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The Implications of Cracking the Code..

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Posted: December 26, 2007, 3:38 am - IP Logged

This may possible be the best thing I've ever read on Lottery Post! Its as if you read my mind.

I have told people almost these same words for years but only wish I'd have said it.


You rock Grumple Dumple.

I think these types of thoughts come from those of us who have cracked the code. Trouble is, I've tested the water myself here on lottery post and it is true people treat you like crap, and even if you do try to give them a partial bit of your system, there not sharing any with you. I've found that out the hard way!

People would sell their dear ol grandmother out before they would give any of their money away to someone who without that persons idea or method or system, they'de have never won! At least this is my experience.

I'm the type that if I wonand I know its because of someones method THEY GET HALF no matter what! The way I look at it, I'd have never won if not or them.

I've never gotten a dime from anyone who I helped win! But their greedy hand is always there to take you system to win with. It strange too how they get all mean with you too if you even mention that they'd have not won if you have not helped them. But here is the strange thing i dont want any of their money I never did. I just wanted to help them. Like the other day, There is a guy I know who never played the lottery sctrachers before, and he wanted me to play a couple bucks for him. So I stood there at the machine and sort of talked to myself, and thought, wouldnt it be nice if he could win something instead of lose his money. I waited and thought which scratchers should I get, I then picked this one, and then thought o well I'll get another one of the same if the one doesnt win, maybe the other will. We were walking down the street in the city back home and I said now the odds are not too good for you to win, I was trying to cushion the blow, he was going to see how quickly his two bucks disapear, I said you know you might win a buck or maybe 2 dollars, sometimes you might get lucky and get maybe $5.

He won $20 bucks it was a $20 dollar ticket, I smiled and was so happy for him he never played before.

So that was sort of nice for him to wn $20 bucks.

He was quite happy and smiling.

You know his facial expression sure changed quick when I said I guess the can of pop is on you hey?

You could almost tell he was thinking darn I have to spend my money.

it was almost if as he didnt want to part with a buck of his winnings, and I'm not even sure if he was aware that he'd have never won the money if it were not for me.

I was actually going to get those tickets myself. But thought wait a sec, the guy has never won anything be humble get those for him and you get some other ones for you.

If he was stingy on a can of pop, could you imagine if it the ticket were a milion dollar winning ticket.

I never got the can of pop!

LOL funny people are just that way all over America, probably the world.

Dont get me wrong I still try to help people and want nothing in return.

  So I only reveal 1/4 of my system on lottery post to see how they treat me first. personaly everytime I play I win ever time I play, I won teice tonight.

I cant tell you how many times I've won, I've lost track!

No one on lottery post has ever guided me or helped me in anyway to win. Not one system or method has ever been better than what i have. I would give mine up if their were a better way though, let say i found one on lottery post, and won with it, I know myself so well, I am about self discovery. I would simply split it with the person who aided me in winning, I'd have never won if not for them.

Although I have tried to help.

There really isnt any better system than the one I made up! It works perfect for me.

And I am quite ahead of anyone on lottery post in my revelations.

Now I realize how that sounds but really!

If people would listen to me they'd win!

The thing I've discovered most about people who win is they dont want your help even if it would help them, that is strange to me.

For instance, I was talking to a guy who won 9 million dollars in the lottery the other day, I had a nice conversation with him on the phone. His winning the lottery is well posted on the website of the state lottery where he won it. A real winner.

I suggested since I had gotten the 6 winning numbers before with my system and so did he, maybe we should put our systems together, with a contract so it was all legal, he says to me, I think I'll go it alone, I told him you know its a far shot in the dark for anyone to win it twice and that we would probably fair better if we put our systems together, he said we'll that may be true but I still want to go it alone.

I just thought, lottery winners are the most greediest people i've ever known. Even when you are trying to help them.

So I agree that if someone actually did have the code, it probably wouldnt be a good ide to publicize it.  

"I'm the type that if I wonand I know its because of someones method THEY GET HALF no matter what! The way I look at it, I'd have never won if not or them........I've never gotten a dime from anyone who I helped win! But their greedy hand is always there to take you system to win with."

If you join LP hoping some member winning with numbers you suggested in a post will share part of their winnings with you then you are going to be very disappointed.

 * you don't need to buy more tickets, just buy a winning ticket * 
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