, which is paying them about 415-thousand dollars a year for 20 years. The brothers say they don't need the money, but they miss the work.One catch is that the Daly brothers no longer live in Brockton. At least one city councilor says he would prefer th ...
Aug 4, 2005, 9:15 pm - Lottery News forum

Massachusetts lottery ticket recycling program successful
A program for recycling non-winning lottery tickets is paying off big for Westboro, Mass.-based recycler E.L. Harvey Sons and the Massachusetts State Lottery. Instant Re-Play, the lottery's anti-litter program that rewards individuals that collect and recycle non-winning instant or scratch tickets, has yielded 50 tons of tickets.The recycled tickets are converted into paper goods, such as tissue, toilet paper and napkins, according to Ellen Harvey, executive vice president of E.L. Harvey So ...
Jul 20, 2005, 1:00 pm - Lottery News forum

Deceased lottery winner's kids finally get their inheritance
The children of an illiterate Massachusetts man who became an overnight lottery millionaire will get to share in their inheritance, thanks to a judge who has seen to it their high-rolling cousin's luck has run out.Before his death from heart disease on Jan. 22, 2001, at age 42, Rusty Thompson, who had two daughters by an ex-wife and a son by a fiancee, asked his nephew, Rocky Jace, to make sure his two families were taken care of with the windfall from the Instant Millions scratch ticket he had ...
Jul 8, 2005, 2:03 pm - Lottery News forum

Man sues Mass. Lottery for $1 million prize mistake
The odds of hitting a Caesars Palace instant game ticket for $1 million are one in 3,024,000. But when John Falvey thought he'd beaten the odds, he discovered instead he'd been jilted by Lady Luck.Now Falvey, a Rhode Island resident formerly of Swansea, Mass., wants his day in court.He filed a breach-of-contract lawsuit this week against the Massachusetts State Lottery Commission and State Treasurer Tim Cahill seeking the $1 million he was denied because of his purported misinterpretation of how ...
Jul 1, 2005, 12:51 pm - Lottery News forum