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code breaking and the LOtto...

Topic closed. 105 replies. Last post 10 years ago by Rip Snorter.

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Posted: June 17, 2006, 10:30 am - IP Logged

It seems to me that you guys would be disappointed in a thing like that.... why?
It seems to m that someone figuring out the lotto would be a GOOD thing. What ? are you jealous because you can't ? Honestly, I just don't understand some of the logic on here at all.


I've been thinking about this post of yours for some while, considering the implications.  Since you made it on this thread, (which I almost wish you hadn't ---- I think it could have made a good thread standing on its own hind-legs), I think it's probably best to reply again on this thread if I'm going to reply at all.

You inspired me to post the thread/poll Lottery Beliefs by LP members, with the post you made above.

To some extent, I think the discussions on that thread and the results of the poll explain a lot and answer some of the mystery.

However, if you read through the thread, you'll notice an undertone of acrimony that's a bit surprising.  It's easy to understand how a person would hold an opinion one way or the other about whether the lotteries can be beaten by a system, and that the opinion might go any direction.

I'll concede I'm probably crazy, ignorant, and absorbed in delusions of grandeur insofar as what I believe about random number behavior, compared to the people who believe otherwise.  And I generally ain't a nice, likeable person, anyway.

So I can understand why a number of the intelligent and admirable folks who posted on that thread would feel the need to talk down to me and strut a bit of smugness over the superior position of their ideas in relation to mine.  Makes plenty of sense.

But LottoVantage is a nice person who's certainly not an ignorant country-boy with a lot of crassness and crudeness the way I am.

LottoVantage posted a system for anyone to examine, which was harmless, even if it didn't work, which it might.  But those folks chewed and did their best to draw blood, instead of just giving it a ho hum.

I don't believe the lottery organizations believe their systems can be beaten by systems.

But, given the venom some of these people here at LP feel toward people who think they can beat the lotteries, I'd almost be willing to think they do believe they can be beaten, and that they have people on payroll visiting LP to romp and stomp and downtalk and strut about how stupid it is to try and beat the lotteries with systems.

Probably just my imagination.



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